Thread curtains in the modern interior - advice on choosing

Thread curtains on the window

Threaded curtains in the interior - this is a trendy direction of design that comes from the past. Similar curtains have been used for millennia in the eastern and African countries, which is due to the hot climate. They are good at letting fresh air in, while shielding the space from other people's eyes. In different periods, similar products were used in Europe. And today they are experiencing a new round of popularity. It's no wonder, thanks to practicality and multifunctionality, curtains made of thread become a real find in the modern interior. And creative design solutions and new technologies give unlimited space for application in the design of the house.

Products with metallized filaments are called "strings", and behind the canvases from fabric threads the name "rain", or "muslin", was fixed.

The possibilities of application are not limited to traditional window curtains. Curtains can be used for various purposes:

  • curtain of windows;
  • zoning space;
  • framing of doorways;
  • the creation of individual decor elements.

In combination with other types of curtains, thread curtains give great opportunities for creativity in the embodiment of the most daring designs.

Red curtains and white table and armchair Suspended chandeliers above the table  Beautiful interior design  Room with modern design  Bright thread-like curtains  Thread curtains in the interior of the bedroom

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the significant advantages of such curtains are the following:

  • practicality - easy to care for, do not require ironing;
  • versatility - can be used in all rooms of the apartment, as well as in non-residential premises: bars, cafes, offices;
  • Democracy of prices - as a rule, they are sold at very attractive prices compared to other curtains;
  • ease of installation - it is not difficult to hang on the cornice, without any special fasteners;
  • decorative - give the opportunity to quickly and without significant costs to change the overall appearance thanks to the hardware, which is easily attached to them;
  • protect the room from penetration of insects with an open window;
  • convenience - when entering the balcony there is no need to move the entire curtain.

Large vase in the interior

It is worth thinking once again about the purchase of thread products, if you live a cat. Over time, you, perhaps, and accustom it, but the first experience of home decor "rain" can end badly.

Modern interior with thread curtains Black curtains and white sofa  Bright thread curtains on the window  Beautiful interior design  Original design of the room  Baldachin from the filigree curtains on the bed

Fashion Trends

Fortunately, the relevance of stylistic directions in the repair, decoration of the house is longer than the podium fashion. Interior items will be fresh and relevant for at least three to seven years. Therefore, it is worth spending the time to think hard and make your own design project.

Always appreciate the original design solutions, creative approach to the design of the apartment. And the orientation in the fashionable directions will help determine the choice.

Fiberglass bulkhead

Quite recently, an unexpected duo arose: curtains in the style of "cafe" and muslin. Such a set, on the one hand, is stylish, but on the other hand it is practical. He misses enough sunlight, which becomes diffused, muffled. And one more advantage: the glass is half closed, which solves the problem of the first floors, as well as apartments whose windows face the house opposite.

One of the latest fashion trends - "rain" with the interspersing of shiny threads. In such style directions as: Art Deco, Pop Art - there are applications of curtains made of metal strings.

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Bed curtains on the bed

For spacious rooms there was a very unusual and spectacular reception - the creation of light columns: the filaments are fixed around the chandelier or lamp. Such columns shimmer, flicker due to the refraction of light, especially if the "rain" with the addition of lurex. Interesting is also the highlighting of beads - the light on them is reflected, which creates glare around.

For a long time hand-made in all spheres, including finishing the house, is popular. Including fantasy, you can create the author's curtains. For this, any unexpected material suits: old small children's or unbreakable Christmas toys, unnecessary CDs, wine corks, magazines and newspapers.

In color design, contrast solutions are preferred. Long does not go out of fashion royal blue. And also such combinations as: brown and beige; mustard and milk; sky blue and purple.

Floor lamp at the couchVertical blinds

White curtains in an unusual interior  Beautiful Bedroom Interior  Black and white thread curtains  Thread curtains in the interior  Turquoise curtains in a white room

Style of design

For a harmonious interior it is important to take into account the stylistic orientation of the finish.

Today, the number of fashionable trends is so great that often there is a mixture of styles. But, in any case, it is useful to learn a few tips from designers:

  1. Eco-style involves the use of natural materials. Therefore, it is appropriate to be products made of bamboo, wood, as well as made of linen or cotton fabrics.
  2. Such modern styles as: Techno, Modern, High-tech - have the motto simplicity, functionality, comfort. You can consider strings, curtains made of metal disks, plates.
  3. The classics carry the simplicity and rigor of lines. In this direction, curtains of calm, restrained colors without elaborate ornaments look good.
  4. In Provence, with its rural charm and at the same time the splendor of the finish, the beads from the beads look great. It is necessary to pay more attention alongside, for example, to add grab-flowers.
  5. Fans of Rococo, Baroque, Shebbi-chic can safely use for decor decorations, sequins, crafts made with their own hands of white and gold color.

