White interior of a small room - options for reconstruction

White interior of a small room from Fung House Architects

White interior of a small room is an excellent solution

White interior of a small room is a favorite design method, allowing to visually increase the area of ​​a small room. It was this method that was used by experts of the architectural company Fung House Architects in the reconstruction of an old house, built in 1922 in a suburb of Los Angeles.

In addition to snow-white walls and glossy stretch ceilings, decorative windows and manholes appeared here, as if erasing the boundaries between different zones. It is also a glazed opening between the living room and the bedroom, and an open entrance to the attic equipped with a reading and relaxation room, and a large polycarbonate window overlooking the picturesque garden, which, if necessary, rises on the upper hinges and turns into a canopy of a modest veranda.

A small room in white color Interior of a small room in white color Small bedroom in white color Ladder to the second level Window hole Window in the open and closed form

A special role was played by multi-level floors, abundance of details from light natural wood, furniture sets in pastel colors and spectacular visual accents like a black armchair and a dark gray soft sofa with bright red pillows. Not without the modern lighting system, consisting of almost invisible wall and ceiling lamps.

Doors for the second level Small white room

Numerous rural-style decorations create a cozy and cozy atmosphere in the house: an old wooden staircase, wicker baskets, and fringed mats with fringes that can be seen even in the bathroom.

Bathroom in white color A house full of greenery Wooden gate The layout of a small house in a section

This modest structure, hidden in branchy trees, can be called an ideal place for a secluded holiday. Do you agree?