Apartment of 44 square meters, sweden, or, housing as a

Interior of the living room in a black palette

The apartments are designed for one tenant. At the entrance of the room they seem gloomy and even repelled. But if you look closely, you can easily imagine their owner.

The room seems gloomy, but due to the large window and the brown floor this impression is concealed. The decision to apply unnecessarily coal coloring does not create an atmosphere of alienation. The decoration is breathtaking, making the living room the heart of the whole house.

Successful reception of background contrast. The wall near the sofa is dark, the second, on the contrary, white with the original rack, as if from a metal profile. The shelves complement the image.

Lighting is not only natural, but also numerous lamps. Products that fit more loft do not spoil the effect of perception, but harmoniously fit into the conceived concept.

Various accessories and photographs of the frames add color. Here you want to relax and read the book or light it with musical compositions.

Dining table by the window Shelving shelving in living room Black wallpapers in the living room

The harmony of colors did not bypass the kitchen. The combination of chrome-plated objects, alabaster environment, tiles with characteristic seams encourages imagination. It is possible that something is missing, the heat to which we are accustomed. But if this is a habitat for a young man, then everything falls into place.

Dissonance causes a table top under a tree. But on the other hand, if it is made as pitch, then the place for cooking will become gloomy.

A small window will give a stream of fresh air, but not natural light, so there are a lot of spotlights along the perimeter.

The bathroom is decorated with a dining room décor, the same tile and shiny plumbing.

The bedroom may seem completely colorless, like the picture in an old TV. But thanks to the window opening leading to the shower room, this feeling disappears. Slightly dirty gray shade - the elusive chic of this corner.

Balcony - a place where you can watch the street and passers-by. Or to cultivate a flower garden.

Corner kitchen Knife holder in the kitchen Small window in the kitchen Bathroom amenities in the bathroom Gray walls in the bedroom Rest area on the balcony

This dwelling is like the owner's echo. Looking around, you understand the passions and imbued with the style of life of the person who lives here.