10 hidden dangers hidden in your home and how to fix them

We probably never think about the fact that our homes can be potentially dangerous - we are doing everything possible to ensure that our families and loved ones are safe and sound at all times, but often the dangers are not visible and hide where we expected them. After reading the article, you may discover a lot of new things, learn about the hidden dangers of your home, and also learn how to protect yourself from them.

10 hidden dangers hidden in your home and how to fix them


While the paint on your walls can turn them into something unusual and beautiful, it is worth noting the fact that it is also potentially harmful to your health, and to be more precise, more for the health of your children. If you live in a house built around 1970, then most likely the paint on your walls is made on the basis of lead. This paint is highly toxic and was banned for production in 1978, when it became obvious that children suffer from lead poisoning, which seriously affects brain development. To date, cases of toxic lead poisoning have been reported, mainly due to paint.

Danger of paint in old houses

Paint, с течением времени, естественным ли путём или из-за общего износа, крошится и сыпется. Эти кусочки краски проникают в воздух и поверхности, где дети играют, ползают и играют. В конечном итоге они оказываются на детских руках, а потом и как следствие во рту ребёнка. Отсюда и отравление, поэтому если вы живёте в старом доме, постарайтесь проверить краску на содержание вредных веществ, в частности свинца. Прибор для обнаружения вредных веществ можно купить почти в любом специализированном хозяйственном магазине. Если в вашей краске содержится свинец, то необходимо в срочном порядке самому или же с помощью специалистов удалить всю эту краску.

When choosing a new paint for your home, pay attention to a characteristic of paint such as VOC. It is necessary to choose a paint with a minimum, but preferably zero VOC content. VOCs (volatile organic compounds), as described in Environmental Protection - organic compounds are released in the form of gases, chemicals have both a short-term and sometimes a long-term adverse effect. The concentration of harmful substances in the room is always higher than in the open air, so when painting, try to ventilate the premises well. In addition to the usual paint, harmful substances also contain varnishes, detergents, copiers, printers, corrective liquids, glue and much more.


Mold может скрываться где угодно, особенно в тех местах, в которых постоянная повышенная влажность, а это ванные комнаты и подвалы. Mold может вызвать серьёзные проблемы со здоровьем, такие как аллергия и астма, а в случае нахождения в здании долгое время может вызвать «синдром больного здания», о котором мы упоминали в статье о живых стенах, которые, к слову, очень хорошо решают эту проблему. Однако живые стены не могут быть установлены в ванной комнате или подвале, то есть в самых важных помещениям, однако там необходимо контролировать влажность воздуха. Для этого можно использовать вентиляторы, которые будут выводить лишнюю влагу из комнаты.

Danger of mold in the bathroom

If the fan does not cope with its duty, you can always purchase an air dehumidifier and put it in problem rooms. Ensure that there are no leaks in the water supply, ductwork and roof systems. Even a minimal leak can lead to the formation of mold in undesirable places, and sometimes difficult to access. You can also hire a specialist who will make a comprehensive inspection of the building for leaks.


Despite the Clean Water Act, toxins can still penetrate our water supply system, mainly because of pharmaceuticals and processing of radioactive waste. To solve this problem is simple enough, Install filters on all of your faucets or on the incoming pipes, the first is still easier to operate and install. Or you can buy a separate filter only for drinking water. Another way to get rid of toxins in your water is to drain the water before using it. This way you will wash the pipes before you drink water or use it to wash dishes or hands. Such an operation should be done in case you did not use a tap with cold water for six hours or more. However, we also need to save water, and not just get rid of chemicals and toxins.

Dishwasher as well as washing use water from the pipes, so after them, before using water from the tap to drink, flush the pipes. We also recommend that you reduce the consumption of hot water from the tap for drinking or cooking, and use only cold, as it contains less lead impurities and harmful substances in general. If you decide to use bottled water as a drinking water, remember that by doing this you increase the level of fluoride consumption. Among children who drank mostly water from bottles, there was a significant increase in caries compared to those who drank filtered water.

The danger of poor quality water


Not only do we often touch carpets when they lie on the floor incorrectly, so they also contain harmful chemicals. I bet you never thought about it. Carpets are also outstanding dust collectors, as well as keepers of ticks, dandruff and dirt. It is important, in the presence of carpet in the room, carry out regular cleaning using high-power vacuum cleaners to ensure maximum cleanliness. If you are planning to replace your old carpet, look towards natural materials and carpets without glue. However, parquet floors are the best option in this situation, but they do not fit all, it concerns families with elderly people or small children.

Harm from the carpet at home


Only in the US there are about 76 million cases of food poisoning per year. This is mainly because the products are not stored or processed properly. It is extremely important that you clean your refrigerator regularly. Check carefully the expiration dates before use, and it is desirable and at all before purchase. A well-organized refrigerator is more secure. Store raw meat in well sealed plastic containers and it does not lie with the finished products. Make sure that all your fruits and vegetables are washed before consumption. It is also worth checking the maintained temperature in the refrigerator, since the increased temperature reduces the shelf life of the goods.

The danger in the absence of organization in the refrigerator


Did you know that modern furniture is added, within the limits of safety, fire-resistant substances that have high toxicity. These substances get on the skin, as a result of constant contact, as well as in the air that you breathe constantly. A good preventive measure to prevent the release of harmful substances into the air is regular cleaning of furniture from dust and other microbes that destroy the protective layer.

The hidden danger of furniture

Shower Curtains & Wallpaper

Shower curtains, vinyl blinds and wallpaper contain a special substance - phathalates, which increases the flexibility of the plastic. These toxins are also found in detergents, creating their "fragrance". This substance affects the hormonal system of the body and is associated with asthma and allergies. So, if possible, use metal, glass, ceramics and wood products, instead of plastic. In the case of a shower curtain, where there is no substitute, after the purchase - hang them in the fresh air for a couple of days, and then use with the least harm to health.

The potential harm of curtains in the shower

Pots and pans

Your non-stick coating on the frying pan makes cooking easier and faster, but the chemicals found there contain PFCs (perfluorinated chemicals) that have a potential impact on your health. It is documented in the Journal of the American Medical Association that the effects of these chemicals can lead to obesity and diabetes, as well as causes disorders of the hormonal system. We recommend you to replace your non-stick pans with similar stainless steel or cast iron, as well as put them in an oven with a temperature of over 500 degrees. During cooking, use a hood.

The truth about the dangers of non-stick coating

Carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide является естественным природным газом, без запаха, который возникает в результате сгорания органического топлива. Обогреватели, газовые водонагреватели, природно-газовые печи, камины, дровяные печи, автомобильные выхлопные газы и табачный дым — всё это продукты окиси углерода. Поэтому необходимо To equip your house with carbon monoxide sensors. Necessarily on every floor. It is also necessary to carry out a comprehensive check of the efficiency of the sensors annually and quarterly check the performance of the batteries inside them. There are a number of plants that allow you to effectively combat air pollution in your home: lily, dracaena, chrysanthemum, bamboo fingers, English ivy, ficus and others.

The danger of the absence of carbon monoxide sensors at home


Pests such as termites that can hide inside your walls and are there for months and even years before you notice them are very difficult to detect. However, there are signs that you can learn about possible problems with pests. You may notice a loss of the integrity of the wood or its rotting, as well as if you saw a hill of sand or shavings, near the wall on the floor, this is a clear sign of the presence of pests in the wood, as well as the presence of holes in the wood. If you have any suspicions of termites, be sure to contact a specialist for their elimination, as the consequences of untimely resolution of this problem can be catastrophic!

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