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A house is a fortress. Are there such people who have not yet said such words ?! In this case, even if the fortress is very formidable, the bathroom and toilet are needed "whatever one may say". In the modern world, they are also necessary to produce sanitary-hygienic procedures.


But here, each of us starts and ends the day. We are all charged in this room with a mood for the coming day, and also relax and adjust to sleep.


Given that here we are several times a day, the interior of the bathroom with toilet plays a rather big role.


Table of contents of the article:

  • How does the design start?
  • Registration of a hygienic room
  • Making small space
  • Modern bathroom interior combined with toilet
  • Interior photo of a bathroom with a toilet

How does the design start?

How to design this space? And it already depends a lot on what. Premises can be different, large / small, separate / combined. Here, the materials used for finishing the surfaces, the chosen range of colors, the furniture / accessories used, the fixtures, the plumbing are important.


In spite of everything, it is necessary to start from making a project:

  • Determine the location of the toilet, bath, washbasin.
  • Decide how the cabinets / pencil case, shelves, hangers / hooks, towel dryers and other items that are needed here will be placed.


The best material for finishing here is the tile. It is sufficiently durable, completely not afraid of moisture, and it is very easy to wash it. For today besides, the wide variety of such materials is offered, differing the invoice, color scale, the sizes, quality. Here it is not necessary to use veneer, porous stone, natural fabrics, as they not only will constantly absorb moisture in themselves, this also mold is formed!


Lighting devices open versions of lamps will not be the best options. After all, they can fly water when you turn on the tap. Shower cabins - 80 photos of the best bathroom design with a shower room


If you install a spot light, ventilate the room frequently, otherwise it will burn out because of the increased humidity level.


Due to the wide choice of furniture, accessories, design ideas here can be embodied the most diverse. It is important to stick to the basic rule. The style chosen for the decoration of the apartment must be in every room. As for plumbing, it is recommended to choose it in light tonality. How to look like the design, you can see on the photo of the bathroom interior combined with the toilet, presented in this article.________ 1452928500_zamena-6-4

Registration of a hygienic room

To begin with it is necessary to discuss the design of large rooms, of which many only dream. Its dimensions allow you to place a large amount of furniture, thereby increasing the functionality. There is also enough space for plumbing fixtures. But, here to decorate an interior is a very difficult task, which still should be trusted by professionals.


Choosing a color scheme, many take into account the fashion trends. For example, in a large space it is quite appropriate to use a black and white color scheme for slabs. In this case, the plumbing fixtures can be white, and the furniture, on the contrary, is black. Also, everyone has the right to choose a different color range, choosing contrasting options that can reduce the room visually. As for the mirrors and light colors, they also contribute to the expansion of space.


To make the lighting in a large and spacious bathroom, the lamps can use any, though point, even chandeliers with floor lamps.


Making small space

It will be more difficult here. After all, it is important to organize and beauty, convenience. Therefore, the materials / plumbing should be chosen very carefully.


When choosing a tile, remember that dark and contrasting colors reduce the space visually. It is appropriate to use mirrors, and tones, combined with each other. If they are successfully matched to each other, the room will be much more attractive. Although ... light surfaces get dirty faster, therefore, they will need to be washed much more often.


If the house is old, it often happens that the communications in the bathroom should be hidden. Accordingly, here it will be necessary to make such a design, which can be easily assembled / disassembled if necessary.


To illuminate a small space, large chandeliers are completely out of place. Here are more suitable point variants of lamps. They are installed everywhere, on walls, ceiling. Consider also the fact that due to the bright light the room is visually, it seems more. If the lighting is set correctly, the interior will be incredibly comfortable.

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Modern bathroom interior combined with toilet

On a mandatory basis, the design of this room in style should coincide with the rest of the dwelling.


If you prefer the classics, materials should be used natural. For example, wood, marble, gilding, faience. Color scale - beige, brown, cream.


Modern design in this room is made using extraordinary materials. For example, glass, metal, etc. There must be a minimum of parts and objects.


Whichever style you choose, the main thing in it is convenience, comfort and a good mood.


Interior photo of a bathroom with a toilet

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