Modern shelves for the living room - decorate the room

Keeping books and other decorative objects in the living room can, on the one hand, seem like a practical task, but open shelves allow solving this business not only simply, but also creatively. Who said that the shelves for the living room are ordinary furniture, and not the canvas for expressing their creative impulses? They also open before us just an abyss of options for creating various combinations of decor! And what do you say about the fact that the regiment itself can be a work of art?

In this article, we suggest that you look at modern living room shelves that will help make your interior more comfortable and stylish. Floor racks, suspended shelves on the wall and modular sets - here you will find a mass of fashionable pieces of furniture for every taste!

1. Floor open shelves and shelves for the living room

Floor shelves and racks, as a rule, do not require any installation works, and can be moved to a new location at any time, therefore they are the most popular type of shelves for the living room. Low shelves, shelf-floor lamps, bookshelves, floor-to-ceiling racks and much more - today they are truly a terrific choice and below we tried to collect some of the most interesting of them.

Beautiful black shelves in the living room Stylish bookshelves for the living room White living room shelf Green shelves for the living room Modern wooden shelves for the living room Wheel chair for living room Designer bookshelves in the living room High floor shelves for the living room Fashionable shelves for living room in white color

We could not not separately mention the unique shelves for the Ushanki Ushanki living room, which were designed by our Ukrainian designers under the DecorKuznetsov brand. These floor lamps "2 in 1" are available in three different sizes and are ideal for your favorite decor. The truth is said: the best design of furniture is not only beauty, but also functionality!

Unusual shelves for the living room Ushanki Ushanki

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2. Stylish wall shelves in the living room

Suspended and wall shelves are used not only to store items, but also to decorate the bare walls with indoor plants, photos within the framework etc. Not to mention the great possibilities in the creative arrangement of the decor, such shelves in the living room can also create an unusual contrast with the color and texture of the walls, adding to the interior brightness and intrigue!

Stylish wall shelf in the design of the living room Wall shelves for books and decor White wall shelves for decoration Suspended shelves for the living room The original shelf in the living room on the wall Wall shelves with mirrors in the design of the living room Open shelves for living room on the wall Creative shelves for the living room Futuristic shelves for the living room

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3. Modular shelves for a modern living room

Modern modular shelves for the living room are increasingly being used as an alternative to traditional walls and slides. The reason for their growing popularity is that they provide excellent flexibility in the organization of objects and even assemble themselves into original compositions. Stylishly? Yes! Interesting? Still would! Tired? The composition is easy to change!

Set of shelves for home office in the living room Modular shelves for living room Modular suspended shelves for the living room A set of stylish and unusual lounge floors Modular shelves with a beautiful pattern Modular shelves on the floor in a stylish living room Suspended shelves in the living room design Modular shelves instead of a slide in the living room Wall Shelves Above the Desktop Modern living room design with shelves Bright blue shelves in the living room

As you can see, shelves for the living room can have absolutely any shape, color and size, so their choice today depends only on the needs of your space. So, high open shelves will help you to divide a large room into two zones, whereas shelves on the walls allow to save a lot of space. We suggest that you consider the best design options for the living room with shelves, which we assembled on Pinterest:

Shelves for the living room - 30 ideas from Pinterest