31 version of the original hidden moves and secret rooms

Bookcase in the office

It is unclear why such beautiful places are sometimes inaccessible to people. Secret rooms, created by these masters, contain a lot of interesting riddles and stories. People, like in all ages, like to surround themselves with mystery.

1 This such a children's chest of drawers is a hidden entrance to the secret game room. Child with a latent move Hidden move in the cabinetPhoto: apartmenttherapy.com 2This hidden number can be accessed by opening a secret door, which is also a bookcase. Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Hidden move in the bookcasePhoto: stashvault.com 3In the office behind the secret door there is a room-bar. Bar room behind a secret doorPhoto: carimullaney.blogspot.com 4A this closet is for the child's own entrance to the country of Narnia. Closet in the nursery Hidden move in the cabinet Game room in a secret roomPhoto: io9.com 5The door to the home office is hidden behind the bookcase, which is guarded by a medieval knight. Bookcase and medieval knight Hidden move in the cabinet Cabinet in a secret roomPhoto: counterhack.net 6From a small cabinet a secret door opens into a hidden room of a much larger size. Secret door in the officePhoto: ladycarpenter.net 7A here, behind the hidden closets, the door opens into the basement. The secret door in the closetPhoto: barnorama.com 8 Functional cabinets hide and secret doors to the secret room. Hidden move in the cabinetPhoto: safestyle-windows.co.uk 9The weapon collection is hidden in a secure safe behind a secret door, which simultaneously serves as an imitation of the cabinet in the office. Large bookcase Hidden move in the cabinetPhoto: hiddenpassageway.com 10In a Hawaiian hotel in Waikiki, Hawaii, you can find a lobby bar behind a huge bookshelf. Cabinet with swivel mechanismPhoto: hawaiiwedding-don.blogspot.com 11The library does not end with the boundaries of one room - its shelves open the doors to the next room. Potaaynaya door in the closetPhoto: tryingtobalancethemadness.wordpress.com 12For the shelf with toys, the door to the secret game room opens. Closet in the living room Hidden move in the cabinetPhoto: tryingtobalancethemadness.wordpress.com 13 Rotating on the axis of the bookshelf - at the same time and a secret entrance to the next room. Rotating bookcasePhoto: eckelmanbros.wordpress.com 14Beautiful version of the ancient course. Bookcase with revolving doorPhoto: nnc3.com 15This bookshelves open the entrance to the dining room. The secret door to the dining roomPhoto: pictify.com 16Hidden library behind the bookshelf. Bookcase Library behind the bookcasePhoto: thesteampunkhome.blogspot.com 17A behind this closet is a cozy place for a bed. Sleeper in a secret roomPhoto: theownerbuildernetwork.com.au 18From the bedroom - in the reading room, bathed in the sun. Hidden move to the reading roomPhoto: hutkerarchitects.com 19There is one more original version. Hidden passage to the bathroomPhoto: bathinteriordesign.blogspot.com 20 Passage to a secret room through a bookshelf in a house near Lake Wenatchee in Washington, USA. Hidden move in the cabinetPhoto: thejoinery.com 21 A cozy corner for reading with carpet. Hidden move to a small reading roomPhoto: houzz.com 22 The secret door to the spiral staircase of the hidden second floor. Staircase behind the Hidden DoorPhoto: houzz.com 23Divided from the common room, a secret play area for the baby. Hidden move in the gamePhoto: houzz.com 24Hidden move, which combines two children's rooms. The hidden move between two children'sPhoto: houzz.com 25Tin zone for playing in the children's bedroom. Hidden move in the gamePhoto: houzz.com 26Nisha under the stairs - what is not a secret place? Gaming under the stairsPhoto: houzz.com 27Create space? Arrange your child a cozy sleeping place under the eaves of the roof. Sleeper in the atticPhoto: houzz.com 28For the shelves with toys - a reading room for the child. Hidden move to the reading roomPhoto: zoinki.tumblr.com 29For the bookshelves, a guest bedroom is hidden. Hidden move to the guestPhoto: stashvault.com 30The entrance to the wine cellar. The hidden passage to the wine cellarPhoto: hunchmag.com 31 A cozy corner for reading in a hidden book rotunda. Hidden move to the reading roomPhoto: bookriot.com

Perhaps, after viewing the photos and you want to create a secret room with a disguised entrance? Dare!