Magnificent scandinavian look in the design of a small

Interior of the living room in Scandinavian style

The studio of 40 square meters is decorated in loft style. She has a secluded apartment upstairs. Exceptional whiteness, inherent in the northern direction, is complemented by ancient decorative objects that have received a second life.

The first tier of the common space includes a living room, a dining area and a kitchen, separated by a partition. A wooden ladder, installed along the wall, leads to the bedroom, equipped at the top. Natural sunlight comes from one large window.

The second opening had to be closed because of the not quite aesthetic appearance opening from it. Together with the original chandelier, the myriad lights of electric wiring, the apartment is sufficiently illuminated. The white tint of all the surfaces of the room maintains an exceptional order in it.

Studio apartment in Scandinavian style Living room and dining room in Scandinavian style Living room in Scandinavian style Large windows in the living room Living room and kitchen in Scandinavian style

There is a lot of greenery in the room. Vases with plants in the kitchen are everywhere. They can be seen on the open shelves, refrigerator. Cute snowy flowerpots adorn the working apron. Their round shape looks stylish on the opposite side of the hood.

Kitchen in Scandinavian style Kitchen in white color Small kitchen in white color Shelves for dishes in the kitchen

Deserves the imagination and skill of the architect in creating an extraordinary composition under the stairs. The racks located there play a dual role.

In the first case, they use rationally unused square meters very rationally. Here, books, paints, favorite catalogs of periodicals, several bottles of drinks have found their place. On the other hand, this element improves the interior, serves as a kind of decor.

Ladder to the second level

Climbing the stairs up, you can get into the room for sleep. Its entire width is occupied by a comfortable large bed. Original sconces, spherical lamps on a gray carpet and a shelf at the head of the bed, quiet shades of bedding, greenery create a cozy relaxing atmosphere in this corner.

Bedroom on the second level Bedroom under the ceiling

On the perimeter of the small hallway there are additional niches for placing the necessary household items. Things are stored on rails, consisting of two tiers. The limited territory is allocated to a compact bathroom. During the summer time, indoor flowers are taken to fresh air. Good-natured gnome, settling in at the entrance, as if inviting those wishing to visit the hospitable loft.

Hall in Scandinavian style Large mirror in the dressing room Bathroom in Scandinavian style Planning of studio apartment in Scandinavian style

The final sketch presents the general layout of this compact apartment.

Recreation area in the yard

If desired, even a small room can be made cozy and functional. On dozens of squares, great design ideas helped create an ergonomic and attractive space.