How to choose the right color of the house

Whether you know it or not, the appearance of your home is a reflection of the uniqueness of its owners. Depending on many factors, such as color, architectural details and many others, you can help your home shine. However, the color of the facade of the house remains the most important factor of the attractiveness of the house, as well as one of the cheapest and simplest. The choice of color for the facade can be divided into nine simple tips.

The design of a patio of a country house

1. The house also has its own personality

Like your style, your house has its own personality. It can be formed in the likeness of neighboring houses, the way of life of your family or by geographical location. The color of the facade should reflect the individuality of the house, whether it is an exquisite muted palette of colors or a bright, trendy palette, your home should look especially.

Design of a private house outside

2. Bring color from architectural details

Architectural elements allow you to demonstrate details, textures and colors that are unique to your home and your character. Therefore, one should pay special attention to them. If your house looks old enough, then you will be successful with combinations of white dominant colors with brown details.

Design of the house facade

3. Use the surrounding nature to select the color

The neighborhood of your house can greatly affect the choice of the color of the facade of the house. Houses in mountainous areas usually have dark brown colors, houses near the beach can draw inspiration from the color of sand, sky, sea. Look closely at the environment, but do not try to merge with it!

Design of a house in Italian style

4. Recreate the color of the last holiday

Remember your last vacation, where were you? What have you seen? Did it inspire you? Do you like the trip? If you answered all the questions positively, then perhaps one of the excellent ways to choose the color of the facade of the house will be the use of flowers from the vacation. Do not be afraid to use bright and bizarre colors, say, if you were at the curry festival in India. And if you were on an exotic island, then in addition to using the painted facade of your renovated house with sandy or muffled peach tones, do not forget to build a huge pool in the back yard.

5. Use the historical colors for the facade of the house

If you live in the historic center of the city or simply in a chic Victorian or Tudor style house, then you are well aware that keeping true to the traditions of color style is important. However, there may be a situation like this: you live in a house that is of historical importance, but you do not know about it and started reconstruction or renovation. So before you paint your old house, contact an architectural bureau that tells you how important it is to preserve the original colors of your house or not important. Be careful!

Design of a house in Miami

6. Pay attention to the materials used

It often happens that the materials used in the cladding house serve as a direct indicator of which color to choose, so if you still have doubts about the choice of color, then pay attention to them. Brick, siding, plaster or concrete - all this can tell you which color to choose for painting the facade of your house. You will be surprised to learn that a brick can be a set of colors, and not just habitually red.

Design of the house outside, stone

7. Details in a different color

Excellent advice related to painting more than with the choice of color, will be the selection of contrasting colors of important elements of the decoration of the facade of the building, such as flower beds, drainpipes, windows and doors, as well as a roof. You do not need to paint the whole house in the same color, it's worth highlighting some elements with a special color to betray the house of texture and make it more interesting. It is important to understand that you should not flirt with the selection and limit yourself to only the above elements.

8. The chosen color should go well with any season

It is worth remembering that the color of your house is one, and the color of the environment around the house is changing. In the daytime everything is bright and juicy, but at night everything is faded and dark, in winter - snowy and white, there are a lot of gold and yellow-red in the fall, more green shades in the summer, just like in the spring. This is especially true for those houses that are surrounded by deciduous trees, for those surrounded by conifers, the most important is not to use green colors in the facade. For houses where there are no trees, it is worth to rely on the main colors of the seasons and try to avoid them, so that your house does not "disappear".

The facade of a country house

9. Harmonize with neighbors

Very often it happens that the whole area creates a common color scheme in which the facade of the house is painted, so make sure that you will not become a black sheep in your area if you update the design of the exterior of your house. Although we said that your house should be unique, you must express the personality of the owner and express your own individuality, but do not forget about what should be harmonized with the surrounding world, namely with neighbors. Successful repair to you!

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