Non-standard layout of a small studio apartment

Olive kitchen

The impetus for the creation of this project was a composition called "Awakening", created by Gabriel Faure. The woman, who is a designer, first heard the work during the student concert of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. Schnittke. In addition, Marina Sarkisian was inspired by the creation of the Italian Lucius Rossi with his unforgettable views of Provence.

A few lines about the author

Marina Sarkisyan

I have been engaged in decorating since 2005. All members of my family are creative and extraordinary personalities. Thanks to the artist's father, I learned to notice art in ordinary things, to go deep into it completely.

I did not become a designer immediately. After graduating from the Technical University, I attended a design school, later enrolled in the Career Center courses and went to Finland where I took a master class in my direction.

I work on each new project in a special way. They are like separate worlds for me. Working on the interior of my customer, I try to penetrate into his image as a theatrical actor. Using my skills and experience, I create a cozy atmosphere for another person with all my might.

Since there were no clear indications of the project, I had to think on my own that it could hook a potential buyer. Since similar studio apartments are cheaper, they may well be interested in young people, a girl with a baby or romantic people, seeking an independent life.

How to make a layout

In the bedroom there is not much room, only 9 squares, but it is very comfortable and feels home warm. The advantage of such studios is the utility room near the entrance.

Delicate wallpaper in design

According to the wishes and preferences of the customer

There was no concrete customer and no special requirements were presented either. All that was needed was to create something interesting that would attract the attention of direct buyers.

Interior design of a dining room with soft wallpaper


The main color scheme used in the project, echoes the shades of Provence. And this is all the green colors of the leaves, lavender, and the blue of the cloudless sky.

Indoors, bright colors harmonize with calm, pastel tones. Registration is most relevant to eclecticism with the introduction of Provence. The studio is decorated with engravings framed by vintage frames, as well as a mirror of the classical style.

The beauty of Provence became my peculiar muse for the beginning of creative work. And the main engine of the creative was the picture Lucius Rossi with the name "Unknown". In the process, G.Fore's plays were inspired, which always prompted the right direction.

Olive kitchen Olive kitchen


As it was already written earlier, there is only one window in the room, so it was a bit difficult to choose lighting. The glass door, which divides the space, facilitated the work.

This, as for natural light. But for artificial use of German chandeliers FavouriteUltima, Belgian MassiveBarras and the same sconces. Also there is built-in lighting from Astro from England. The light on the balcony creates the Restoration Hardware.

Light and cozy bedroom for a girl

Furniture solution

For the project the furniture was bought Grange, IKEA. In the kitchen "Maria" is still furniture in a vintage style from the above producers. And what about the Vermont couch?

Choosing furniture, I wanted to stay on something practical and roomy. Therefore, you will find here the folding table Gramercy Home (Provancevine table). A good place to sleep is a sofa. And the couch "Hemnes" from IKEA can be turned into a beautiful bed for two at night. Do you want to work at home? Then you will be offered a comfortable little table in the bedroom.

Green walls in the living room

Textile apartments

To diversify and decorate the interior used textile materials from Sanderson Calevey - these are the cellular tissues, also the smooth servant Simta. A small balcony is decorated with elegant Roman curtains Sanderson Parchement Flowers.

Spacious dressing room Cozy hallway Cozy hallway

Small tips from the creator of the interior

  1. Each piece of furniture is replaced with a more advantageous option. You just need to include your creative vein.
  2. Look for inspiration around you. Notice everything that surrounds you, any canvases, architecture. Do not be afraid of experiments with color.
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