Design of the cabinet - interior ideas on the photo

Design of an office in an apartment

Work on the design of a modern cabinet design, as well as any other room, you need to start with the drafting of a plan. When drawing up a design project of the office, there are no trifles in the apartment, all aspects are significant here, up to the location of electrical wiring or network communication. Properly mounted lighting can be a guarantee of high performance, as it forms a working environment.

Magnificent classics, minimalism of high-tech, glamor style or creative studio - a huge number of options, but the general view of the room for work must be stylish, free, and create a working mood. For example, a reddish-brown wall, often used in cabinet design, will instantly give you the atmosphere of a strong bachelor bungalow - a seductive illusion of independence.

Corner table in the office by the window

To create a business working environment, you can apply intermediate gray, graphite, sand or reddish-brown tones for the decoration of walls. Of course, when creating an apartment or a house, the azure, sunny or soothing pastel colors are completely inappropriate. They are best used for a guest room or kitchen, where the ladies' dominance prevails.

A small cabinet in Scandinavian style

Light complement

Artificial lighting in the formation of the cabinet environment plays a leading role.

  1. Stylistic unity. All without exception, the corners or working areas of the room should be decorated not only in a single stylistic design of the cabinet, but also a single light decision. The atmosphere must form a sense of convenience and comfort. All working areas need to be made comfortable for work and for visitors. They should not be littered with unnecessary trinkets, superfluous things.
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The narrow room of the apartment under the office

  1. The size of the room. Artificial lighting should fully correspond to the square of the room where the home office is located, evenly illuminating not only the work area, but also the space around.

Study in an apartment in a classic style

  1. Combination of lighting features with a color design solution. Elegant interior solutions of rooms are formed due to the exact interaction of lighting with the color design of walls and ceilings. Interior design, with an unsuitable light solution, will have a contrasting sound that creates disharmony, even a sense of bad taste. For example, if the office in your apartment is decorated with a hot color palette, it is a mistake to have cool lighting and vice versa.

Design cabinet with a corner table of wood

  1. Direction of activity. The use of any type of lighting directly depends on the direction of your activity. For industrial direction, the best solution will be bluish illumination, combined with the cool color of the walls. This will emphasize the rigidity of the situation, as well as form a discipline. Conversely, the creative environment is achieved through the use of warm lighting tones to complement the working classrooms.

Cabinet in yellow-white color

Spotlights, fashionable this year, can make the room more spacious, and also visually raise the ceilings. Powerful lighting systems, even the most modern and innovative, can often not do this.

The design of a modern cabinet in an apartment with a small quadrature can be formed with the support of light colors of walls and warm light. So you can create the impression of a free large space.

Cabinet in the corner of the room


Furniture – это существенный элемент оформления помещений. Рабочее место нельзя загромождать большим числом полочек или шкафов, так как подобное спец «оформление» станет негативно отражаться на работе.

Backlight shelves in the office

When arranging furniture, it is necessary to take into account the style and design of the small cabinet.

The most popular and often used is the straight-line version. An excellent view creates and angular arrangement of furniture. Often, with the support of furniture create a zoning, separating the work area from the space for recreation or the library area. Thus it is possible to avoid superfluous expenses for erection of partitions.

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Cabinet with wenge furniture The color of furniture is chosen in accordance with the single color solution of the room. Now the grayish shade, the tone of the cherry or the natural tone of the wood has become common, although more recently the trend was dark and black.

Working area in the room

For example, covered with brown leather chairs, it will look good with textured wood planes used for wall finishing. The style of furniture must necessarily be in harmony with the general style of the room.

Organization of an office in an apartment

This year, manufacturers offer a large list of furniture, so it is possible to pick up something that will successfully fit into any image. Competently create an office environment is not difficult, highly functional and productive work will be a worthy reward for the labors.

The version of the office in the apartment

Design Features

The Cabinet should combine the functions of the working area and premises for business negotiations. Therefore, its furniture environment must fully correspond to the style of the whole room. It is unacceptable to decorate with an abundance of personal items, a large number of photos of family and friends. A lot of paintings, hunting trophies, weapons, other hobbies create an atmosphere of the gallery and abstract from work.

Home office in a small room

On the desktop it is enough to arrange a PC, a mobile phone, a diary, writing materials. This kind of situation will direct thoughts in the right direction, directly influencing the effectiveness of your activity. Art canvases are welcome, however in small numbers. They have a powerful impact on everyone who is in the office. Sea landscapes and canvases of restrained color will adjust to the working mood, raise the potential of forces, but the image of flowers and still lifes will bring peace, lowering the level of efficiency. Therefore, still lifes are more suitable for places of rest.

Cabinet for men

Tips for choosing a style

In the stylistic direction of the design of the cabinet, there is a tendency to match territorial belonging.

Cabinet in a room with a bay window

  1. North American style. This is a workshop with moving shelves, distinguished by a large quadrature with several zones: a working area, a library area, a recreation area, etc. Here, any square meter is highly functional.
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Cabinet on the balcony

  1. European style. It implies an independent simple design, where the internal area is divided into small functional areas, but without zone restriction.

Loggia under the office

  1. French style. It is an excellent bohemian decoration, with many paintings in expensive frames, numerous figures and figures, colorful furnishings.

Cabinet from the loggia

  1. Scandinavian style. It is distinguished by a minimal number of decorative elements, and a light tone, with furniture made of light materials.

Modern office

  1. Russian style. Traditionally, it retains the signs that the office of a busy man of the Soviet period was remembered for. This is a massive furnishing, traditional decor, an abundance of shelves and cabinets, austerity of style.

Study in the living room

  1. English style. It is a refinement and a special interest in the elements, which is a virtue with a small space.

The desktop is the length of the whole wall

The design of the cabinet is not only grace and taste, but an increase in efficiency, and also a reasonable exploitation of space. Do not forget about the increase in prestige, its rating level in society, directly affecting the success and prosperity of the whole enterprise.