30 outdoor vases for a stylish modern home

When we talk about adding a beautiful vase to your house, we often think of small flower vases that are placed on a coffee table in the living room, a dining table, a console or the like. However, in this article, it's not about them at all, but about stylish floor vases, which are a wonderful way to turn a boring corner into the most interesting point of your room. The modern choice of floor vases includes such a huge number of shapes, colors and sizes that you can easily find for yourself the model that perfectly fits into the already existing interior design and will beautifully emphasize it.

We bring to your attention 30 examples of decorating interiors with original floor vases, which have the most diverse content or even do without it! Learn these original ways to incorporate vases into the design of rooms to determine which one will help refresh the style of your home.

Beautiful outdoor vases in the interior (photo):

Outdoor vase with bamboo White floor vase in the interior White floor vases in a narrow room Large outdoor vases made of glass Violet floor vase in the interior Collection of outdoor vases in the interior Beautiful outdoor vase with a picture Outdoor vase with goldfish Large floor vase in the hall Floor vases for the color of metal An outdoor vase in the corner of the bedroom Dry branches in a glass vase Outdoor vases with unusual filling Elegant dark vases on the floor in the living room Unusual vase in the design of the bathroom The huge size of the vase in the interior Wicker floor vase in the living room Transparent glass vase in the dining area Floor vases made of metal in the living room Modern living room with electric fireplace Large glass vases in the interior Stylish outdoor vase with lush filling Textured floor vase in the living room Decoration of the living room with outdoor vases Vase in antique style in the interior High floor vase in the house Vase for flowers on the floor of the room Large outdoor flower vases Bright outdoor vase in stripes Yellow floor vase