20 historic buildings in london

Think about which of the magnificent houses and historic buildings of London is worth visiting? London is a city that has become home to an extraordinary variety of the most outstanding buildings, famous for their magnificent interiors, from Tudor buildings to masterpieces of modernism, and many of these buildings are accessible to visitors. Do you prefer the luxury of the Regency era? Maybe you prefer the atmosphere of creative bohemia? London can offer a huge number of historic buildings of international importance, in which you can easily wander during a daytime walk on the weekend.

And here are the top 20 London houses that are worth seeing for the fans of design.

1. Ham House

This luxuriously decorated, with a beautiful rich interior decoration house of the XVII century. Located on the banks of the River Thames near Richmond. Inside you can see collections of museum quality painting, furniture, textiles - and most of all this was purchased by the owners of the house 400 years ago, and to this day is in the house. Recently, even the lower floors of the house have been restored: lovers of traditional kitchen interiors in the rustic style will find something to admire. And in order to spur your interest, we note that this house is considered populated with ghosts.

Ham House

Address: Richmond, TW10

2. House of Hogarth

Artist of the XVIII century. William Hogarth was famous for his satirical illustrations of city life. The house in which he lived for many years, does not resemble the impoverished streets that swarm with criminals on engravings like "Gin Lane", and the interior of the house says that a well-off Georgian representative lived here. As you might expect, there is also a beautiful collection of images of Hohart authorship - many of them are framed in thin, black and gold frames, which now, in honor of the artist, are called "frames of Hogarth."

Hogarth House

Address: Hogarth Lane, Great West Road, London. W4 2QN

3. Dom Ternera, Tichiken

Joseph Mallord William Turner was not only one of the most famous British landscape painters. This is a little-known fact, but he tried himself in architecture: he himself designed this house in Twickenham, which was to become a country residence for the artist and his father. Of all the houses on this list, the Sandikomb-lodge's house is the only one not open yet for a general visit. In 2013, it was listed in the list of historical monuments under threat of destruction, and now it is being restored. Therefore, one should expect news: it is quite possible that soon this pearl among historical buildings can be seen with my own eyes.

Dom Turner, Tottenham

Address: Sandycombe Lodge, 40 Sandycombe Road, Twickenham TW1 2LR

4. Eastbury Manor House

This building, located on the British list of historical monuments of exceptional importance - a great place for those who want to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the Tudor dynasty. In the house even working guides, dressed in costumes Elizabethan era. In addition, the interior design of the house also deserves attention: here you can admire the very interesting wall paintings and furniture of the XVII century, and you can even climb a small tower to better consider the red-brick chimneys soaring above the roof.

Eastbury Manor House

Address: Eastbury Square, Barking, Essex, IG11 9SN

5. John Keats House Museum

Have a romantic inspiration by visiting the house of the English poet John Keats. This building of the XIX century. served as a home for the famous romantic poet for only 17 months, but you can sit in the garden where the poet composed his "Ode to the Nightingale" and see the bedroom in which the poet was sentenced to death: consumption. Do you think this sounds too gloomy? In that case, just admire the interior, carefully restored so that it fully corresponded to the realities of the century before last, and decorated with a lot of memorabilia related to the poet.

John Keats House Museum

Address: Keats Grove, Hampstead, London. NW3 2RR

6. Sion House

Despite the fact that Saion House is formally located in Middlesex County, its location on the banks of the Thames near the royal gardens of Kew will allow you to admire one of Britain's most remarkable historic country residences without leaving London. Interior in the neo-classical style, created by Robert Adam, is amazing. Walking through the gallery of luxuriously furnished rooms, you can feel the effect of deja vu - this is because in this house a lot of films on the historical theme were shot, from "Gosford Park" to "The Madness of King George".

Sayon House

Address: Brentford, Middlesex TW8

7. Kenwood House

The collection of art objects, stored in Kenwood House, is legendary. Here paintings by such masters of antiquity as Rembrandt, Vermeer, van Dyck coexist with the works of English painters Gainsborough, Constable and Turner. The interior of the house also attracts attention, and after a recent restoration it looks even better. The furniture created by the architect of the house, Robert Adam, was also restored to give it an original appearance, and the sky-blue, pale pink and pale green shades in which the walls are painted are not only luxurious, but also fully in keeping with the historical realities.

Kenwood House

Address: Hampstead, London NW3

8. The Palace of Eltham

In this incredibly unusual building, medieval luxury is strangely combined with the spectacular Art Deco style. Eltham is a medieval royal residence, and while history fans can speculate on a centuries-old heritage, what really deserves attention is the Art Deco interior created by Stephen and Virginia Courtoux, who lived in the palace in the thirties of the last century. Surrounded by a beautiful garden, with a very good cafe, Eltham is ideal for those who like to walk without a fuss, in the afternoon.

Palace of Eltham

Address: Greenwich, London SE9

9. Rangers House

This Georgian estate, located in Greenwich Park, is worth a visit because of the magnificent collection of art objects that are stored here. Collected this collection was a diamond magnate in the Victorian era. Elegant proportions of the rooms are animated by numerous artifacts, including medieval religious painting, paintings by masters of the Dutch school and portraits of British artists, including Joshua Reynolds, George.

Rangers House

Address: Blackheath, London SE10

10. Dennis Sivers' House

Dennis Sievers, a California native who settled in the administrative district of London Spitafilds, turned the house in which he lived into an unusual man-made still-life, something in between a museum exhibition and film re-enactments. Everything in the house should indicate that the family of Huguenot weavers lives here: their story is told from room to room, each of which is decorated in its own style, corresponding to the period of the XVIII-XIX centuries. Such small touches as a half-eaten lunch or burning candles create an impressive effect of presence.

