We illuminate the facade of the house

Today new directions in design appear. They offer their original approach to lighting buildings. One of the popular solutions is the use of architectural lighting. This is a very interesting know-how, and let's dwell on it in detail.

In any design, the main element is the artistic approach. If it is a matter of transforming the facade of the building with the help of thoughtful lighting, then in this case one can safely use the techniques of the architectural direction.

Variants of facade lighting здания

Variants of facade lighting

One of the oldest versions of lighting can be flood lighting. This is achieved through the use of large-size spotlights. They can be placed on the roofs of neighboring buildings or around the perimeter of the building. The direction of the light is created in order to emphasize the dignity of the finish of the structure, its shape. When using this technique, the similarities of daylight are achieved.

Correct lighting of the facade of a country house

There are limitations in the use of such technology:

  • as a rule, directional lighting is used only if there are no passers-by or little in the dark, for example, for the church, the cathedral.
  • if around the building you need to plant plants or place decorative elements, for example, a fence. In this case, they will prevent the direction of the light from the projectors.

And the advantage that gives coverage of a country house is the attractiveness of housing and the increase in its value in the real estate market.

Beautiful view of the exterior of a country house

To create lighting in searchlights use linear lamps, which have a sturdy body and durable glass.

The luminaire, which has a cup-shaped body, is usually equipped with an optical system. It makes it possible to direct the light flux to where it is needed. This ensures a high level of illumination. This method allows you to reduce the number of lamps.

Advance paynemt

Modern designs of lighting devices allow placing them on different parts of buildings, including on the facade. When planning, you must first make a computer visualization of the options. This will make it possible to correctly direct the projectors to the right parts of the building.

Unusual house lighting

If light-graphic technology is used, the lighting devices can be grouped so that the light rays form the desired design, for example, a combination of points and spots.