Design of a living room in a wooden house - 25 photos

design of a living room in a wooden house

The living room in the house occupies an honorable place among the other rooms. They meet guests, spend their free time or deal with business issues. Along with the kitchen, this room of interior decoration is the most visited. In the cottage house from the timber it would be good to combine these important parts of the interior together as harmoniously as possible and more respectably. For this, the design of the living room in the wooden house should be approached thoroughly. Here are important features when taking into account the specifics of interior design and natural materials, from which the villa is built. It is the efficiency of using space inside a wooden structure. There is a choice of material for important elements of the interior, taking into account its mechanical aspects and external data to create a design model. The structure of the timber itself has a lot of advantages associated with the unique characteristics of natural wood. The interior of the living room in the wooden house is characterized by simplicity and ornate forms, intricate plot, maximum use of useful space for creating comfort inside the room. The practicality of the tree, its special aesthetic qualities are the advantages that contribute to the creation of unique conditions in the interior decoration. An approximate sample of the living room is a combination of beauty, reliability, maximum comfort.

The use of the main design tools of the guest room and the use of special design rules contribute to the practical implementation of a living room as a universal room, which is equally suitable for work and leisure. To implement the idea of ​​a model for the layout of the interior of the living room, the following elements should be distinguished:

  1. Kitchen and its accessories;
  2. Fireplaces;
  3. Selection of furniture;
  4. Windows, decor, other design elements of the guest room.
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Living room with a wood finish in a wooden house with a panoramic window

Directions in the design of the kitchen-living room for the country house from a bar

Decorating the living room with a fireplace. When designing, the location of the heat source in the room is taken into account. A very important point: this is the layout of the fireplace in relation to the window and doorways.

Huge stained-glass windows in the living room

There are two types of fireplaces - these are conventional fireplaces and stove:

  1. The first are a frame of heat-intensive iron or laid out with a stone with a compartment for the hearth. The most common are made of cast iron, natural stone or refractory bricks.
  2. The second differ only in that they provide an oven with a stove for cooking or without cooking. They are usually massive than simple fireplaces.
  3. Design of a kitchen-living room with a log-house fireplace. Here you should determine the way it is placed inside the house. A separate, adjacent or general layout of the main rooms is permissible.

Fireplace with open hearth in the living room

Specialists determine the place for the kitchen hearth and supplies. Where it is better to burn - in the center of the room or near the wall, in a small hall or large. When decorating a small living room of a wooden house to increase the usefulness of square meters and a better visual effect, the kitchen is installed near the wall. Fireplace focus, this way, a place is assigned when dividing the space inside the dwelling.

Example of a living room in a wooden house

Ergonomics and aesthetics

When decorating the interior of the chimney hall of a wooden house, it is important to take into account the peculiarities of aesthetic and ergonomic perception. The ergonomics of the living room design provides for the compactness of its main attributes, thereby increasing the usefulness of the operation, and, correspondingly, improving the living conditions. It is about the rational use of square meters, and also about the aesthetic and semantic criteria. Among them, the choice falls on the type of material for the fireplace. It is known that cast iron as well as a stone in a hot state has excellent heat transfer. Natural stone as well as heat-consuming iron has the ability to cool longer than a brick. And the highest energy intensity of natural stone, so this material is ideal for the fireplace of the living room.

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The original fireplace in the living room combined with a kitchen and a dining room

Over time, in a wooden house due to the use of the hearth on the walls near it, it is possible to form a small deposit. But the modern bar has fireproof characteristics and has sufficient strength properties. The wood is impregnated with special refractory compounds, so it is able to withstand the heat from any fireplace. In addition, wood living material and it will always be easy to update.

The fireplace is finished with an artificial stone

Decoration of the living room

Divided version. It is ideal for rooms where space saving is not an issue. If the dacha space allows, then you can make interesting ideas about the living room with the kitchen. In this case, the hearth burns in the same room. And the oven for cooking is lined or installed elsewhere. This design model can be called classical. It will be appropriate to design the design of a small living room. In this case, designers take into account several nuances. In a small room for the hearth, they often look after the wall at the side of the entrance. Thus, a more even circulation of warm air is maintained. Otherwise, when the fireplace is in front of the entrance, hot air spreads faster. And when you open the door will be more heat.

The living room can be decorated in a modern style and in a wooden house

Spreading light is also an important point. Depends on the location of the hearth relative to the window, there are interesting features. When you install a light source on the opposite side of the glass, its rays will scatter more and reflect on it like a flame tongue. If you place the hearth near to the side of the window aperture, you will see more precise boundaries of the flame, a whimsical play of shadows will appear.

Cozy living room with a ceiling finished with wooden beams

A joint option. This interior design of the living room kitchen is more like a modern style. It is based on the calculation that the location of the kitchen with a fireplace will be limited to one room. Design rooms are designed like a chalet or as in a different way, they are also called - in prairie style. This option is ideal when it comes to saving space. It helps to visually increase the space of the room. In terms of compactness, energy intensity and cost savings, the design of this type of living room is ideal. After all, the hearth is usually located closer to the middle of the room. It is quite convenient to consider a living room with a fireplace. Thus, there is a saving on additional square meters for the kitchen. This kind of design does not greatly affect the aesthetics of the interior, and does not beg him in comfort aspects.

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Decoration of stairs from the living room to the second floor

Decorating the living room

The interior of the wooden house does not initially require special finishing, which is due to the unique external and internal properties of the tree. But the finish of the living room with a kitchen fireplace deserves more attention. There are many ways and additional methods of finishing this part of the structure of the wooden dacha. Attributes of furniture in turn will help to complete the refined appearance of the room. It is better to choose them according to homogeneous characteristics with the material of construction or the criteria of combination in appearance with stone and wood. Add here other components of a full-fledged model of the interior layout of the living room and decorating components.

Living room in a low-key style

Furniture set in the living room-kitchen

For example: you can lay a furnace in the form of a solid plate; The hood for the fireplace should be placed under the guise of a rocky protrusion or tree trunk. Approach this matter creatively, to recreate the unique style of performance and harmonious environment, which will reflect the individual features and tastes of the owner.