Functional and comfortable accommodation for an avid

Suspended light in the bedroom

We offer our readers a version of exclusively male interior. A businessman and a bachelor, a traveling person with a taste and style, who wants to see his habitation functional, businesslike, expensive and strict - such a client turned to the design studio of Lawson Robb.

Quite simple and dark apartment with two bedrooms had to be transformed so that it resembled the number of a luxury hotel and at the same time did not lose its hospitality.

To implement this project, exclusive handmade decor elements, strict colors, leather and bronze were used. Elegant accessories, complex textures - all this serves to create a chic, but business atmosphere.

In order to make maximum use of natural light, the designer arranged three large mirrors in the hallway, reflecting the light falling from the kitchen.

Mirrors in dining area

The front door is decorated with an amazing bronze panel handmade. Metal creates additional glare of light. In the dark, a whole cascade of geometrically correct luminaires enters the play of light and shadow.

Bronze front door

For a real bachelor apartment, even the most luxurious one, the question of maintaining order is always topical. To this end, the apartment has practical storage systems. They are equipped everywhere, so that the owner is not tempted to leave any thing out of place.

Kitchen area in a bachelor apartment

Thought out all the details, from the key room in the hallway, to the last teaspoon.

Storage systems in the kitchen

Behind the movable panels is a home theater with an extensive collection of films and games.

Living room in a flat for a bachelor

Curtains on the panoramic windows are made using chocolate shades, which gives a sense of depth and contrasts them with pearly gray upholstery of the walls. Wooden shelves on the wall add heat to the cold range of the interior.

Wooden shelves on the wall

The walnut floor needed restoration. Those areas that could not be restored were completely hidden by a high carpet. In the same place where the tree was preserved, varnish-and-paint materials with a high degree of light reflection were used for its covering.

Flooring in studio apartment

To achieve greater sophistication, contrasting textures were used in the bedroom. A wall panel made of woven leather and pale cabinet doors. Lacquered, like a glass door and soft silk mats.

Bedside table in the bedroom A bathroom in pastel colors

The masculinity of design emphasizes every detail: both the picture on the living room wall, and the original decanters, and the complete absence of lovely women's heart trinkets.

Sculpture in a London park Benches in the London park