Living room in high-tech style - 105 photos of modern

In the design ideas of the design of the living room are noted original ideas for creating a unique image of the room. The high-tech style is distinguished by the combination of constructivism with modern high technologies.

Living room_in_style_hay-tech

Bold decisions on the organization of space, the use of smooth profiles and metal elements in the decor - all this underscores the originality of the living room in the style of high-tech.

Table of contents of the article:

  • Differences futuristic living room
  • Color options
  • Decoration Materials
  • Living Room Furniture
  • Living Room Technique
  • Photo design in the style of Hi Tech

Differences futuristic living room

To create a living room interior in high-tech style, some rules are followed. First, the room should be properly divided into zones. Each zone is a geometric figure. Secondly, there should be nothing superfluous to the room.

Living room_in_style_hay-tech

Select the most ergonomic interior items. In the living room there should not be any rarity or family cute things. Only modern comfortable furniture. Thirdly, modern technology and trendy artificial materials are underlined by the original cold lighting.

Living room_in_style_hay-tech

Lighting should be a lot, lighting design is very important for this style.

Living room_in_style_hay-tech

Modern living rooms in the style of high-tech are minimalist. There are no nice cushions and an abundance of textiles. The room has a feeling of simplicity and ease.

Living room_in_style_hay-tech

Color options

High-tech assumes the presence of unobtrusive, restrained colors. Most often, one color dominates and there is a complement to it. It can be both contrasting and harmonizing. The room should be no more than three colors.

Living room_in_style_hay-tech

Most often in the photo of the living room in the high-tech style, the living rooms are depicted in black and white color, there are no less frequent combinations of green and metal colors, different variations with white color.

Living room_in_style_hay-tech

Excellent combination of metal colors with a purple hue, blue and black. In the room there must necessarily be one subject that accentuates attention. It can be a sofa or a table. This style does not like warm semitones. The color should be cold and clear. Bright living room - 100 photos of the best examples of unusual interior design

Living room_in_style_hay-tech

Decoration Materials

The design of the living room in high-tech style is distinguished by the availability of modern quality materials. The room should have a lot of gloss and reflective surfaces. Preferred monochrome surfaces, clear shapes of lamps and decorative items.

Living room_in_style_hay-tech

It is inappropriate to decorate the walls with wallpaper, especially with a floral pattern. Instead of parquet is better to use a bulk reflective floor.

Living room_in_style_hay-tech

Fixtures can be both decorative elements. Especially effectively, they look on the background of a stretch glossy ceiling of non-standard shape.

Living room_in_style_hay-tech

Living Room Furniture

As already mentioned, the interior of the room should support minimalism. To maintain stylistics, the room is spacious and bright. When choosing furniture, you need to pay attention to light furniture of simple form, it is desirable that she had a metal fittings and a homogeneous texture.

Living room_in_style_hay-tech

You should prefer low chairs and tables with a transparent glass surface.

Living room_in_style_hay-tech

An important feature of the furniture is functionality. Non-standard solutions are welcome. The chair can look like a space ship's seat. Also, various modern technological novelties are welcomed, for example, when the TV screen suddenly pops out of a niche in the wall.

Living room_in_style_hay-tech

Living Room Technique

This is one of the most costly items when arranging a living room. It must have a large TV screen, laconic speakers for listening to music. Does not interfere in the interior and the presence of a fireplace.

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Living room_in_style_hay-tech

The only note, the living room in high-tech style with a fireplace should not look awkward. It is better to choose a suitable electric fireplace. Stone decor will be inappropriate.

Living room_in_style_hay-tech

To give the room coziness, you can use different things: a vase of unusual shape, a lamp or a table lamp, instead of curtains blinds - all this will be the best addition for the interior. Living room 25 sq. M. m. - 70 best photos of the design of a large living room

Living room_in_style_hay-tech

Photo design in the style of Hi Tech

Living room_in_style_hay-tech




Living room_in_style_hay-tech

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Living room_in_style_hay-tech

Living room_in_style_hay-tech