Luxury apartment in victorian style

Cozy apartment in Victorian style

Small apartment in Victorian style

This chic, spacious three-room apartment in the Victorian style, a photo of which is presented in our article, is located in Oakland, California. In the whole apartment, you can feel the experience and personal tastes of its owners - a young seed couple, Caitlin and Dave.

In a bright interior, they expressed their love for nature, an unknown wildlife, which is so much on the northern coast of California, a passion for art, for photography, interest in historical allegories and religious symbolism.

Victorian style in the design of the apartment

Creative elements of the interior

According to Caitlin and Dave, you need to enjoy every moment spent in your apartment, and that's why they embodied all their interests in the interior of the rooms. Parquet on the floor, white kitchen-dining room, beautiful lighting are just some of the advantages of this amazing apartment.

Many photographs and paintings, unique decorative elements and an interesting combination of materials and colors attract attention.

Paintings в оформлении квартиры


Decorating the living room in a Victorian style

Living room in Victorian style

Decorative elements in Victorian style

Unique interior elements

Bedroom interior в викторианском стиле

Bedroom interior

Organics in interior design

Organics in the interior

Interior of the hallway in Victorian style

Design of the entrance area

Interior of the cabinet in Victorian style

Registration of the Cabinet

Kitchen interier в викторианском стиле

Kitchen interier

Victorian Style Furniture

Antique furniture in the kitchen

Bathroom interior in Victorian style