A brilliant example of a superbly equipped apartment of 20

Purple accents in the white living room

Comfortable environment can be created not only with expensive furniture and luxury apartments. Specialists of the famous architectural bureau, with the help of mirrors and light colors, achieved incredible success on a couple of dozen squares. The visually enlarged room turned out to be functional and attractive.

Design studio "Cozy apartment" is open since 2003. During this time, she realized many wonderful projects not only in Russia, but also abroad.

Zone for creativity in studio apartment

The layout, which takes into account the wishes of the customer

The hostess of the home is an English teacher. In a small room was to bring a lot of light and a good flow of air. It required an illusion of a wide space in which there would be a place for a favorite musical synthesizer. Taking into account that the girl prefers the white, purple and green palette, the architects had to use these shades.

The fascination of the customer with the Finnish epic set the additional task of applying it in the interior. Since the plan was not allowed to change, the designers gave the walls a light tone, which visually expanded the room. Freedom and volume architects have achieved through the use of mirror and glossy planes.

Home cinema in the living room Photo wallpapers in the kitchen

Colors and lighting

In the design of the main background, whiteness is used. And a green and rich lilac shade became an accent palette. A lot of point lights, included at the same time, form a myriad of lights, which creates the illusion of a larger space. The backlighting, carried out behind the eaves, raises the ceiling.

Suspended ceiling with light

Furnishing and decoration

In order not to encumber the housing was ordered built-in furniture. The synthesizer occupies a niche, equipped in a window sill. Here turned out to be a small but convenient work site. The bathroom is equipped with a compact equipment. Purple ornament adorns the brick white walls. They also wrote the lines of the Finnish poetic epic, which became a focal element of the decor.

Brick wall in the living room Lilac tile in the bathroom decoration Accent wall in the living room Spot lights in the bathroom

Drawing plan and recommendations for repair

Reconstructing a small apartment, you should remember some important points.

  1. A small room will look free and cozy when it is divided into zones.
  2. Built-in furniture saves and rationally uses the area.
  3. The presence of brilliant planes visually expands the space.
  4. It is advisable not to forget about bright colors and various modern lamps that carry freshness and novelty to the interior.
Planning and furnishing of studio apartments

By equipping this studio, all the wishes of the customer are taken into account. Details of the folklore material of Finland are given historical motifs and connected with the mistress by a fine thread.