Necklace with your hands - the best master class with photo

There are a lot of necklace options. Today, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the question of how to make a necklace with your own hands from beads. After all, this trend has long won a certain note of popularity and is holding on to its positions.


Forms are minimalistic, massive, other. We offer to make a necklace of black and gold color.

Yes, to make such a wonderful thing, it will take a lot of time. But, but the result will continue to please you for a long time. In general, the technique of weaving is not at all complicated, and even a beginner will understand it.


To make such a product, prepare a drop of agate, approximately 2x4 cm, Rivoli Svarovski, Czech beads 6x8 mm, Swarovski beads, Toxo and Czech beads (ten), gold lock, 2 pcs. And also 2 rings, a nylon thread, a scrap of skin, glue , fleece.


Consider the master class of the necklace with your own hands. To make a backing, flizelin fold in several layers, glue agate to it, which must dry 2 hours. From above it is necessary to press something heavy. After drying, the stone should be beaded. It is done this way: sew 2 beads, on the wrong side of the stitches back to 1 bead, pull the needle out and go further through another.


In order to keep order in each next ricket, each row should be finished with 2 beads. Next, you need to follow the principle, like a mosaic. In this case, the number of rows should be calculated based on the dimensions of your stone (and it is different in each individual case). To tighten the frame, it is necessary to weave a pair of rows with small beads.


According to the scheme of the necklace, agate is lined around in a circle. Framing produce beads. A technique like "back needle" is performed, that is, it is necessary to sew 1 bead, from the inside, return the needle to the very beginning, bring it to the front part and sew the sewn bead. Next magatam golden must be alternated one by one. Pictures from cereals - a step-by-step instruction with description and photo primes


Unnecessary part of non-woven linens, cut off at the edges should be left only in millimeters. There is no need to hurry. Agate must be traced along the contour directly on the skin. Cut, adhering to small allowances. Skin the skin to the fleece, then under weight again, leave to dry.


Schemes of a necklace with own hands

Make a rivet edging, starting with a bead of golden color, which has a size of 18mm. Make a ring that uses 48 beads. Next, a row of mosaic black. When the front side is ready, you need to insert the Rivolta, fix it. In this case, weave the two purl rows of golden color.


Type the denticles, adhering to the gap, which consists of 2 protruding beads.


Taking small black beads make arcs, at the same time you need to make the teeth inside, in the central part of the arcs. The thread is removed from the central part of the arch. On the needle, dial 3 golden beads of small size, and already with them you need to go through the next arched center. Then you should do everything the same. But, now through the center of the golden-colored arches you should pass through a bead of black color, thread the thread once more in a circle and tighten.


Thread must go to the central part of the edging, in the side part of the Rivoli.


Need to string 2 pieces each. small black beads around the edges in the first strip. Between them you need to make one four-millimeter bead topaz. Go into the beadwork of the design, exit it, infiltrate the extreme bead small size black. Dial 1 bead, 2 beads of black color. Sing it until you reach the last row.


In the extreme: between the black beads - 1 bead, go to the 1st bead of small size in the direction from the top to the bottom. Go through the original bead of the edging fever from top to bottom, pass the thread through the 1st small thread and bring it out in front of the bead. Salted dough pieces - how to make your own hands? Instruction with photo ideas.


Make arches from 3 small black colors, magatamas and 3 more. The row is so trickled up to its end. After the completion of the pattern, you should skip between the resulting arches on a bead of golden color (ten). Also, you should also decorate the 2 nd crystal.


Rivol 14 mm must be trimmed with a ringlet, counting 36 beads. On the photo of a necklace made with your own hands you can see how the front part is trudging. From the wrong side, you need to make the ties in two rows. So the amalgam will close.

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Arcs must be made with gold beads, 5 pcs each. Between them place 3 black. Complete the web with 1 pc. golden.


The openwork of the weave will be as follows: along the circle of the crystal, it is necessary to make the biconet in the 1st row, then use the golden ten, the magatam, and again the ten.


Next, go through the previous row, forming arcs over the beads. The needle is removed from the edging center, thread on the 1st black bead, moving from the edge. At the center of the octagon and penetrate into the trace of the central bead of the received edging.


The edge of the agate must be sewn "in Russian." The needle should be inserted between the non-woven fleece with the skin, and the nail will be inside. String the bead, pass the needle through all the layers on the front. In front of the bead, enter the needle. The edge turns out with the beads laid side by side.

plaits of bead

For the first line pattern, type their topaz beads with black. In the next row there will be arcs of magatam with small beads. After them a row of black beads, eight-colored beads of gold color, delicacy, fine black. The last row will not be pulled together, and the falsil, if the necessary number of beads will be selected in individual order.

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Photo of the necklace with your own hands








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Necklace with their hands