Studio apartment in scandinavian style

Interior of the living room in Scandinavian style

From a one-room small apartment you can create a splendid studio apartment in Scandinavian style, which retained the spirit and imprint of the life of the people of Scandinavia. There is no place for pretentiousness and luxury: pastel colors, a large amount of light and a home cosiness - this is the main thing that it carries in itself.

The room was turned into a spacious studio: thanks to this, the living space increased, including both the living room and the kitchen. On the example of this apartment from Sweden we see all the charm and simplicity of this design, containing the modern trends and traditions of the people of the Nordic countries.

First of all, it should be noted that the studio apartment differs from the usual one in that it has no partitions, and the division into zones is only visual. Thus, such a layout, where there are no isolated rooms, is complemented by the Scandinavian style, which enlarges the space even more visually, filling it with light and lightness.

As for dividing here into zones, the dining group visually divided the kitchen from the living room and bedroom. In the kitchen, the working area did not change its location and remained in the usual place.

Bedroom and living room in Scandinavian style Black text on a white wall Kitchen and dining room in Scandinavian style Kitchen and dining room in Scandinavian style

The predominant color in the design of the room is white, and this is a distinctive feature: the emphasis is on light shades and muted tones. It is these colors that can bring a maximum of light and heat to the house - Scandinavians use this technique to compensate for the lack of light and heat in the climatic conditions of these countries.

Another feature in this design is the bright accents that dilute the predominance of white, bringing a positive note and a special mood of the situation. Bright bedspreads, pillows and carpets with ethnic motives create a unique cosiness and a feeling of warmth in the apartment.

Living room in Scandinavian style Living room in Scandinavian style Hall in Scandinavian style

The windows are large, for better room insolation, there are no curtains, or at least should be light and letting in as much as possible of the sun's rays. Instead of curtains, roll blinds are used if necessary to close from prying eyes.

The wooden floors of the warm shade fit organically into the space of the room. In order to add even more light, floor lamps and candles are used here.

An antique buffet, which was later painted with white paint, became a functional solution and perfectly blended in the design of the kitchen area. Additional and important details were glass vases and flowers in pots.

Kitchen in Scandinavian style Kitchen and hallway in Scandinavian style Kitchen and hallway in Scandinavian style Kitchen in Scandinavian style