Ceiling lamps for hallway

Not so long ago, those days when the hallway was often used as a place for storing boxes with all sorts of home "belongings", as a room for numerous mezzanines, where things that have become obsolete or traditionally stored there, are unknown, for which. This is especially true for apartments where there are no large balconies or built-in storage rooms.

Modern interiors suggest an expansion of the living space due to the hallways, because the disturbing walls are demolished, and the so-called "corridors" become part of the bedrooms or living rooms in paneled apartment buildings, for example. Hence, new tasks for lighting. For example, luminaires for the hallway from now on become decor elements, removing those years when the only light bulb under the ceiling with uncontrolled light "reigned" in a dark room.

Choosing the right lamp for the hallway

Fixtures for the hallway are more conveniently located near the places of greatest "functioning": near the shelves with shoes, cabinets with outer clothing, mirrors, which will visually greatly enlarge usually fairly tight rooms.

With this approach, fixtures for the hallway can facilitate the work collection, "prompt" when you need to apply a shoe polish or find something. Also, the fixtures for the hallway are correctly placed directly in the furniture itself, where everything is stored, then you do not have to waste time on annoying and hasty searches.

How to choose a lamp in the hallway

Fixtures for the hallway can in style or resemble ceiling lamps for the house, or serve as a distinctive element that delimits one territory from another. Someone prefers to create a "one-size" space from the whole apartment, turning everything, for example, into a merchant's living room or rooms of the Victorian era. Others are more impressed by the diversity that when you move around the apartment you find yourself in medieval France, then London of the times of Sherlock Holmes. And ceiling lamps for the house will play here one of the defining roles. After all, the "English" fireplace can not be lit by chandeliers with ruffles and butterflies.

Ceiling fixtures for the house can perfectly organize the space at the top of the room, but subject to harmony with what will be on the bottom. And for a long time already it is time to depart from the practice of using the lighting scheme by the principle: one plus two. That is, one central chandelier and two side lamps. Although some cut two to one.

Ceiling lamps for hallway

Ceiling lamps for the house should not be too bright, as, for example, the office version. They must be regulated and be in a color "tandem" with the environment.

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