Why eco-friendly housing is necessary for everyone

It's time to return to nature. Do not you feel how necessary it is for the world? Looking back, we notice that we really need a more natural way of life. So, natural products take an increasingly important place in all spheres of our life, from natural raw food on store shelves to waste recycling programs, which are spent so much money and effort.

  • Saving money
  • Ecohouse has a unique personality
  • Recycling, reuse, reduction
  • Improve your quality of life

To become "green" is not only fashionable, it is, so to speak, a new way of existence, and it will not disappear with the passage of time. If you have not yet stepped in step with the "green" movement, it's time for you to learn more about the ecologically effective way of life. In this article, we will discuss the key reasons why each person needs to make their home a little more environmentally friendly. The main thing is not to make mistakes while building your "healthy" home.

Luxury wooden house in the mountains

Maybe you already live in a house with a LEED certificate of energy efficiency, or maybe just try to change the usual light bulbs to LED lights - in any case you will find here some useful tips. Let's find out why environmental friendliness is wonderful.

Saving money

Following our nature, we first of all consider the material side of the question. No matter how selfish it may sound, you can not argue with the facts: the best motivation to become "green" is "greens" (money, that is).

You can hear a lot of reasoning about saving, and some of them may turn out to be disappointing, but ecologically effective methods that can save round sums annually do exist. For example, if you live in an ordinary house that was not built using energy-efficient technologies and eco-friendly materials, you can save up to 5000-6000 rubles per year, regularly conducting a simple energy audit. Agree, the savings are considerable.

Kitchen interior design in modern style, green and dark brown colors

Here are the steps you can take to start saving today:

  1. Bind and seal the windows and doors.
  2. Install a programmable thermostat (this will allow you to save on electricity bills).
  3. Provide insulation of walls, ceilings and attic spaces (and save on heating bills).
  4. Install collectors to collect rainwater, which could be used for economic purposes.

Ecohouse has a unique personality

In an aesthetic sense, an energy-efficient house is filled with personality. The flooring is made of recycled wood, hand-carved wooden beams, window frames, doors, trim - the "green" house is directly exuding charm and character that you will not find in an ordinary house.

What could be better than getting the charm and personality of the past, without worrying about the problems associated with owning old dwellings? Even if the kitchen in a rough rustic style does not fully correspond to your modern tastes, you will like how the minimalistic interior of your dwelling acquires its special character with the appearance in the house of architectural elements suitable for your style.

Kitchen interior in rustic style

The modern house can easily become eco-friendly (and acquire individuality) with concrete floors (and concrete, by the way - a very eco-friendly material), using kitchen furniture from recycled wood, stained and polished to shine, recycled metal lamps in steampunk style (as in the photo below ). Regardless of the style, the ecohouse not only has a unique character and charm, but also has an increased value.

Recycling, reuse, reduction

The average owner of a house, after buying a new electric tool, uses it all for half an hour in his entire life. Would not it be better just to take the same power tool for a while with neighbors or use the old one? This is one of the simplest examples of how a person, through recycling or recycling, can save money.

Using something repeatedly, we not only save money, but also preserve such valuable natural resources. Just imagine how many trees could be saved if you, say, used boards from an old barn to cover the floor in the house. Or how could you reduce the amount of waste-laden waste if you bought chairs made from recycled plastics.

Bathroom design from natural materials

There are so many ways to lead a more environmentally efficient life and, at the same time, save your money and conserve natural resources.

Improve your quality of life

Did you know that in a year a typical house throws out twice as many harmful substances into the atmosphere as a car? This is a simple fact: "green" houses are much more useful for you (and for the environment).

Luxury country eco-house

Have you ever heard of the "sick home syndrome"? This is a very real threat - low quality air in the house becomes the cause of diseases. Here are a few key reasons why the "green house" will support your health and well-being:

  1. Better ventilation and air circulation.
  2. Much less mold.
  3. Ecodoma - strong, well-sealed buildings.
  4. Abundance of natural light.
  5. Significantly less toxins, and harmful vapors from furniture glue and other chemicals.

As you can see, you have many reasons to become adherent to environmental friendliness. Why not turn your house into an eco-efficient, if at the same time you can save money, improve the quality of life, help the environment and increase the value of your home?

Interior of a bedroom in an eco-house

Follow our advice and make sure how much you can save for the year. If you think your house is already environmentally friendly, what else could you do to improve its environmental performance? Or maybe you could help your neighbors to embark on the same "green" path. If you are not convinced by our arguments, here are 4 more reasons for the advantages of eco-architecture.

Do you lead a "green" way of life? What do you do to make your house look like an eco house?