Dom Dennis Sivers

Address: 18 Folgate Street, London

11. Chic-House

This mansion in western London is known for one of the best interiors of the 18th century. William Kent gained fame as an architect, but he was interested in every aspect of design, from furniture to decorative elements. When Richard Boyle, the third Earl of Burlington asked Kent to decorate the interior of his new home in Chisik, the results were terrific. Was Kent the first professional interior designer? Quite possible.


Address: Chiswick, London, W4 2QN

12. The Epsley House

If the magnificent interiors are your passion, you can be sure that the interior of the city residence of the Dukes of Wellington will impress you: it is more magnificent and can not be. Epsley House, which is also called "House number one, London" - a huge neoclassical mansion, located on the corner of Hyde Park. Now this house is open to visitors as an art gallery and a museum. Its reception rooms, richly decorated in the style of the late 18th century, are open to general inspection, but the house still preserves the atmosphere of a private home. There was more than one master working on this house, so there are real "treats" for connoisseurs of architecture: look into the living room and the gallery room created by Robert Adam.

Epsley House

Address: Hyde Park Corner, London W1J

13. Sutton House

House of the era of the Tudor dynasty in the middle of the London district of Hackney can be a surprise for you. Built in 1535 by Sir Ralph Sadler, the house is quite effectively hidden from prying eyes: at first you can confuse its style with Georgian or even Victorian, except with small art and craft additions. But this is really the real house of the Tudor era, as the interior unequivocally says. Despite the fact that for several centuries it was amended, it still has the atmosphere of that time: richly decorated, oak-paneled rooms and stone fireplace shelves with exquisite carvings.

Sutton House

Address: 2 and 4 Homerton High Street, Hackney, London, E9 6JQ

14. The House of Carlyle

If you want to know what the dwelling of a Victorian family belonging to the middle class looked like, that's a great example. This house-terrace was the home of the historian and philosopher Thomas Carlyle and, thanks to the concerted efforts of the restorers, now its interior looks as much like the interior of the house at the time when Carlyle lived in it - notwithstanding the damage caused to the building by one of the later tenants who held there are many cats and dogs in the house. Now, restored in all its glory, it is a wonderful illustration of the Victorian life.

House of Carlyle

Address: 24 Cheyne Row, Chelsea, London, SW3 5HL

15. House 2 on Willo-Road

Connoisseurs of design in the Art Nouveau style will be delighted by the opportunity to see this pearl in the Hampstead area. In 1939, the architect Erno Goldfinger designed a trio of houses, the second of which became his own. Now this building serves as the headquarters of the National Foundation for the Preservation of Historic Monuments, but it still holds many of Goldfinger's personal belongings, as well as carefully preserved furniture and art objects. I can not believe that a house built 70 years ago can look so modern.

House 2 on Willo-Road

Address: Hampstead, London, NW3 1TH

16. Uondsworth Road, home 575

Thoughtful to the smallest detail of this house-terrace - the result of a desire to solve a very practical problem. When in the 80 years of the last century the native of Kenya Kadambi Asalache settled in this house of the XIX century. in Wandsworth, he was constantly disturbed by the moisture that was gathering on the walls of the dining room, located in the basement. He executed the planking of the walls with a pine board, but did not stop there. For 20 years he decorated almost all the surfaces in the house with whimsical drawings and patterns, which he cut himself with old wooden boards. A real source of inspiration for the master decorator.

Uondsworth Road, home 575

Address: Lambeth, London, SW8 3JD

17. House Fenton

A lot of work was done on the territory, which is very unusual in beauty, surrounding this house of a merchant of the 17th century. There is not only a beautiful garden (at the end of September, when the apple day is celebrated in England, visitors are allowed to taste ripe fruits here), but also surrounded by a walled garden. The interior of the house looks no less attractive: here you can see collections of paintings, porcelain, embroidery and musical instruments. Among the latter there are very rare harpsichords and backs. Choose the time for the visit so that you get here for dinner or to the beginning of one of the concerts with the participation of these instruments.

Fenton house

Address: Hampstead, London, NW3 6SP

18. Osterli-park-haus

Those who want to visit an English country estate, may be surprised that one of these can be found in the ultra-urban district of Hounslow. But she's here: Osterley Park House, a Georgian-style house filled with traditional English charm. It was carefully preserved to the present day, and looks quite the same as it looked in the 1780s. Admire the beautiful furniture and the sophisticated colors of the Regency era, which will delight you.


Address: Isleworth, TW7

19. House-Museum of Leighton

This building was once home to the famous Victorian-era painter Frederick Leighton, but everything that is in it is the exact opposite of the generally accepted notions of how a creative person should look like a refuge. Even today, this house can easily compete with the most exquisite mansions of the Chelsea neighborhood, located nearby. All the 30 years that Leighton spent here, he devoted a mission to expand and improve the house, turning it into a real "private palace of art." From one glance at the Arab Hall, with a floor decorated with mosaics with intricate patterns, a gilded dome and walls covered with inscriptions in Islamic style, breathtaking.

Leighton House Museum

Address: 12 Holland Park Road, London W14 8LZ

20. Sir John Soon's Museum

This city residence in the Georgian style was once the home of the architect John Soun, who dedicated his life to collecting an outstanding collection of antiques and architectural trophies. Even during his lifetime, Soun allowed students of the Royal Academy of Arts to come to the house to study the objects of the collection, and since then the architect's dwelling has remained almost unchanged. The interior of this house is truly unique - an incredible number of art objects and architectural elements is located in a relatively small space. Therefore, it is good to study not only fine art, but also the art of placement and layout.

Museum of Sir John Soon

Address: 13 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London WC2A 3BP

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