Short or long? choose curtains in the kitchen (photo 2016)

Unlike blinds, curtains are designed to serve as a decoration for the kitchen, add comfort, warmth and a sense of style. The length, shade, pattern and texture of the curtains have a huge impact on the appearance of the kitchen and the atmosphere in it. Let's see what curtains in the kitchen are in the trend today - offer you an overview of popular designs, novelties and photos of kitchen curtains in the interiors of 2016!

What is the design of curtains to choose for the kitchen in 2016?

First of all, it depends on the design of your kitchen. If its interior is decorated in a minimalist style and light colors, then beautiful curtains with a pattern will give it elegance and a more spiritual look. Today in fashion, patterns in geometric and oriental styles.

Modern curtains in the kitchen - photo 2016 year

If your kitchen is styled high-tech, then the curtains for it are required radically different. First of all, they must use the correct geometry, both for the shape of the product itself and for accessories. They are also characterized by the absence of any volume or folds. For such curtains in general you should try to avoid using decorative elements.

If you are a fan of colorful and cozy kitchen design, you can use curtains as an element that will unite the multi-colored details and provide a unity of style. One of the best modern ideas!

Bright short curtains in the kitchen - photo in the interior Fashionable design of curtains for the kitchen in yellow and brown color

In addition, the design of curtains for the kitchen may depend on the size of the windows and their location. So, today small windows are decorated with short curtains, especially if there are working surfaces under them.

Short kitchen curtains - the best modern ideas 2016

Next, you will see a selection of the best photos of modern curtains for the kitchen in 2016. Which of them will you choose: short or long, Roman or sliding?

1. Stylish short curtains in the kitchen - views and photos 2016

Decorative short curtains on the kitchen, which cover only the upper quarter of the window, look great both in modern and in the classic interior design. The kitchen with such curtains will always be full of natural light, and bright colors and patterns on curtain fabrics will make it look very cozy and charming in the spirit of country style.

Short little curtains in the kitchen - photo 2016 Ideal curtains for a small kitchen - photo 2016 Classic curtains for the kitchen - photo design 2016Beautiful curtains on the window of a small kitchen 2016 Chic short curtains in the kitchen - photo 2016 Rustic blinds in the kitchen - photo 2016 Bright patterned curtains on the kitchen window

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Of course, such curtains do not provide privacy, but perfectly serve as a decoration for the window. If you need short curtains that can completely close the window if necessary, then pay attention to Roman and sliding curtains for the kitchen.

Short sliding curtains are starting to get into fashion again today. Unlike those that decorate only the top of the window, they look very elegant and fit any style of interior.

Art deco curtains for the kitchen - photo design 2016 Green curtains for the kitchen in the style of Provence Short modern curtains in the kitchen of 2016 Short curtains on a large kitchen window Short curtains in the kitchen for half the window

2. Short Roman curtains to the kitchen (9 photos)

As a kind of short curtains, Roman curtains for the kitchen are very comfortable, functional, can be produced in any color and even made by hand. Below we present 9 fresh photos of kitchens decorated with Roman curtains. To find out how they are made, and to see interesting versions of their design, see our article Roman curtains in the interior: 35 photos and instructions for making.

Modern Roman blind in the kitchen - photo 2016 Short Roman curtains - design of new items 2016 Red curtains on the kitchen in a rustic style Stylish curtains in the cage for the kitchen - photo 2016 Stylish Roman blind to the kitchen - interior photo 2016 Beige Roman curtains in kitchen design photo Modern curtains for a small kitchen - photo White curtains for the kitchen with a red patternElegant short curtains for a small kitchen

3. Fashionable design of long curtains for the kitchen

Long curtains for the kitchen today are rare. All the same, the kitchen - the room is branded, and most kitchens in apartment buildings do not differ in size. Nevertheless, long curtains can be an excellent choice for a spacious modern kitchen in a private house or for a kitchen with a balcony door.

If you prefer long curtains, please note that light transparent and translucent fabrics are more suitable for them. The kitchen does not need privacy and protection from street light, like a bedroom or a living room. On the contrary, light long curtains make it look spacious and refined.

Modern design of curtains for the kitchen - photo 2016 The idea of ​​decorating a kitchen window with long curtains Long beige curtains for the kitchen in high-tech style Modern curtains for the kitchen in the classical style - photo 2016 Bright modern curtains in the kitchen of 2016 Kitchen design with lemon-colored curtains photo 2016

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4. Combined kitchen curtains (5 photos)

The combination of different types of curtains can become a highlight of the interior of your kitchen. The last 5 photos of kitchen curtains in this article will perfectly show it to you.

Kitchen beige with shades of marsala - design curtains 2016 Combined curtains for kitchen in classical style Kitchen curtains of white color with a blue pattern photo 2016 Short curtains for the kitchen in the style of Provence - photo 2016 Transparent curtains in the interior of the kitchen with balcony

Finally, we need to say a few more words about the choice of curtain colors in 2016:

  1. For kitchens in the modern style today, it is preferable to choose curtains in neutral tones, especially in shades of gray and brown;
  2. Small kitchens in 2016 are usually decorated with small patterns and cold shades of curtains, and large ones - exactly the opposite;
  3. Sunny yellow color - an ideal choice for modern kitchen curtains. Among other popular shades today in the trend emerald, turquoise and other luxurious colors.

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