Do not be slaves of the matrix - bold design of an apartment

Studio apartment in black and white

Hello again! The site about small interiors prepared an interesting story for its regular readers.

To design an apartment of a small area, an extraordinary solution was needed that would help make the premises more comfortable and cozy. The authors of the project could not use cumbersome furniture and gloomy colors in the interior design.

I had to change the original layout of the rooms. So there was a separate sleeping area and a free living room, smoothly turning into a small kitchen. Designers skillfully turned the negative qualities of the room into its merits.

The apartment was located on the corner of the house, and this did not add heat to the rooms. The presence of large windows on the one hand did not allow rational use of the useful area of ​​housing.

The original design solution changed the apartment radically. From cold and gloomy it became friendly and soft. Of course, this was facilitated by the warming of the walls facing the street.

In modern urban conditions, not every family needs a zone for dinners. In a hurry, people get used to snacking on the go. And for the reception of breakfast the work table or a miniature table near the sofa is quite suitable.

Living room in studio apartment

To the right of the sofa, the designers put a high cabinet with a large number of shelves. Almost invisible doors do not hide from view the selection of books and interesting souvenirs, which are a kind of decoration of the room. The cabinet coiler matches the color scheme of the walls, thereby making it a part of them.

To visually increase the small area, the designers completely abandoned curtains and any curtains. Of course, with them it would be cozier, but the precious space would be lost because of the lack of lighting. Large transparent balcony doors and windows with a delicate decor of golden color add room lightness and airiness.

Thanks to the presence of the balcony block and the window, the room is flooded with daylight in the daylight and it does not need additional lighting. And in the evening, a magnificent Venetian chandelier handmade illuminates the space.

Black chandelier handmade

The walls are covered with Dutch wallpaper. Their elegant texture gives the room an extraordinary elegance. The kitchen is equipped with the latest technology.

Taking into account the small area of ​​the room, the working surface of the table top was placed by the designers directly under the window instead of the window sill, thus not blocking the space. A successful calculation made the kitchen very convenient for work.

Kitchen furniture looks quite contrast due to the combination of black and white. The predominance of the latter visually increases the territory of the kitchen.

Small kitchen in black and white

All the furniture in the apartment is made of light materials and is made in one style direction. This underlines the amazing taste of the owners. For the design of the sleeping area is also selected set of low-key tones.

Golden elements in the decoration of the bedroom

In a small room the window is decorated with graceful curtains. They are in harmony with the images on the coverlet and the wallpaper on the walls. A large bed, elegant sconces, classic white furniture and a peculiar drapery of curtains make the bedroom especially comfortable.

Elegant curtain on the window in the bedroom

In all rooms there are elements of decor from different countries, as owners like to travel. Very original lighting fixtures, brought from Istanbul, decorated the bathroom with their presence.

Made of a multitude of multicolored glass and forged figures, they added a certain glamor to the design of the room.

Multicolored lamp in the bathroom Bathroom in pastel colors Entrance hall in black and white Entrance hall in black and white The layout of a small studio apartment The layout of a small studio apartment