Art deco style in the interior - 30 photos of design ideas

1 Living room with a purple sofa

Art Deco literally translated as "the art of decorating" from French. This stylistic trend, received the name from the international exhibition in 1925. Art deco style in the interior has always been chosen by the creative intelligentsia, the elite, the aristocratic elite. It is associated with luxurious status interiors both with pictures of glossy magazines, fashionable apartments, boudoir stars, exclusive furnishings. For description the characteristics can be as good as possible - expensive, bright, bold. Recently there is a new wave of popularity of the direction. Designers rethought the main successful components and its return to European interiors did not go unnoticed.

  1. A large geometry of the pattern with zigzags, straight lines starting on the ceiling and walls, turning to furniture, textiles. Mirror reflection of the circular ceiling motifs is strictly vertical to the floor.
  2. Use in the decoration of elite natural materials of pronounced texture: crocodile skin, zebra skin, leopard, inlaid ivory.
  3. The color scheme is quite monochrome, does not tolerate halftones, the combination is built by the contrast of the following colors: white, black, gold, violet.
  4. Maximalism of design: saving is not a place, expensive and rich - the motto of this style.
  5. Complete lack of romantic, natural ornaments.

Living room with breakfast bar

Basic colors and shapes

The versatility of the design is manifested in the perfect fit of its important elements in modern design. Zigzag shapes perfectly arrange space, it is enough to apply parquet laying zigzag or laying black and white tiles with a herringbone. Another important element is the sun's rays, slipping in shapes, decoration. The banding of many elements is permissible: stripes of upholstery draping go to walls or floor. The principle of sunlight designers are often combined with a gradient - then expressive rays can disperse steps.

A lot of gilded decor elements Details take a trapezoidal shape: the backs of sofas, chairs, the form of framing of mirrors, windows. What can look more refined than using the "piano effect": black and white stripes (less often other contrasting colors), similar to the keys, alternate in individual design. Geometry, symmetry are the main distinctive style-forming feature, so the surfaces are framed to achieve maximum sharpness of the contours. The color concept refers to natural elements (earth, leather, stone, metal, snow). Such colors as blue, green, red, burgundy, if introduced into the design, it is very slight, muffled. The design of different in its functionality rooms has its own nuances.

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At the junction of styles of art deco and classic

Bohemian Living Room

Stylistics Art deco living room is able to personify the embodiment of various ideas, turning the room into a real center of aesthetics. It is important to use extravagant materials (crocodile skin, shark), a combination of incongruous, for example, glass with metallic casting, oriental, Egyptian motifs. The presence of a fireplace or a staircase makes it possible to make them a logical center, and the geometry of the living room - completely abandon the smooth lines, further deepen the contrast.

Living room in beige brown colors

The ability to divide the surface into clear blocks allows you to harmoniously fit modern technology. The optimal color solution is brown-beige or black-and-white. When decorating walls, it is possible to combine more budgetary materials, such as wallpaper, with exclusive wood panels. A favorite among floor coverings is a parquet of dark tones.

The predominance of brown color

Kitchen-living room

Furniture is luxurious, made to order from the most dark wood species. A distinctive feature of the arrangement is symmetry, perhaps you will need substitute items to balance one part of the room with the opposite. Sometimes it is enough to place a capacious display cabinet and fill it with beautiful valuables. Necessarily the presence of carefully selected textiles - heavy velvet curtains set the tone, and sofa cushions support it; antique antiques; small sculptures of female figures; large vases; wall or even outdoor watches under the old days.

Living room with a podium

Bedroom of Hollywood Stars

To create an art deco bedroom, you need not be afraid of experimenting with decorative elements, but do not cross the line between subtle, refined elegance and luxury bordering on kitsch.

Bedroom in Art Deco style

The bedroom of this design solution is more characteristic of the softness of the forms, because the center of this room is a bed with its pretentious headboard, decorated upholstery. The presence of a dressing table of unusual shape and puff is simply necessary, as well as a sufficient number of mirrors that will not allow the room to visually diminish due to the muted tones needed for comfortable sleep. Drawings and ornament are one of the main elements of the decoration of walls, frescoes or decorative painting are possible, stucco molding is suitable for the ceiling.

Bedroom with wooden panels on the wall

Before the bed should live a natural hide or a rug of long-bellied fur with a thick undercoat. The bed itself is covered with a luxurious veil, the color of the pillows is combined with the tone of the upholstery of the puffin, the armchair. The upholstery should be contrasted to the walls and ceiling. Along with the central crystal chandelier, there must be additional lamps, floor lamps, LED lighting.

