A small parisian apartment in a minimalist style

Bright living room

Impeccable style in dazzling shades

Interior designer Tatiana Nicol designed an elegant modern space for a small apartment in the Marais district, Paris. The house has an area of ​​50 square meters. m, a compact but stylish and spacious abode shines with freshness and light decor. Here you will not see unnecessary details, all the design has been reduced to minimal effort, but with the maximum effect.

The main part of housing is all social zones visually divided into the kitchen and the living room. In the palette dominates the dazzling whiteness of the walls and the painted ceiling with the addition of some fragments with contrasting differences.

Kitchen and living room

A refined color scheme with golden accents

Dining room in minimalist style

The minimalistic dining room

Compact shelves for wine bottles в кухонном шкафу

Compact shelves for wine bottles

Open shelves for books and accessories

Open shelving: home library - the best decor for walls

A separate room presents an attractive bedroom, the interior of which is also formed according to the unofficial rules of minimalism. In this case, bright accents are added to the image, catchy textiles. As a result, all the elements merge in a magnificent image, where the atmosphere of harmony and comfort reigns.

Shelves on the wall that separates the two rooms

Smooth transitions

Built-in storage above the bed

Built-in storage above the bed

A small bathroom is equipped with all the necessary components, the bathroom is in a separate, fully insulated cabin. Looks great on the background of the finishing of the closet door, which supposedly just emerged from the last century. Clearly expressed old wood, handles in retro style look impressive, adding to the interior of an interesting intrigue.

Modern interior ванной и спальни

Modern interior

Bathroom in the style of minimalism with accents on antiques

Effective minimalism with accents of antiques

The stunning project of a modern apartment demonstrates the superiority of a concise design, its clear meaning and enchanting atmosphere. The interior of this housing merged the most effective solutions, which form a beautiful and inspired image of a cozy monastery as a result.