Young family and one-bedroom apartment - useful

Interior of a small one-room apartment - sofa

A small square and a modest budget will not become an obstacle for a young family who wants to make their home unique and original. Especially if the couple are waiting for the appearance of the baby.

The question is how to expand the available space. One of the methods of visual enlargement of the area is the zoning of the room. This requires a minimum set of furniture.

Julia, Philip and Cyril of Taipov

A bed for parents is a sofa bed. Near the couch are a few book shelves or a bedside table with a table lamp. On the wall you can hang a small lamp.

Interior of a small one-room apartment - library

It is better to place a bed for the baby away from the entrance doors and radiators. The chest cover will serve as a changing table. The children's area needs its own lighting.

Interior of a small one-room apartment - a zone for the office Shelves above a cot

The ideal option for a small apartment is a closet. Its design feature is that taking up space from floor to ceiling and having a small depth, it allows you to put a lot of things without occupying a large area. Sliding door system with mirrors will visually expand the space. The podium for the TV, a small table with a computer and a soft armchair are a corner for work and rest.

Interior of a small one-room apartment - a cot Interior of a small one-room apartment - wardrobe compartment Chandelier trumpet on the ceiling as a decoration

Comfort and individuality will be given to the house by gentle tulle curtains, and dense curtains will protect from excess light. When creating an interior, it is worth using 2-3 basic colors, diluting them with more vivid colors. For example, decorative cushions, which you can do with your own hands. They will add originality to the interior.

Pillows on the armchair Shelves, paintings, pillows - cozy decor Pillows with a picture tree Paintings on the wall in a one-room apartment Lamp Floor lamp on wooden legs Decor for home - antique microphone

For cooking in the kitchen, it is desirable to have a cutting table and a set of lockers for kitchen utensils. The kitchen needs a bright, directional light.

Above the dining table, lighting can be soft, diffused, which is more suitable for a family dinner.

Small cozy kitchen in gray color Small cozy kitchen in gray color Dining room in a small kitchen Ceiling decoration Metal chandelier in the kitchen Bright decor - flower pot

Pots with growing spicy herbs on the windowsill will complement and refresh the decoration of the dining room. On the window it is better to install the blinds.

For a small apartment is more suitable combined bathroom. Despite some inconveniences, this will allow placing the washing machine. Bright towels, a soft mat on the floor will create a feeling of coziness and warmth.

Combined bathroom Sink in the bathroom on the bed of an old sewing machine Horns in the bathroom

The corridor needs special attention. The place for storing everyday and seasonal clothes and shelves for shoes is quite realistic to make yourself or to order, based on the configuration and size of the hallway. The necessary details for the cabinet can be purchased at a specialized store. There should be a lot of light, so a chandelier and a large lamp will work.

Brick in the hallway The idea of ​​storing bags and shoes

A mirror fixed to the wall will create the illusion of a large space. From the practical side, under it, you can put a small shelf for storing all kinds of small things.

Interior of a small hallway

Before you start repair, decide on your desires, choose a style, balance everything with your capabilities and boldly get down to business.