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Mirror sun

Elegant kitchen-dining room

For the kitchen and dining area, the distinctive feature is sufficient multilevel and replacement of some mandatory materials with more functional ones: the parquet on the floor must be replaced with a tile; in the upholstery of the chairs give preference to the skin. Ideal option will be the layout of the kitchen with the island (a special place where the sink, work area, cooking area). A good solution would be an impressive mirror size above the bar counter to visually enlarge the kitchen-dining area. Clear zoning should be done on the ceiling and walls, on the floor - the podium under the dining table. Excellent fabric panels for finishing the dining area. The best color solution is still a black and white combination, which will harmoniously fit household appliances made of plastic and chrome-plated steel.

Kitchen-dining room and living room

The main rule of creating expressive decoration of the kitchen is constancy. Everything should have an equally solemn character, from the dining table to the tile on the apron.

Kitchen-dining room

Mirror world

Lighting plays almost the main role, giving the room space, cleanliness, light. It is impossible to do without his companion - a mirror. After all, even furniture can be not just metal, and have mirror surfaces (and it's not about the banal closet in the bedroom). So, in the bedroom you can make a mirror door, which will only be recognized by the golden handle. It is possible to create the effect of multiple patterns, which are reflected, make the interior of the room visually richer. Designers are advised to use the maximum number of reflecting universal surfaces, bronze candlesticks, forged statuettes. The design involves a huge selection of mirror surfaces - framed by imitated sun rays, trapezoidal shapes, huge mirrors all the way high, instructed by crystals.

Mirror in the bedroom

Mirror-sun is a business card of this style, it is an exquisite piece of interior, symbolizing harmony and perfection, and divergent sun rays are able to give a great mood and warmth.

Mirror Wall in the Kitchen

Only with the help of a huge number of mirror surfaces can you try to create a unique genre of art deco in a small apartment, which at first seems impossible because of the abundance of heavy textiles and multiple decor elements.

Fireplace in living room


It should be noted that every year there are new finishing materials and solutions for their use. Interior in the style of art deco is constantly evolving - designers are working on details, pick up accessories, transform new ideas. The emergence of new construction tools allows you to design rooms and decorate them in this style more quickly and easily, because a lot of time can pass from the project to the realization. The variety of furniture and other accessories in 2018 will simplify the task of decorating.

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Modern design in Art Deco style

Famous furniture manufacturers are increasingly developing new collections with objects belonging to a particular style, which also opens up wider horizons in the design, because custom-made furniture is not so expensive as it is very troublesome.

Example of design of a one-room apartment in Art Deco style From glossy magazines you can learn the direction of the main fashion vector, taking interesting ideas for the design of premises. As for the trends in color design, in 2017 a saturated blue color was popular, which enlivened the bright monochrome. In 2018, gold, marble, white, gray and wine colors will be in fashion, which is mainly characteristic of the color range of this stylistic trend. Of course, interior design is not developed for one year of life.

Furniture suitable for style

Fashion is always a classic, but Art Deco has strengthened its position over the past few years and it can be safely assumed that it will be relevant for a long time. Now there is another increase in interest in art deco in architecture, fashion, and, accordingly, interior solutions. The comfort of all family members becomes the main thing in the philosophy of this style solution.

Bath with plumbing fixtures for gold

Of the most current novelties, one can note the use of the highlighted onyx, which is no longer so difficult to translate. Used for finishing stairs, doorways, for countertops, for ceiling. The stylistic orientation of art deco became more active in the design of the children's room. So, one more novelty, luminescent photo wallpapers, in themselves are quite self-sufficient, do not need additional accompaniment of unnecessary details, but they can create a unique atmosphere of magic.

Stylish bathtub

Benefits of Design

This style has many positive aspects when used in the design of various rooms:

  • luxury, true chic, combined with the ability to display creativity;
  • expensive natural finishing materials (marble, natural fur, leather, silk, velvet, precious wood, glass, metal, stained glass);
  • original valuable furniture, combined with modern household appliances and gadgets;
  • the subtlety of the color scale;
  • active use of chrome, gilding for finishing interior details;
  • strict geometric patterns;
  • bright lighting.

Sink in the Art Deco style

If we consider the style as a whole, it looks very extravagant, expensive, bohemian, elite, exquisite. A significant disadvantage is the significant financial costs of its implementation, which limits the wider distribution. But if you want luxury, freedom, bohemian chic, the incredibly stylish and stylish interior is simply created to feel the taste of life.