Design of a two-level apartment +50 photo ideas

Two-level apartment design

Two-level apartments, with spacious hallways and beautiful staircases, are gaining popularity every day. Such housing can easily and simply be divided into functional areas and designed in a certain style, without thinking about saving space. However, with the arrangement of the apartment, which is divided into upper and lower levels, it is important to take into account the design features, advantages and disadvantages. It is better to entrust this type of dwelling to a professional designer. After all, it will have to solve many important issues relating to many points, and this will require some experience and knowledge. But if you want to do it yourself, then it's worth familiarizing yourself with the main points of arrangement of modern two-level apartments.


As you know, luxury is always expensive. Two-storey apartments have a large area, so the payment for utilities will be significant. The operation and arrangement of such housing requires a large financial cost. Another significant drawback is the poor sound insulation. For example, if the guests make noise on the ground floor, then it will be clearly audible on the second floor. Also in such apartments it is not recommended to do the redevelopment. The kitchen and the bathroom can not be moved to another place because their communications should remain where it was intended by the designers. The same applies to the location of the staircase, which can not be moved for a number of technical reasons.

Decorative fireplace in the interior of a two-level apartment Design in light colors  Cabinets under the stairs  Panels of wood on the wall  Turquoise sofa in white interior  Floor with built-in lights

Stylistic direction

It seems that by creating the design of a two-level apartment, you can give vent to your imagination and arrange each room in different styles. But this is not so much because moving from one room to another, there will be a strong contrast, the apartment will seem less comfortable and organized. It is best to erase the boundaries and equip an apartment in a single style. This will result in a more orderly, effective and spacious environment. And to make the interior of each individual room can be individual, if you choose a different decor, textiles and other details.

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Two-level apartment in minimalist style

Basic styles in modern interiors of two-level apartments:

  • minimalism;
  • high tech;
  • loft;
  • avant-garde, art-deco;
  • Scandinavian.

Style hi-tech in the interior

Minimalism is the most popular direction in the design of two-story housing. This option uses a minimum of furniture and decor, which allows you to create a stylish, elegant interior, in which order and comfort reigns. A similar design principle is the ultramodern high-tech style of high-tech, with clear, regular forms, without drawings, abstractions on the walls. In the industrial loft, brick, concrete surfaces, various beams, rafters serve as thematic decor. Avant-garde and art-deco are distinguished by an unordinary setting, where many details differ from classical forms and break common stereotypes. Scandinavian style or constructivism successfully combines aesthetics and functionality in modern interiors. The best solution is to stick to one color option in the basic design. So the dwelling will be perceived more spacious and orderly.

Loft style apartment

In light colors

When the decoration uses predominantly light shades, it visually expands the space. Any dark detail on this background will be very prominent and play an accent role. So you can play in contrast. For example, in a white interior, the black staircase looks stylish and expensive, as are pieces of furniture of the same shade. And if you do the whole interior in a gentle, warm, pastel palette, the situation will turn out bright, elegant, cozy and luxurious.

Two-level apartment in bright colors Gray armchairs and a sofa around a white table  Large clock on the wall  Armchair with a pillow by the window  Floor made of black and white tiles in the hallway  Floor made of black and white tiles in the hallway

Mix of colors and textures

In one space it is desirable to use the minimum number of different colors and textures. This solution will avoid unwanted errors and create a harmonious interior.

White furniture in the kitchen

The most successful combinations of different textures in the interior:

  1. leather with wood;
  2. smooth and embossed surfaces;
  3. wood with natural stone;
  4. any surface with a mirror, glass, metal.

The combination of dark wood and white tiles for a brick in the interior of a two-level apartment

Leather upholstery of furniture is perfectly combined with wooden surfaces of floors, panels. If there are solid walls in the room, then the accent section can be selected using relief surfaces, 3D drawings, 3D panels, textured plasters. Wooden elements are perfectly combined with brickwork, natural stone or their imitation. The most unbeatable combination is the combination of smooth, glossy surfaces with relief, texture, matte. Mirrors, glass, metal parts, are appropriate in any interior, like living room plants. If you want to design a room in the same shade, then it is possible to allocate functional zones with various textures. Combining several tones, it is necessary to choose one dominant and complement it with other representatives of the palette. Preliminary it is necessary to familiarize with color schemes that will allow to choose the most successful combinations which can be applied in practice.

