Wallpapers on a wall in a frame: ways and ideas for creating

Decor from the remains of wallpaper

After repair, often there are surplus materials: wallpaper, tile, varnish or paint. Usually their quantity is not enough for a full-fledged finishing of any zone. But do not rush to throw unnecessary pruning, because of them you can create a real masterpiece. Decor from the remains of wallpaper will help to originally complement the interior of the apartment or villa and breathe new life into the old furniture. For particularly spectacular compositions, you can additionally purchase several rolls of designer tapestry to make the updated design element even more original.

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Tissue wallpaper is also organically looked like an element of a homemade picture. The decor of these surpluses looks very exquisite. To protect such a picture from dust, it is better to hide it under the glass.

You can decorate a picture or a panel not only with wallpaper. To create an interesting composition, ribbons, buttons, laces, thick threads for knitting, dried flowers will do.

Design elements of the interior

In addition to the rest of the materials for the decoration of walls for entertaining needlework, you will definitely need wallpaper paste. You can also use PVA glue: it is perfect for priming wooden furniture. To create three-dimensional paintings can not do without a construction stapler.

Decoration of the old headset is difficult to imagine without a high-quality varnish. They need to cover the paper wallpaper to increase the wear resistance and give them a darker rich color.

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Pictures from the wallpaper should be added with a frame. You can use both ready-made and self-assembled. You can design it from wooden rails, which are also indispensable when creating a large panel, which can be framed with baguettes.

Panel from solid wallpaper

In fact, a panel of whole wallpaper sheets is an accent surface on the wall, which can be framed with a wooden frame or baguettes. The convenience of the latter is the ease of multiple staining: in order to refresh the decoration of the room, it is enough just to give another shade to the home-made frame.

To create an interesting decor, it is better to use fabric or non-woven wallpaper. In certain styles, it is appropriate and finishing, created on the basis of bamboo.

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Panel of colored wallpaper

Such an inset can be safely taken out of the wall. For a full zoning of the premises, you can glue the panel and the ceiling, which allows you to highlight a specific section of the room. The ceiling panel is especially attractive above the podium.

For a more original decoration of the room, you can create voluminous modular panels that look particularly impressive in a monochrome. To make a similar decor, you need to paste the wallpaper on a sheet of particle board, hiding the material with its free edge.

Panel of shreds

If after repair you have a surplus of several types of trellises, you can easily create an unusual active wall from pieces of material. To form the original application, cut the remains in the form of geometric shapes:

  • squares;
  • rhombs;
  • polygons.

Panel of shreds обоев

Glue these elements on the wall, alternating different types of wallpaper. A similar surface will look great in the living room or bedroom.

You can decorate the walls in this technique in the children's room. There are more appropriate compositions with silhouettes of animals, fairy-tale houses and magic characters.

Modular panels of rags - another version of the unusual decor of the hall. Such a decoration is easy enough. With the help of a simple master class, you can embody an interesting composition with a tree.

  1. Paste a thick sheet of chipboard or foam with a plain background, hiding the free edge of the base.
  2. Circle your hand from the elbow to the fingers on the wallpaper sheet of the brown shade and glue this element to the center of the panel. This detail will mimic the trunk of the future tree.
  3. Cut two more kinds of surplus material in the form of leaves and continue to paste them on the panel until the crown of the tree looks bulky enough.

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Pictures from the wallpaper under the glass

It is best to hide under the glass compositions of fabric and paper wallpaper, as well as paintings with details of brittle materials that require careful care and are not resistant to washing:

  • threads;
  • ribbons and lace;
  • dried flowers and herbarium;
  • glitter and color sand.

For example, you can make an unusual picture for the hallway, corridor or kitchen with a vase. On the background of the fabric wallpaper you need to paste the silhouette of the flowerpot. You can decorate the composition with dry herbs, twigs of unusual shape, dried inflorescences.

Picture from wallpaper

Decorative flowers should be harvested better under the press so that they are as flat as possible.

Anti-reflective glass will help to keep the original picture, which has high strength and is very easy to clean. The original frame in vintage style will complement the homemade panels of dried flowers.

A special touch in the interior design of the house can be and wallpapers. This decor looks spectacular in the bedroom and living room. The wallpaper can be placed in one large photo frame, or in a few small ones, after having thought over the modular composition. Decorative card on the wall Decoration of stairs by wallpaper  Scandinavian interior  Style of botany  Mandalas from wallpaper  The remains of wallpaper in the interior

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Decor furniture with wallpaper

Pasting old furniture with paper trellises is a godsend for those who love Provençal motifs in design. With the help of a surplus of finishing materials, you can create an original interior that will become the center of the decoration concept.

The technique of decorating the headset is similar to decoupage, but does not require maceration of wallpaper with water. To glue the flaps of the wallpaper, you need to properly prepare the headset.

