Kitchen design 14 sq. m - we select an interior for a

Paintings on the kitchen wall

Dimensions of kitchens in many old houses and new buildings are the same. Therefore, interesting options for planning this zone in the apartment are offered. Choose a suitable kitchen design 14 sq. M. m can owners of Soviet apartments or owners of new square meters. In a small area it is important to correctly arrange the arrangement of furniture and conveniently place all the equipment. Then, in the process of cooking, you can quickly get food from cabinets or a refrigerator, wash, process and cook on a stove or in an oven. This lesson will take much less time, and the premises will be different in functionality and coziness.

  • Combine the place of preparation of food with a dining area;
  • the possibility of placing a headset and a soft corner or a table with chairs in one room of elongated shape;
  • made studio layout.

Of the advantages are the affordable cost of this environment and a compact installation in narrow rooms. The headset is suitable for the design of a rectangular kitchen in an apartment or its own house with a non-standard layout.

In such models, the sink should be installed between the stove and the refrigerator. Therefore, designers recommend to slightly shift the standard location of the sink near the wall, closing the remaining space with a dish dryer or a free edge of the countertop.

Layout plan

For elongated rooms plan the deep lower cabinets of the headset to accommodate all the utensils. Another option - cabinets, pencil cases, installed around the edges. They can plan the shelves, boxes, stands for technology. Such designs will perfectly fit into the interior of the kitchen studio and will accommodate things that occupy additional space. At the same time a sofa or a dining table will be located at the opposite wall.

Two-row or parallel headsets. Models are suitable for premises with a width of 2.5 m or extended rooms with access to the balcony. Not bad in a square kitchen, if the owners additionally set a dining table between the rows. The sofa can be planned under the window.

Kitchen with red walls

Such arrangement of furniture will allow to use effectively long kitchens, providing enough space for storage of products, utensils and other accessories. Headsets are made to order with exact observance of all sizes.

You can plan the situation in several ways:

  • one side to make a working one, and the other to use for storage;
  • in one line plan a sink, a hob, a working table;
  • on the one hand install the refrigerator, and the hob and sink - with the opposite.

Hanging on one side cabinets will not clutter the space. Will complement the interior of the two-way kitchen in 14 squares of designer window design.

Original lighting in the kitchen

L-shaped layout. It is considered popular and convenient. Suitable for rooms of different shapes and allows you to make equally functional rooms or studios.

In such models, you can ideally plan a "triangle" and conveniently place all the necessary elements. Also zoning, conveniently dividing the room into a place for cooking and eating.

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The owners of studio apartments will appreciate the options with a working island or a bar counter. You can find different photos where the kitchen-living room design is organically combined with a sofa or a dining table, supplemented with a soft corner. In this case, the headset is located at the end of the room. There are options with a peninsula or using a special mobile table-island.

Bar counter in the kitchen

The angle in these garnishes is provided in a straight and sloping version. At this place set:

  • in the classical version - a sink;
  • in sloping models - slab;
  • is used as a working surface.

The location of the slab is planned so that on both sides it remains from 40 cm of free space.

It is interesting to look at the options for sets, when installing a window is activated. At the level of the window sill is a table top with bottom curbstones.

Suspended chandelier above the table

U-shaped version. Suitable for any premises, except narrow. Allows you to conveniently place all things and products, and also effectively use the refrigerator, hob and sink.

Headsets are characterized by the presence of symmetrical parts and are suitable for classical interior decoration of premises. At the same time, the design of a small kitchen of 14 m2 does not provide for planning a dining group in one room - it will be necessary to equip a dining room in addition.

The facades are chosen in light colors, so that there is no cluttering effect. The fittings must be comfortable, especially for corner elements. The functionality of corner cabinets and drawers is also thought through.

All zones of the headset should be well lit.

Light furniture in the kitchen

A little to unload the U-shaped set can be, having removed a part of the top hinged cases and having supplemented the model with side pencil cases.

C-shaped kitchen. It is considered a convenient option for medium-sized premises. Allows you to clearly identify the functional areas, indicate the place of cooking and eating. Used for kitchen design 14 m2 with dining room. This layout helps to conveniently observe the rule of the "triangle" and effectively use all elements of furniture.

When planning the "kitchen triangle" the distance between the "peaks" should not exceed 2 m.

Lamp on kitchen wall

Island. Suitable for medium rooms with kitchens combined with dining rooms. The set will "require" additional space for the island. In a stand-alone element, there are:

  • a cooking surface;
  • a sink;
  • rising worktop.