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Wallpapers of different colors on the walls

Different design

In a two-level dwelling, the basic principle of design design is similar to the arrangement of the studio apartment interior. Where it is necessary to adhere to a single style throughout the square. The main thing is to perform in one style a living room, a dining room, a hall, a flight of stairs, and in the bedroom, children's room, the main direction can be displayed only in certain fragments and details of the decor. It is allowed to apply competent eclecticism when several styles are mixed in one room. But to use for each room a fundamentally different design is not needed, since the dwelling will look not organized and tasteless.

Modern design of multi-level apartment Photo of aircraft on the wall  Pictures over the sofa  Niches with books in the wall  Dining area in the bay window  Palma on the second level

Design features

Multi-storey apartments have a number of design systems, which allows you to create an exclusive environment, emphasize the individuality. For example, one large window, the size of the entire height of two tiers, will make the space very light, it will look impressive and luxurious. In the apartment, located on the top floor, you can create a mansard room, which will serve as an office, library or room for rest and seclusion. In the case where the upper level is made by the mezzanine level, the height of the lower floor may be more than four meters. This makes it possible to use for the decoration of the ceiling various decorative beams, large objects, large paintings, voluminous chandeliers that will not look cumbersome and will favorably emphasize the individuality of the design. Any constructive feature of a two-level apartment can be turned into a unique advantage of planning, if you connect fantasy, creative thinking. To look for inspiration, you should look at successful design projects of multi-level modern dwellings in order to learn interesting ideas and implement them in reality.

Large windows - one of the design features of a two-level apartment White interior with a wooden wall  Black and bronze chandeliers above the table  Spiral staircase in the interior  Wall of flowers  Island fireplace in the apartment

Thinness of noise insulation

In a two-level apartment it is difficult to solve the problem of sound insulation. Sound propagates through the staircase opening from below-upwards or vice versa. Especially this problem is relevant in homes where living rooms or halls combine two floors. Therefore, in bedrooms, offices, rooms where it is important to achieve a comfortable silence, it is necessary to install doors with certain parameters for sound insulation. It also does not hurt to improve the noise insulation of walls and floors with the help of specialized building materials. To do this correctly, you can trust professionals, or look for and learn the instructions that you need to adhere to by eliminating the problem of insufficient sound insulation yourself.

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Soundproofing of a bunk apartment with wood on the floor and special materials on the walls

Stairs - accent in the room

No matter where the staircase is located, near the wall or in the center of the room, it is the main decoration of a two-storey apartment and plays an accent role.

Types of stairs:

  • marching;
  • screw;
  • cantilever;
  • on the hats

Stairs in the interior of a two-level apartment

The most basic requirement for stairs is security, especially if the apartment is inhabited by small children and elderly people. The most simple and safe are the marching structures, which can be made of different materials, most often of wood or metal. Screw staircases allow you to save space and give a home aesthetic highlight. It is important to make correct calculations so that too sharp turns do not cause falls and injuries. Cantilevered steps are attached to the wall and create a floating effect in the air. It looks incredibly stylish and fantastic, perfect for cutting-edge high-tech or extraordinary avant-garde. The structures on the bolts do not have a frame, the steps are attached directly to the railing, it looks original, light and aesthetic. The staircase must be designed in accordance with the basic style of the interior and be as safe as possible.

Steps with illumination Cabinet under the second tier  Second floor with bedroom above the living room  Parquet on semi Table with wooden countertop in the kitchen  Bright picture on a white brick wall

Features of lighting or second light

In a two-tier space there should be a lot of light, the more, the better. Panoramic windows allow the organization of a second light, that is, natural lighting, which functions due to the missing ceiling ceilings between the floors. As for artificial sources, there should be central, local and additional housing in the dwelling. As a central lighting installed large, bright chandeliers. Local sconces, floor lamps, wall lamps, table lamps serve as local ones. In addition to highlight certain areas will allow diode tapes or spotlights.

Lighting in the interior of a two-level apartment Built-in lamps above the table  Black kitchen in white interior  Lilac sofa in the living room  Lamps in the wall at the steps  Multi-level ceiling with lighting in the kitchen


By equipping a two-level apartment, it is important to consider all its features, carefully plan and design. This is a rather difficult task even for professional architects and designers-decorators. Therefore, before starting the arrangement, it is necessary to think through the entire project well before the slightest nuances. A large space allows you to embody any, most incredible and interesting ideas, create an original, modern, individual design. If desired, it is possible to turn each level into a work of art, to make housing unique, stylish, luxurious, maximally functional and comfortable.