Elegant studio layout of a small apartment - emancipation of

Interior of a small studio apartment

For every small space, the main thing is a visual effect. How to achieve it? We offer a variant from New York.

The area of ​​the stylish apartment shown in the photos is not large - 41 square meters. m. Before the designers was set a goal: to make the room seem bigger than it is.

Bed with an elegant headboard in the bedroom

They achieved the effect masterfully. Each centimeter of the territory unfolds is extremely useful.

Kitchen area in a small studio

Closed here is only a bathroom, it's understandable. The rest of the space is not burdened with partitions, but has a clear division into zones: a kitchen, a bedroom, a business part, a living room.

Moving along the corridor, you will pass first the kitchen, then the bedroom, from it on the steps you will get into the office, and then even higher - into the living room. The interior is quite calm, beautiful. Housing does not seem cluttered.

Cabinet on the second level Original bookshelf The layout of a small studio apartment

To choose a studio layout for a tiny apartment is almost always a win-win option. Very original and cozy at the same time.