To accommodate everything - a wonderful interior of a

Interior design of a small apartment

Suppose you are a happy owner of an apartment with an area of ​​25 square meters. m., which has the form of a studio. And this is not an easy gloomy one-room dwelling. What happiness will you ask? And in that at your disposal there is a single solid space filled with light, which simply needs to be properly divided into zones. And you do not need to think about what to put in a tiny dark corridor, where you can barely fit yourself.

A modern dwelling must include a food block and a canteen. Also, the workplace, a corner for watching TV and comfortable sleeping should harmoniously fit here. The main task of designers is to make all objects as functional as possible. Optimum for such housing will be the design in the style of minimalism.

Interior design of a small apartment

In this case, the windows are on the sunny south side. This gives a maximum of light during the day, and does not require the use of additional sources. Good lighting also became an occasion to use as a base color different pastel shades. This made the interior lightweight, airy virtually weightless.

In the same gentle tones, as you can see on the photo next, the kitchen is decorated, which makes the apartment very stylish in a single space. Bright blotches on the table and carpet of yellow and purple, give a "catch" look. Such accents are simply necessary here, since the picture for the eye becomes a bit hazy, spreads out. This method is recommended by psychologists, so that the brain can highlight a bright detail and perceive the object as something comfortable and harmonious.

Interior design of a small apartment Interior design of a small apartment

Dark shelves and window frames add texture and volume to a too light and delicate interior.

Interior design of a small apartment

Modern furniture technology allows you not to deny yourself anything to the owners of even the smallest apartments. Do you like to receive guests? A small living space is not a reason to deny yourself. In the middle you can put a big soft sofa. And for sleep use a full bed with an orthopedic mattress, which hides in the day in the closet.

Interior design of a small apartment Rollaway bed for small room Sleeper in a small room

Along the wall opposite the window there is a cabinet with mirrored doors. This technique, aside from practicality, will be another factor expanding the room. The sun's rays beat in the mirror, flood the room with light and make it bigger.

Arrangement of the workplace in the cabinet

In this closet, the workplace is cunningly hidden. A small desk with lighting, as well as shelves for books, all this is convenient and unobtrusively located here. You can sit next to him on a cozy ottoman, which also hides in case of uselessness.

Mirror wall in a room of a small apartment

There is no separate dining area in the apartment. The console, located near the wall, at any time can turn into a large dining table, ready to accommodate all your guests.

Upholstered furniture in the dining room Interior of a dining room in a small apartment Sliding table in the interior of the dining area A bright room with dark details and a bright carpet Kitchen interior design in light colors

Fresh light shades add a miniature kitchenette of space and coziness.

Location of household appliances and work surface in the kitchen Interior design of a small apartment

The dishwasher in front of the window is the dream of any mistress. This is one way to get away from routine during cooking.

Marble decoration of kitchen walls

A small kitchen, made in a minimalist style, is light and cozy. Smooth facades of pastel shades are devoid of any decor. The flat hob replaces the usual stove and occupies, along with other attributes of the kitchen decoration, a minimum of space.

Finishing the walls of the kitchen with light marble Bathroom in bright colors with a large mirror

The walls of the bathroom are painted in a light gray color. The shower cubicle, with a glass transparent partition, and compact plumbing made it as open and spacious as possible.

Plan of a small apartment before and after repair