Modern design of a private house: photos of the best houses

Collect ideas in order to create an attractive design for a private house? Photos of the following modern houses must necessarily get into your piggy bank, as they embody the best trends of our time:

  1. Desire to have more free air;
  2. Aspiration to protect the environment, own health and a purse;
  3. The desire for laconism and universality;
  4. Expression of character and taste through original forms.

In view of the fact that it is not easy to carry out house design in the modern world, our collection will help you to plunge into the world of trends. We have collected the most interesting and progressive ideas for the construction of private households, so we recommend that you take a few minutes to get acquainted with the material.

Modern design of a private house фото

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In what way is this expressed? First of all, it is worth noting the growing popularity of houses from SIP panels. These panels are easy to assemble, have excellent insulation properties, and very low cost. The only drawback they have is a shorter shelf life than brick and concrete bricks: 50-70 years. But it is obvious that many people do not intimidate it, because it is better to have your own home than to save money or pay a loan for a house for many years.

Also worth noting are some other features that distinguish modern design of a private house:

  • Large windows and transparent walls;
  • Use of natural materials and finishes;
  • Simple, but elegant geometric forms of facades;
  • Presence of canopies and overhanging bodies;
  • The combination of two or three contrasting materials in the facade decoration (for example, wood and concrete, metal and concrete etc.);
  • Use of earthy earth shades: brown, gray, black etc.

More about the modern design of a private house you will be told by our new selection of photos of beautiful houses. Enjoy watching!

Design of a private house: photo 2015

Modern architecture - the design of a private house Design of a small private house photo

Unusual design of a two-story private house Design of a private country house photo

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More useful ideas for the design of a private house can be found in our section:

Modern design of a private house