On what you would not stop, the main thing is to create for yourself an atmosphere of coziness and security, to emphasize your individuality.

Original table in the interior Blind along the wall  Thread curtains as partitions  Blue wall and lilac curtains  Beautiful curtains in the kitchen  Picture above the bed

Color and decor

It is important to provide for both the style of decoration of the room, and its functional purpose, location and filling with light, to think about the color palette. And in order not to get discouraged when choosing and to purchase the optimal curtains, you need to apply several general rules:

  1. A win-win option is the selection of "tone-to-tone". Decor for windows choose the same color as the upholstery of upholstered furniture or other large items.
  2. Playing on contrasts. These can be classic combinations, for example: black-white; Red Black; gray-green, etc. Or more unexpected and bold: coral and turquoise; pistachio and violet; brick red and blue.
  3. For window openings facing south, cold tones are chosen and, conversely, for warmer northern shades.
  4. If there is not enough light in the room, it is better to use light curtains.

Glass table and armchairs

When decorating the curtains with additional components, you should also consider the color of the decor, - well, if it repeats already available in the room.

When decorating the main thing - do not overdo it. The basic rule is that the more complex the cutter curtains, the less decorative elements should be on them.

Spotlights in the ceiling

You can experiment with hair clips, holders for curtains. It can be metal, which are attached to the wall, - ideal for rooms in the style of Minimalism. Clips and elastic bands in the form of floral compositions allow you to quickly decorate the house for the holiday, as well as relevant in the Vintage and Retro. You can try to set the grips at different heights, move the curtains to the center or to the sides.

A special charm of the muslin is that, having decorated it, you can very quickly change the appearance of the room. It's easy to do it yourself, adding beads, beads. In addition, the muslin is easy to prune, make the edge curly or oblique. And you can simply gather in bundles or braid the original braids.

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Gray curtains in white interior Yellow curtains in the kitchen  Beautiful chandelier in the interior  Beautiful interior of the room  Partitions from filament curtains  Multicolored curtains on the window

Black thread curtains in the interior

Black is so complex a color that it stands out in a separate topic. Many consider it to be heavy, depressing, office. Indeed, the inept application of this color in the decor of the home environment can "crush" its inhabitants.

Most often in the design of modern apartments there is a combination of white and black. Probably, this is the simplest and simplest solution. Of the minuses - such an interior suppresses severity.

Beautiful interior of the living room

Obviously, it's better to use black trim on a large space. But it is also acceptable in small rooms. It is important only to observe moderation.

The advantage of black curtains is that, unlike other cloths, they absorb less light, it dissipates, dissolves.

Important conditions for combining black curtains with the surrounding environment are:

  • light walls;
  • presence of a large number of artificial light sources;
  • repeat in other elements of the decor - a blanket, a rug.

Black and white thread curtains on the window

The most optimal option is when black threads are used to frame window spaces. And the main area is white tulle.

The combination of black and gold elements along with mirrors, intricate furniture brings luxury and glamor to the interior.

Interesting application of curtains Black curtains in white interior  Red sofa in a bright room  Black furniture in the kitchen  Multicolored curtains on the window  Black thread curtains with decor

Kisei in the living room

Plus gauze is that it is suitable for almost any living room, the main thing is - to choose the right texture and color. Harmoniously, it will fit into the halls, decorated in oriental style: Chinese, Japanese.

Depending on the style and purely practical purposes (whether there is a need to cover the glass), you can use different combinations of curtains.

Bright interior of the living room

Sometimes in modern apartments you can see a combination of standard white tulle and muslin with side pickings. But this option is suitable for those who do not care how the window is tightly folded.

Therefore, a combination with heavy, dense curtains with lambrequin is often used, and the muslin already acts as a tulle. In this case, there must be a lot of thread, it should look "rich", which is achieved by increasing its density. To do this, you need to multiply the length of the cornice by two - this is the necessary width of the fabric. Otherwise, you can get not a rich decoration, but a curt, naked look of the window. Preferred fabrics for curtains - with oriental patterns, velvet, velor.

Original roller blinds with "rain", assembled in bundles, look original. This union looks stylish and allows you to keep the windows closed.

Dark and light filament curtains on the window Black and white thread curtains в гостиной  Sofa with cushions in the living room  Beautiful curtains in the living room  Living room with a white sofa  White thread curtains on the living room window

Design of premises for different purposes

Having decided upon the style and color preferences, it is important to provide for the domestic side of the question: what kind of rooms should be decorated, what is their intended purpose.

