The ideal design of an apartment of 18 square meters is a

Entrance hall in a small apartment

The design of the apartment is 18 square meters. m can be practical, unique and stylish

A competent design of an apartment of 18 square meters. m shows that the quality of life in a house depends not on the dimensions of its space, but on how correctly it is distributed.

Even with a cursory glance at the result of the implementation of this project, any person will lose the desire to complain that at home he could not find a place to play sports or work. This studio belongs to an unmarried weight lifter, and it is here that he rests, sleeps, works and trains, feeling at the same time quite comfortable.

The main role in the successful zoning of the space was played by high (about 5 meters) vaulted ceilings. The horizontal demarcation of the volume of the room made it possible to single out the bedroom and actually double the area. However, other solutions proved to be very useful in the conditions of space saving.

A tiny living room seems quite spacious due to the presence of a huge window. A sofa, a wide bench built into the window opening, that's all the furniture that is here. Thanks to this, a decent fragment of the floor remains free for movement and training.

Bright living room with large windows

A light tree, a white wall and a large window make the living room visually more spacious

Original candles on a shelf

Original modern decor elements create the mood of this interior

Home theater in the living room

Quality equipment is an important attribute of a bachelor home

Sports corner in a small living room

Sports corner can be placed even on one square meter of the square

Such a kitchen area would hardly satisfy an enthusiastic cook, but it is quite suitable for cooking simple meals. There is a stove, a microwave and a sink.

Red and black accents in the interior of the bright living room

The original combination of open shelves of different colors and configurations - a functional and aesthetic solution

Bar counter between the living room and kitchen

A small table top divides the kitchen and living room

Drawing boxes in the living room

An interesting combination of colors and textures became the main decoration of the interior

Steps to the second floor with lockers

The lockers act as steps of a rather unusual staircase leading to the second floor

In comparison with the compact corners on the first floor, the bedroom seems almost spacious. There is a comfortable semi-double bed, a workplace is organized. Wardrobes meet all the needs of the owner. Bathroom with a modern shower and washing machine is not inferior in comfort to analogs of more impressive dimensions.

Wooden panel in the interior of the bedroom

Wooden elements fit organically into the design of the dwelling

Art objects in the interior of the bedroom

The walls of the bedroom are decorated with several stylish pieces of art

Workstation in the bedroom

In the bedroom there is a full and convenient workplace

Open shelves in the work area

Wide open shelves occupy one corner

Glossy wardrobe for clothes

A spacious wardrobe is used to store things and does not catch sight

Mirror in the form of honeycombs in the bathroom

The overhead sink on the washing machine

The overhead sink is built into the frame of the washing machine, a bathroom is next to it

Design of a bathroom in a marine style

Sea pebbles and fish revive the interior and bring a note of exoticism to it

Upper shower with light

Luxurious shower cabin is the main advantage of this room

The interior of the studio as a whole seems really cozy and comfortable. Unique elements of the environment, an abundance of decor and a living combination of white, black and red shades breathed energy into this tiny apartment. Did you like this bachelor apartment? Share this article with your friends in social networks!

Layout of the first floor of the apartment

Ground floor plan

Layout of the second floor of the apartment

The plan of the second floor