Powerful color energy in the interior of the ultra-compact

Apartments Mighty Mouse by Nikolasa Garni

The project of apartments Mighty Mouse has been developed by the Australian architect Nicholas Garni. The reconstruction of the apartment, located in Woolloomooloo, an inner suburb of Sydney, was completed in 2013.

Kitchen in the Mighty Mouse apartment by Nicolase Garni

The area of ​​the apartment is only 27 square meters. meters. According to the architect, such projects can be considered as training grounds for developing skills of working with limited spaces and budgets. For a true professional is required to demonstrate qualitative results under any initial conditions.

In addition, affordable housing is in high demand in the real estate markets of rapidly growing cities, and in the first place - among young people and small families.

Rack in the apartments Mighty Mouse from Nicholas Gurney Sleeper in the apartment Mighty Mouse from Nicholas Gurney

The interior palette, which includes yellow, black and red shades, is borrowed from the abstract character Mighty Mouse, created by the imagination of Nicholas Gurney. The combinations of contrasting elements help to identify the visual boundaries of the zones without using physical structures.

Bedroom in the Mighty Mouse apartments from Nicholas Gurney The appearance of a brick apartment building The layout of the apartments Mighty Mouse from Nicholas Garni

The project of Nicholas Garni serves as proof that, with proper space planning, even the most modest interior becomes a polygon of unlimited possibilities. In these conditions, if not everything, much depends on the way the design is visualized.