The island is used as a dining table and simultaneously stored in the lower pedestals necessary for the household utensils. The installed design should not block access to the constituent elements of the "triangle".

Beautiful furniture in the kitchen

There are peninsular variants, when the butt adjoins the wall or side of the worktop of the main headset. The design allows to save space, also dividing into zones of studio or allowing convenient to use bedside tables, cabinets and boxes.

Choosing any proposed design kitchen 14 square. m, you will need to make a detailed drawing on paper and denote all the dimensions of the constituent elements. It is necessary to take into account the window opening and the nature of the laid pipeline. And in order not to miss any details - it is better to seek professional help.

Kitchen with dark wood furniture Yellow chairs in the kitchen  Painting on the wall by the table  Fixtures-spotlights on the kitchen wall  Original decoration of the ceiling in the kitchen  Original lighting in the kitchen

Choosing a color scheme

In addition to stylish furniture, it is important to choose the right color for the headset, walls, textiles.

Color of the facade of the kitchenWall decorationSelection of textiles
In pastel colors.On a tone or two brighter, which will favorably allocate furniture on the general background of the interior.It is selected a little darker, and according to the drawing should correspond to the decorated walls.
In bright or saturated shades.A bright, monophonic coating is used. The hue should be selected from one palette.Suitable light curtains or transparent tulle with an unobtrusive texture pattern. Furniture can match the dominant shade.
If the table top and apron are bright, then the facade is executed in contrasting shades.Wallpaper or paint for walls should be light.Furniture is selected with neutral upholstery. Tablecloths and curtains - must match the upholstery of upholstered furniture.
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Orange color in the interior of the kitchen

For popular colored facades, it is important not to overdo with the number of shades - they should be no more than 3. In this case, only one color will be dominant.

Beige furniture in the kitchen

If the furniture is one-color, then the chosen shade of the facade should be used in facing materials for walls, floors, ceilings. The coloring of the curtains and upholstery of a soft corner or sofa can also "resonate" with the main color of the headset. As for upholstered furniture, for it upholstery is recommended to choose in light, milky, beige tones.

With the popular blue, black and red hue the headset combines the white color of the "apron" and the curtains. Good looking black and yellow kitchens, as well as black-and-green / red / orange. Light beige, yellow or rich brown tones come in a green tint.

Salad-lemon cuisine Pistachio-orange kitchen  Strict kitchen design  Lemon kitchen furniture  Yellow color in the interior of the kitchen  Patterns on the kitchen wall

Choosing a sofa. Straight or angular?

Designed for a small kitchen design with an area of ​​14 m2 sofas are selected based on the number of household members. Models are divided into folding, angular and straight.

If you need an extra bed, then straightforward designs will do:

  • in the style of "click-clack" or "eurobook" - this is an excellent option for daily use;
  • folding device "dolphin" is also often used in projects of sofas, which are installed in kitchens;
  • The "accordion" design is suitable for models installed at the window - the folding mechanism requires free space.

Painting over the sofa

All models are compact and equipped with drawers or internal niches for utensils, small household items. Upholstery fabric is durable and perfectly cleaned.

The corner options include small sofas, conveniently located in the free corner of the kitchen, the area of ​​which is 14 square meters. The ergonomic furniture is also equipped with internal storage boxes for accessories.

Models with a sleeping place will allow to leave the guest for the night. The constructions are made in a linear and angular variant.

Skin on the kitchen floor TV above the sofa in the kitchen  Beautiful kitchen decoration  Divan in the windows  A number of pictures over the sofa  Light green sofa in the white interior of the kitchen

Modeling features

In the kitchen with a direct suite, you can install upholstered furniture near the opposite wall. It is also advantageous to use:

  • place under the window - install a straight sofa along the windowsill;
  • arrange a free angle - with the help of a corner sofa.

Modern kitchen design

If the room is L-shaped layout, then the dining furniture is placed in the end free part of the room. This is an option for corner models that will provide an excellent decoration of the room and ergonomically fit into the overall design of the kitchen.

Island furniture is used in apartment studios and perfectly divides the space into functional areas. Along the outer wall of the island is a straight, soft sofa. Angular variants are used with a remote desktop adjacent to the wall of the room.

