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The living room is the face of any dwelling. In the living room in a warm and very cozy company, friends gather, the family gathers for rest. Therefore, the main task entrusted to design is the organization of a recreation area.

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Do we draw a conclusion? The design of the hall in the apartment must necessarily combine the preference of everyone who lives in the apartment, and moreover, for each of the family members have their own special place.

Table of contents of the article:

  • Khrushchev Design
  • Living room - entrance
  • Separate living room
  • Living room in a private house
  • Fireplace
  • Wallpaper
  • Furniture
  • 100 photos of interior design of the hall in a modern style

Khrushchev Design

The Khrushchevs have a small area both common and residential, and therefore, when planning design, one should pay attention to whether there are other rooms besides the living room or not.


One-room Khrushchev and the interior of the living room - a room in a one-room apartment, with an area of ​​approximately 18 m2, should accommodate a bedroom and a room. How to expand the space?

  • Execute association with balcony.
  • To combine with the kitchen.


Recently, you can see that the designers are aimed at making from the "odnushek" studios, significantly expanding the space. But still there is a minus in it - the owners of the apartment simply do not have additional space. Someone will say that this is not a drawback at all, but someone will look for other variants of the development of events.

Shook up

In the Khrushchevs there is a small storeroom in the corridor, and it can be used as a wardrobe, thus adding to the space in the room.

living room with a bay window

Creating a design in the same house, you need to remember the right light, functionality and ergonomics. It is best to make one-year-old in the style of minimalism or in Scandinavian style.


Living room - entrance

The design of the passage room should be comfortable first, but not only. In kopeck piece (Khrushchevka), the area of ​​the living room is 14-17 m2. Effectively, not all the footage will be used, and therefore it is deliberately necessary to plan the room.


As an example, it is considered a lost passage space and also a space between the doors. Carrying out the design of the hall in the Khrushchev-kopeck piece, the apartment can be given a very modern and cozy appearance, decorating the corner. So, in the corner you can put a vase, hang a picture, install a modern beautiful floor lamp.


This part of the room can often be separated by a partition. Even though the room becomes a little smaller, it will become more comfortable and at the same time look finished.


The main advantage is the window that occupies almost the entire wall. This is the dignity of any room, and it needs to be emphasized with light curtains that will gently scatter light.


If you decide to choose a mirror partition, then the design of the apartment needs to be done in a modern style, emphasizing all the advantages of an apartment.


В небольшом зале нельзя использовать объемную мебель, потому как это станет явным перебором. Лучше выбирать компактную мягкую мебель. Furniture лучше расположить у окна, так она будет смотреться в интерьере интереснее.


Do not get carried away with designs made of drywall, because the room is small by itself, and this will further reduce it. When thinking about lighting it is important to remember that you can not use large chandeliers - a floor lamp and a sconce - the best option.


Separate living room

When planning a hall design, an apartment (the photo shows it), you can give it any kind, and execute it as you would like, and the size of the room does not matter. In "kopeck piece" this room is separate from the others. Its area is slightly larger than 18 m2, but it is still strictly forbidden to encumber it with furniture. Perfectly complement the fireplace with a false fireplace, giving the room a cosiness.


Living room in a private house

The design of the living room in a private house differs markedly from the living rooms in the apartments. This design focuses on the house, and not on fashion trends. The design of the hall in the apartment of 2017 should meet all fashion trends, and the private house does not concern it a priori.

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When designing the design of a living room in a private house, it is important to remember the following rules:

  • In the living room, everyone should be comfortable.
  • Furniture должна занимать не более 50% всего пространства комнаты.


It is worth while planning the living room to take note of the interests of each of the family members. So, if there are children in the family, then the furniture should not have sharp corners. A lot of attention should be given to the type of the house - the exterior design of the house should always be in harmony with its interior decoration.



To make the interior cozy, you need to choose a suitable fireplace - the interior and the truth will be transformed, the house will be reigned with comfort and peace. When choosing a fireplace, keep in mind that it must be in harmony with the interior.



In building stores the widest choice of different wallpapers, and sometimes not just choose the right option. When choosing it is worth paying attention to the cost, material, area of ​​the room, fashion trends.


Needless to say, fashion tastes a great deal on our tastes, but it's better to choose wallpaper universal, so that after a few years they look good in the interior.

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Because the whole family spends the living room most of the time, the furniture should be appropriate - practical and functional. Traditionally, the hall buys soft furniture, which is especially comfortable.


All design ideas can be translated into reality only after repair. Once the repair work is completed, you can embark on the realization of all your fantasies regarding the design of the living room.


100 photos of interior design of the hall in a modern style

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The living room design is 14 sq.m.



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interior of the apartment, interior design.

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