  1. Clean the surface of furniture from varnish and old paint.
  2. To get rid of cracks by means of putty.
  3. To obtain a perfectly smooth surface, treat it with sandpaper.
  4. Prime the working area with acrylic primer.

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You can paste the remains of wallpaper not only on the facade of furniture. For example, manufacturers often pay little attention to the interior of the headset. To create an original and stylish decor, simply glue the wallpaper on the back side of the sideboard. To improve the wear resistance of the material, additionally coat the surface with two layers of varnish.

Original furniture looks decorated with bamboo wallpaper. Such a set fits perfectly into the interior, executed in the oriental style. Scandinavian trends are suitable for trellises with imitation of natural stone or a spectacular tree.

Decor of the walls in the hall Cabinet Decoration  Decoupage by wallpaper  Decoration chest  Decorative shelving  Cabinet in the style of vintage

The technology of mounting wallpaper for the panel

When creating a panel during wall finishing, the technology of its installation differs little from the usual wallpapering of wallpaper. Follow strictly the manufacturer's instructions, properly preparing the surface of the wall.

But there are some rules, without observance of which it is impossible to create a harmonious composition.

  1. In advance, outline the boundaries of the future panel, drawing lines on the wall.
  2. For accurate boundary application, use an accurate laser level. This will reduce the risk that the future composition will look uneven and foreign.
  3. When using liquid wallpaper to create a picture frame for it is to be fixed on the wall before applying the material itself. Particularly effective in this case are polyurethane moldings.
  4. All additional techniques, for example, patination of the surface of non-woven wallpaper, are made before the installation of the baguette.

Black and white interior

Preparation of materials

The remains of tapestries, which must be used to create the original composition, must be prepared in advance, especially if the installation touches a panel of shreds, which requires pre-cutting materials to form a complete picture.

In addition to wallpaper, it is necessary to stock up with a suitable baguette, which will serve as a frame for the panel. The baguette can be made of wood, polystyrene foam, gypsum or polyurethane.

Bedroom design

For the frame of the panel you need to purchase a special glue, since the wallpaper is often not designed for this purpose. For a wooden or polyurethane frame, the so-called liquid nails are suitable, for plaster or foam polystyrene need putty or gypsum glue.

Adhesive for the wallpaper itself is selected based on their appearance, like the paint for the frame. But the most popular of all the variety of materials is water-dispersion paint. Before applying wallpaper, the wall must be treated with penetrating soil.

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Wall design in the children's room

Surface preparation

Before mounting the material in the form of panels it is necessary to prepare the wall in accordance with the technology of surface treatment for wallpapering.

  1. After removing old finishing materials, determine the location of the future panel. The most harmonious for these purposes is a section of the wall that is visible from anywhere in the room.
  2. Apply the marking to the surface. The lines must be strictly vertical and horizontal, located at an angle of 90 degrees. For accuracy use the laser level.
  3. After delineating the boundaries, treat the wall with a primer. Apply the primer in two layers. The composition can be impregnated immediately the entire area of ​​the wall. The most convenient tool for this process will be a roller.

Picture in the living room

After these steps, the surface preparation process can be considered complete.

When pasting surplus materials over already applied wallpaper, it is necessary to thoroughly penetrate the walls with a deep penetration composition. You need to do this very carefully, so as not to stain the background trellis and not lose the aesthetics of the entire composition.

Installation of decorative panels from wallpaper

Before applying the trellis itself, it is necessary to prepare and secure the frame.

  1. Cut the elements of the future frame according to the length and height of the future decorative section of the wall.
  2. Using a stool or corner saw, treat the edges of the baguette, cutting them at an angle of 45 degrees.
  3. Moldings of heavy materials are recommended to be additionally fixed with screws, holes for which need to be drilled in advance.
  4. Glue the baguette, applying glue or putty both on the perimeter of the molding surface, and on the wall. If necessary, secure the frame with screws.
  5. After mounting the molding, work on the puttying of the frame: hide the screws of the screws, handle the joints.
  6. After the putty, primetnuyte surface molding and paint it with paint, applying a minimum of two layers.
  7. After working with the frame it is necessary to fill the inside of the panel with trellis. Apply the adhesive composition to the wallpaper and attach the cloth to the wall, leveling the cut relative to the frame.
  8. Smooth the panels from the center to the edge, using a brush or a rag.
  9. Cut the excess trellis along the edge of the canvas with a clerical knife.

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Decor of walls and interior items with the help of wallpaper remains is a great way to revitalize the design and complement the original style of the room. Excess surfacing materials can also be used to decorate smaller objects: flower pots, decorative boxes, kitchen cans for food storage. The decoration of the decoration elements with the same materials makes the design complete, harmonious and complete. Competent use of even small stocks of wallpaper can become a real "highlight" of the room.