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Interior of the original studio in Paris

How to organize a spacious and comfortable interior in a tiny studio apartment of 18 square meters? The task, at first glance, is not easy. However, Karawitz specialists easily find its right organic solutions.

They use in the design of round shapes of different sizes. This original technique not only visually expands the space, but also fills it with extraordinary warmth and comfort.

The layout of the original studio in Paris

Elements of the circle have a unique ability to hide the real dimensions of objects. In addition, in terms of safety, such figures help to avoid sudden injuries and damage.

Designers used in the interior round shapes to the maximum: from small pads and lamps in the bedroom to the original table and an elegant window in the kitchen. A harmonious combination of round objects created in a small space a comfortable and unusually soft environment.

Corner for breakfast in the original studio in Paris

The largest place in the studio apartment is reserved for the sleeping area. Here, a gorgeous round bed is harmoniously arranged. And a lot of pillows of the same shape and coloring perfectly complemented the light, gentle interior.

Bedroom of the original studio in Paris

Behind the wall there are two more functional areas - a bathroom and a miniature kitchen. It is pleasantly surprising the presence in the room of a lot of capacious storage systems.

The mirror kitchen apron helped visually expand the space of the room. Here, comfortably and unobtrusively, the door to a small bathroom is located. Despite the small area of ​​the kitchen, it is not only fit in comfortable furniture, but also with the necessary household appliances.

Kitchen original studio in Paris

Interesting is the fact that the layout and location of the kitchen remained the same. Designers added to the interior of only one partition separating the sleeping and dining areas.

And to fill a miniature kitchenette with daylight and air, a magnificent round window window was designed in the wall. This method helped to avoid small dark spaces in the atmosphere.

Bedroom of the original studio in Paris

The interior of the elegant bedroom perfectly emphasizes the overall design of the apartment. The main accents are a chic round bed and a unique window, which is its visual reflection. An excellent addition to the style of the original pillows and a chandelier in the form of a ball.

There is one huge window in the studio. It is glazed from floor to ceiling and serves as a door with access to the French balcony. Therefore, it is quite sufficient for daylight clarification of the entire tiny apartment.

Window in the bedroom of the original studio in Paris

All the furnishings from the walls to the furniture have an even white color. This design method not only visually increases the area of ​​a small studio apartment, but also helps to avoid cumbersome in interior items.

Window in the kitchen of the original studio in Paris

At the entrance to the apartment compactly placed convenient storage tanks. Next to them a cozy place for an elegant round table with a transparent glass surface was organized.

And the exquisite chairs from Verner Panton perfectly emphasized the general stylistics of the interior, filling it with softness, warmth and comfort.

Interior of the original studio in Paris

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