The secret of the expressiveness of the monochrome design of

Interior of the apartment in Scandinavian style

To comprehend the fragile beauty of this interior, it is not enough to throw a quick glance at him through the slightly opened door. A complete immersion in his space is required, as if filled with the aroma of exquisite spirits.

When you see such a harmonious image before your eyes, consisting of many carefully thought-out details, thoughts of practicality come to mind in the last place. Nevertheless, this apartment has not only a spacious kitchen, a living room with a dining area and a bedroom, but also a charming balcony overlooking the ancient streets of Stockholm.

Dining table in the living room Dining room in Scandinavian style Large windows in the dining room Flowers in a Vase on a Dining Table Dining room facing the bedroom A bouquet of lilies on the table

Absolute whiteness of walls and ceiling allows each expressive accent to fully reveal its aesthetics, emphasizing their color, texture and geometry. This interior characterizes its owner as a successful person with a subtle taste and exacerbated sense of style.

Bedroom in Scandinavian style Spacious wardrobe in the bedroom Decorative elements in the interior Plants in interior design Utensils on the shelves in the storeroom

Probably not every one of us is able to fall asleep year after year and wake up in an almost monochrome space that seems to have descended from a lighted photo from an old family album. Here the perception of reality changes, and the boundaries of the day and night are blurred.

Among the unconditional advantages of such an interior can be attributed to its tranquil serenity, isolation from the bustle and, as a consequence, the ability to relieve stress.

Kitchen in Scandinavian style Decorative elements on the sideboard Kitchen in white color

Abstracted from the psychological component of white interiors, it should be noted that they are extremely simple in embodiment.

It is only necessary to paint the walls in the appropriate color, fill the space with ambiguous decor elements and nice things to create an unusual, really stylish design. He will admire or be amazed, but certainly will not leave anyone indifferent.

Facade of a corner apartment building The layout of a two-room apartment

Has your attitude to the Scandinavian style changed after a virtual walk through this apartment? Are you ready to recreate it in your own living space? We will be happy if you share your opinion with us.