So, for the kitchen, shortened models are often chosen. It is better to use synthetic materials that are unable to absorb odor, with dirt-repellent treatment. If it is a curtain with beads, then soot and dust will settle on them, then they will have to be washed more often, and it will have to be done manually.

Kitchen curtains in the kitchen

In the nursery, saturated, cheerful colors are permissible. The variant with a drawing is appropriate - cartoon characters, animals, etc. Do not hang curtains consisting of small solid objects. The yarns of the rope curtains, as a rule, are strong, but nevertheless it is not necessary to risk the health of the baby.

For a teenage child, it is possible to use a bright and unusual finish. This beads, rhinestones and feathers - for girls. Chromed plates, chains - for boys.

In the hallway, the use of dark colors is recommended, in the corridor the color is selected under the general tone of the interior.

Baby for girls

The bedroom offers a place for relaxation and relaxation. It does not need flashy, evocative colors. You should think about the density of the muslin. Than it is more dense, the less the transmittance of light.

Chic chandeliers in the bedroom

Zoning Space

With the help of thread curtains, you can easily divide the room into zones, without the feeling of tightness. Thanks to the airy, weightless structure, a cozy atmosphere is created, and at the same time a separate site arises.

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If necessary, merge the zones (if guests have arrived), the thread curtains can easily be moved, raised, tied.

Separate white threaded curtains

Zoning Space с использованием кисеи в малогабаритных квартирах, квартирах-студиях – это действительно удачное открытие в дизайне. С ее помощью можно отделить кухню от гостиной, или рабочее место от спального.

Great looks canopy above the bed, made of "rain". In addition to aesthetic pleasure, this design creates an additional peaceful, tranquil setting in the bedroom.

In the kitchen, you can separate the place for cooking from the dining room. Miraculously it looks like the option, in which the opening is not fully closed, but only partially - half.

Wall of curtains Partition of curtains in the interior  Interior in the style of minimalism  Baldakhin of thread curtains  Curtains with illumination  Thread curtains in the bedroom

Ways of fastening

There are several mounting options:

  1. On the rings and hooks. On the bar of the cornice, rings with hooks attached to them are threaded. On the edge of the canvas, you need to make air loops.
  2. With the help of curtain tape. The most "advanced" way to avoid the need to make loops on the braid. The ribbon is applied to the upper edge of the fabric and, if necessary, is gathered with special threads. You can perform this operation in the atelier.
  3. Rings and clothespins. This is the simplest option, which does not require any effort, it is enough to clamp the upper edge of the fabric with clothespins.
  4. On the eyelets. One of the most beautiful and spectacular techniques. On the top of the braid are inserted rings, which are then put on the bar. In this case, beautiful waves are formed.
  5. For double-sided Velcro tape. The method is suitable for special cornices with adhesive tape.
  6. At the bar. The edge of the canvas is folded and hemmed to a width allowing the bar to pass into it.

Štore na lipučke

More often the thread curtains hang in the form of a smooth, without assemblies, cloth. If there is a need to pick up the curtain, it is most convenient to assemble the edge of the material into beautiful, even flounces, sewing the curtain tape. You can also do the assembly manually by sewing around the edge with large stitches and then pulling the threads together.

Blind on Ribbons

A bit about care

For the most part, despite their fragile appearance, thread products are easy to clean. The filaments practically do not accumulate dust, so they do not need frequent washing. In addition, the latest developments in the field of fabric technology, allow processing material with special dirt and dust repellent compounds. All this makes it possible to wash them much less often than ordinary drapes.

Thread curtains do not require ironing.

Erase "rain" both manually and in a washing machine. If washing by hand, then it is enough to hold it for several minutes in a soapy solution and rinse. If in the machine-machine, then set the mode of delicate washing without spinning. To prevent damage to the curtains, special bags or nets can be used.

Interior with thread curtains

To ensure that the threads are not tangled, you must first hang the "rain" on the cornice in a bunch in several places, and then remove it for washing.

Curtains with beads, with various decorative elements, in any case, it is better to wash by hand.

If you do not want to take risks, then the easiest way to return the curtains to a new look is to use the dry cleaning services.

Blind as a septum


Thread curtains - this is a fashion trend, found recognition from the world's leading designers. They are variable, can be used to solve various tasks: decorating window and door openings, and if necessary - for zoning space.

Modular picture over the sofa

A huge range of such curtains allows you to realize any exotic design ideas and desires.

Thread curtains easily create a cozy, romantic, festive or ultramodern atmosphere, depending on the texture. They are democratic in price and allow you to modify the home environment without significant costs. And the ease of care, practicality - make them loved by the housewives.