A small country house with windows in the ceiling

A small holiday home in Utah

A small country house - a view of the entire building

There is a trick to a small country house seemed bigger. It is necessary to pour a tiny space with as much natural light as possible. This idea will help glass hatches in the ceiling. They are complex in installation, and their independent potential is not effective enough, but it helps to fill the darkened interiors with light.

A pair of Patrick and Sarah Romero Sandy from Utah created this shining little house with an accent from three large pyramidal windows in the attic.

A small country house outside

So a small country house looks outside

Spouses are video-operators. They built a tiny house during the three summer months in 2014 with the help of Sarah's father. The young couple said that they intended to receive additional income by renting a miniature dwelling in rent. And I tried to make it attractive for potential tenants with the help of aesthetic techniques:

"We wanted something really clean, fresh and beautiful - almost beach type. We like the idea of ​​all white with an abundance of cotton and a color accent in the decor. "

A small holiday home: an L-shaped kitchen

Kitchen L-shaped divided into the working area and washing area with a stove

The folding table can be folded, this will give more space for the guests. The sofa is laid out and used as an extra bed. Still there are original storage niches that can serve as a seat - in the wall, next to the front door.

A small country house with many windows

Most of the walls are occupied by windows

A small country house: a folding sofa

So the room looks like a laid out sofa

The bathroom is located under the attic. Contrary to the tiny standards of space, there is enough space in it.

A small holiday home: a bathroom

Suddenly a spacious bathroom, here too there is a window

A small holiday home: shower

And a shower cubicle

Little country house: drying hair

You can dry hair sitting

The bedroom in the attic is simply gorgeous. From here you can enjoy stunning views of the sky. The location is great for watching a starfall.

A small country house: a bedroom

The main feature is the bedroom

A small country house: a ceiling

Unrepeatable ceiling

Housing, slightly less than 90 m2 was created mainly from recycled materials and without the rental of special equipment. This approach allowed to reduce construction costs to the amount of $ 25 thousand.

A small country house: a roof

This is how the roof looks outside

Although there are many small houses, local by-laws often become a headache for them. The Romeros couple has known their share of troubles with officials. This happened when the building was completed in the ideal place for the couple. As a result, the building had to be moved.

The authorities arrested the house. The couple struggled for several months, trying to find loopholes. But officials stopped all efforts to find a consensus and notified the couple about the need to move their house to the permitted zone of the park in order to rent the land legally.

A small country house and other houses

A wonderful little country house in the park is not alone, there are others nearby

Referring to their experience Romeros stressed that it is very important to carefully read the local rules, as the authorities of another city may not be so loyal in the legalization of mini-buildings. The couple built a magnificent house that demonstrated the other side of economic freedom. And showed that miniature projects are able to save money to their tenants or help to earn additional funds from tenants.

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