An interesting combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen Divan in the windows  White kitchen interior with burgundy furniture  Kitchen with dining area  Original table and chairs in the kitchen  Kitchen with modern interior

Kitchen-living room - for small apartments

The room will be more spacious with full or partial dismantling of the partition between neighboring rooms. For the kitchen, combined with a living room of 14 squares, the new design will allow:

  • expand the space for the dining area;
  • make a spacious gathering place for the whole family;
  • Do not limit the choice of headset;
  • simultaneously engage in cooking and communicate with family or guests.

Wall for brick in the kitchen

It is important to have a good hood, which will prevent the spread of food smells around the apartment. Also the rooms will hear the sound of utensils, the water in the sink, the clatter of spoons. Even the decorative partitions, which are used instead of the demolished walls, will not completely protect against sounds. This condition will need to be taken into account in families where there are young children.

Apartments with new layouts are stylishly designed in the direction of "modern" or hi-tech. The classic design of the room will be an excellent solution. With any choice, it is important to correctly organize the lighting for each zone.

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Glass table and chairs in the interior TV on the wall opposite the table  Kitchen with living room  Kitchen-living room with white furniture  Pictures with illumination above the sofa  White furniture in the kitchen

Furniture for a combined kitchen with a living room

As for the sofas, for the studio version, straight models and angles are suitable. Stools are rarely used in the complete set with a dining table.

For the peninsular version, the placement of the table or the adjoining bar counter is planned so that the elements protrude beyond the common line of the headset. In this zone you can go from different sides, which is very convenient in home use.

Bar counter in the interior of the kitchen

Direct studio sets are put in one line under the wall. The photo shows that in this case it is convenient to install the sink in the middle sections.

Angular structures have no restrictions in use and perfectly separate the combined rooms on the working area. As a "delimiter" is the bar or the desktop itself.

The most harmonious for kitchen-studios in the 14 square. m are considered U-shaped sets. In this case, the length of the side zones should be within 1.5 - 2.5 m. And the transverse side - not exceed 2 m.

Lamps over the counter Lots of lamps in the interior  Skin on the kitchen floor  White-blue kitchen interior  TV in front of the sofa  Wall under the wild stone in the interior of the kitchen

Kitchen with balcony

This layout is practiced in new buildings. In this case, the owners can not combine the kitchen in 14 square meters. m with the next room. You can separately plan the functional areas, stylishly dividing the sliding door. A table, sofa or chairs should be located away from the draft. The balcony itself is designed in the same style as the adjoining room.

Additional space is arranged in the form of a pantry with convenient closets and drawers. Then, conservation, vegetables and utensils can be stored on the balcony, freeing the set for appliances and utensils.

Another option is a well thought out balcony area - a seating area with armchairs and a small table. And if the heating and glazing are planned, then you can arrange a place for lunch. The main thing is to allow the dimensions of the remote structure.

Painting over the table

Also, the insulated territory can be combined with the main room in order to expand the useful area. In this case, you have to dismantle the wall, having previously received permission for such works. In this way they arrange:

  • additional space for a dining room with fixed or folding furniture;
  • make a cooking area;
  • arrange a resting place with a table for coffee and hookah.

It is not recommended to transport the slab yourself. This will also require the permission of the relevant services.

Kitchen with balcony Soft kitchen interior  Lighting furniture in the kitchen  Sofa and table by the window  Dark chandeliers in the interior of a light kitchen  Bar counter in the interior of the kitchen

Color Separation

One way of visual zoning of the combined rooms is considered color separation. Planning the design of the living room kitchen 14 sq. M. m, it will be necessary to take into account the design of the adjacent room. The main condition is:

  • exposure of interiors in one style;
  • It is allowed to use different shades of the same color;
  • a harmonious combination of decoration and decor elements.

Kitchen with modern design Fashionable design of kitchen  White furniture and light green walls in the kitchen  White-black kitchen interior  Pictures above the sofa  Bar rack and chairs in the kitchen

For the design of surfaces or choice of textiles use the rules of contrasting colors. It will look good black-and-white / yellow / red. The yellow-green or yellow-gray mix looks bright. Neutral beige beige, sand, brown colors are considered. Design options can be selected by photo in catalogs, the Internet or individually work with a professional designer. In this case, the chosen color scheme should not strain or irritate those present.

For unusual and stylish design of the premises, the areas are divided into tables, sofas, bar counters, bookcases. Around the table chairs are arranged in contrasting shades. Just make out the place near the bar - colored stools. An important stroke will be the curtains, selected in the right shade. Having achieved a harmonious combination of furniture, furnish and textiles, the kitchen will turn out cozy and stylish.