Exclusive interior, inspired by the love of art

Interior of the living room in a burgundy scale

The exclusive interior of this house attracts the attention of an abundance of amazing works of art

Vanessa Brennan managed to make the interior of her house truly exclusive. She is always in search of unusual solutions. A rare ability to see the beautiful in ordinary things helped her in the arrangement of the apartment. Although the dwelling of Vanessa is not distinguished by its impressive dimensions, it has high functionality and fully reflects the inner world of the owner.

"I wanted to create a modern multifunctional space," Vanessa says. "A small apartment, where two children live, simply must be practical."

The heroine of our article tells the following: "There are a lot of things that are dear to me in my house, each of which contains a fragment of the history of my life. I like to cook, travel and have fun, and the personification of these my attachments has become numerous items that can be found everywhere - antique cutting boards, antique utensils, various trinkets and souvenirs. Among other things, my daughter's classmates are always going to the apartment. Therefore, it was important for me that the interior was not only beautiful, but also functional. "

Decor of walls in the living room

In the apartment you can find a lot of interesting things

"I like it better when nothing is laid on the floor, but in some cases it is appropriate to change your preferences. Since the area of ​​the room is small, carpets were necessary to indicate the boundaries of the zones. Moroccan rug adds a cozy living room, and the nearby zebra skin separates the kitchen. It is strong, and therefore it does not threaten rapid abrasion even if it is walked on a regular basis. "

Long sofa in the living room

The sofa was used as an exhibition sample in one of the shops in Brooklyn, so his purchase cost Brennan very inexpensive

In this corner there is a large print from Ash NYC, located on the right, and a chalk drawing, which we see on the left. The latter is a gift from an architect from South Africa, with whom Vanessa worked. The composition is supplemented by a small picture from Evan Hecox.

Sculpture of a stork near the dresser

Sculptures were purchased at the recently closed shop of Ash NYC in Williamsburg

An antique Moroccan carpet was bought on the site of a large New York-based company Nazmiyal Collection.

"A variety of paintings, a carpet with a geometric ornament, a skin and a sofa perfectly match each other, because they are sustained in similar shades," notes Brennan. "There are a few cushions on the general background, but mostly attention is focused on walls that are full of exclusive works of art."

Vanessa admits that she has a real dependence on magazines and books on design. "My weakness is painting. The bottom line is that with the help of one worthwhile painting you can completely transform the interior. And despite the fact that I have little money, I'm always ready to spend money on a canvas or collage. All these pieces of art gradually formed my personal collection. And, interestingly, each of them has its own story. "

"My main rule is to buy what I like. I'm sure that all these beautiful things together form something amazing, and this wall is a confirmation of my rightness, "Brennan reveals his secret. A bird made of papier-mâché with a bright tuft is combined with abstract paintings, works of Russian cubist and print from Hugo Guinness.

Paintings on the wall above the couch

A picture of a nude woman Vanessa wrote herself when she was 19 years old

In this part of the apartment is stored most of the entire library of Vanessa. Large holders for books in the form of sheep revive monotonous piles of books. And chests are used not only to store things, but also as tables.

Book shelf with open shelves

Chests and suitcases perfectly combined with each other

In the kitchen, Brennan did not change anything, except for the color of the walls: they repainted them in the same shade as in the living room.

"This kitchen looks a bit more modern than I'd like, but it's incredibly practical and convenient. And nothing so softens utilitarian interior, like a beautiful rug, - Vanessa shares. "Together with the picture, he makes the image unique."

A big picture on the wall in the kitchen

Vanessa's passion for art is evident even in kitchen design

Bar counter in the kitchen

A set of three bar stools was bought by Amazon for less than $ 25

Brennan wanted her bedroom to seem more light and airy than other rooms, immersed in a dark lilac palette. For the walls, the Halo shade was chosen from Benjamin Moore, which can be described as a warm dirty white.

An antique French mirror was purchased at an antique store in Williamsburg; Coverlets, similar to what we see on the bed, used to be used in Moroccan weddings; English chest of drawers Vanessa found on sale in Connecticut.

Wooden chest of drawers in a white bedroom

The design of the bedroom differs sharply from the rest of the interior of the apartment

"Williamsburg is a district of restaurants, artists and musicians. Your neighbor on the landing can be incredibly talented, creative person. It's very inspiring, and I'm lucky that I live here, "Brennan said.

Dog on the couch

Grady, Vanessa's dog, feels great in such a creative environment