Let in the interior of the small house as much light as

Bright interior of a small house

Interior of a small house on the coast of Sweden

The interior of a small house can be very unusual. Who does not dream of an apartment on the top floor, but with a sloped roof? On the south-west coast of Sweden is a small, area of ​​less than 100 square meters. meters, mansard house with exquisite decoration.

Interior of a small house in Scandinavian style

White color can visually expand the space

Having made a purchase, the owners were impressed with the top floor so that they could be inspired by the design of the whole house in the style of a cozy, like floating in the air attic.

To achieve a sense of freedom in the interior, all the internal walls were removed. To guess what house was at the purchase, it is possible only by framing the roof.

White color in the interior of a small house

Live flowers - a bright accent in the white walls

Upholstered furniture in the interior of a small house

Upholstered furniture harmoniously fits into the interior without overloading it

Accessories in the interior of a small house

Simple, ordinary things give liveliness

The architecture of the house itself "dictates" an open layout of the dining room and kitchen area. From the entrance you find yourself in a two-story space. Skylights add light, volume and airiness to the interior.

Perfectly fit into the overall design of the house are deep window sills, suitable for reading quiet, cozy evenings, or for storing certain items. An additional row of windows is added above the kitchen cupboards.

Rest area on the windowsill

It's nice to read books here and enjoy the sunset in the evenings!

To the fore in the kitchen comes out, attracting the gaze, the bar counter. This is a kind of "island" made of stained wood.

A high ceiling allows you to place lamps of almost any style above the zone. In this interior, the cooking area is illuminated by the usual, at first glance, three Edison bulbs on long dark cords. And this is quite enough, because the room is additionally "penetrated" by natural light from numerous windows.

Kitchen interior with breakfast bar

In rooms with a large number of windows there is no need for lighting

Interior of a small kitchen in Scandinavian style

A cozy light kitchen - what else does the hostess need?

On the top floor of this modern house there is a beautiful attic, being simultaneously a symbol of the dwelling. It is noteworthy that there is a delightful and cozy office here. The windows of the office face south, having to read a huge collection of books stored here.

Dormer window in the interior of a small house

Skylight - the main element of the decor

Terrace with a beautiful view

Amazing view!

Thanks to the abundance of white color, the house shines with hospitality and sincerity. Custom-made snow-white furniture saves every centimeter of space, adding even more elegance and sophistication.

Furniture under bevelled ceiling

Functional furniture saves space

Air stairs to the second level

The whole house is made in the same style

Particular attention is drawn to the design of the bathroom: rough plaster and white tiles on the walls, combined with Moroccan mosaics on the floors, gives the room an unusual and special charm.

Bathroom interior in Scandinavian style

A little color in the bathroom

Interior of a bedroom in a Scandinavian style

Nothing superfluous, everything in its place

That's how one small, at first glance, insignificant, interior detail, like an attic, can inspire an alteration of the whole house. How do you plan? Leave your comments.