Steampunk in the interior +75 photo style

Steampunk in the interior

Some prefer a calm, familiar classics in their home, while others are dipped in experiments with their heads. Such people want to create an exclusive environment around themselves that will breathe the individuality. It is for this category that a non-standard steampunk style (steampunk) is suitable. Visually, it resembles the situation of houses of the early twentieth century, in which uncharacteristic adjustments have been made at that time. Like history at the turn of the century turned the other way and went on an alternative path, letting in the classic Victorian premises unusual, rough details and complex mechanisms.

However, not everything was so simple, although the rudiments of the direction appeared already at the beginning of the XX century, it was finally formed only in the early 80's. The very word came from the pen of an American science fiction writer. He simply did not know what genre to include his new work and came up with this direction on his own, thereby wiping the nose of the already pissed off cyberpunk. The key role is played by the first part of "steam", which is literally translated from English as "pairs". The source of inspiration for the creators of steampunk were steam engines of the late 19th century. The abundance of pipes and complex mechanisms is considered a canon of style. The second component of the "punk" does not have a literal translation, but in colloquial English means "cheesy".

Steampunk interior

Popular punk was played by famous musical groups that promoted the freedom of the individual, bordering on anarchy. "Fathers" of the style that indirectly attached to his hand are considered to be Herbert Wells, Jules Verne and Mary Shelley. In their works they created utopian images for that time, which seemed to be panoramas from the future.

Mechanisms on the wall

By the way, steampunk is not only a direction in interior design, exactly the same name has a distinctive style in clothing, music, cinema, painting and science fiction. Some fans go further and are adjacent to the eponymous subculture, which has its own rules and canons.

Screw on the ceiling  Map on the wall in the living room  Gears in the interior  Kitchen with a round table  Pipes with illumination in the bedroom

To whom does

Steampunk in the interior is chosen by individuals who want to go beyond the usual. The owner of the apartment, where the old man coexists with coarse technological elements, can only be an eccentric or a zealous fan of eminent science fiction writers. Such people, as a rule, have a rich imagination and choose creative professions: artists, fashion designers, writers, designers, journalists, sculptors. Perhaps they are motivated by the desire to differ from the others, to have a zest even in the interior of the apartment, but more often such unusual personalities just want to translate a fairy tale into reality and revive strange and grotesque images from your favorite books or your own imagination.

Hall in steampunk style Bookcases against the wall  Corridor made of bricks  Lamp in the roof  Fresco on the wall  Shelves with dishes on the walls

Character traits

Steampunk has several branches, a thin line of differences between which it is difficult to identify:

  • Steampunk fantasy;
  • Technical steampank;
  • Classic Victorian steampunk.
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The first direction is subject to the motto "And what would the house look like if-". It is born solely by imagination, but is embodied in whole images. Steampunk fantasy is the freest style, it allows for any liberties. The second direction is distinguished by a large concentration of coarse parts and rigid materials. The ancient "basis" on which the futuristic elements are strung is overlapped by them and plays the role of an exceptionally dull, contrasting background. In the classical steamhop Victorian motifs prevail. They occupy almost 80% of the overall picture of the interior and are only slightly diluted by non-standard items for that period: pistons, levers, gears and high-grade steam units. For the style, the main characteristic features are:

  • Requires the availability of natural materials in decoration and vintage furniture.
  • The presence of decorative items comes from the Victorian era.
  • The presence of objects that were made by themselves.

The mechanisms of the submarine in the interior - the characteristic features of style

To the peculiarities can be attributed and the characteristic location of the parade industrial "stuffing", which in another situation would be hiding behind the panels.

Do not confuse the steampunk room with the result of the usual carelessness of the owners, who are too lazy to hide heating batteries or pipes. Style is born on the basis of harmony of elegance with rudeness. This can be called the main thesis of the direction.

Floor clock in the corner  Table from the engine in the dining room  Clock with gears on the wall  Niches in the bedroom  Sofas from pallets in the living room

Colors and materials

In a real designer steampunk, you'll never find plastic or synthetic. These materials are associated with cheapness and practicality, which the style does not recognize. The emphasis is on different varieties of wood, metal, glass, stone and brick. The main material is always a tree, since almost the entire Victorian half of the room is made out with its use. If there is no possibility at all, then some resort to materials that mimic natural ones. But such a "forgery" must be high-quality to match the atmosphere.

Steampunk interior в однотонных цветах

Preference is given to silk, satin, chiffon, leather and flax. In the color picture, there is necessarily a brown one. It in different shades usually occupies more than half of the room. With the help of gray and black halftones, the smoke effect of the room is achieved and a sensation of a steaming couple is created. In the elements of the decor, brass and bronze are necessarily present.

Parquet on semi

Steampunk allows bright shades: turquoise, deep blue, wine red, dark green. These tones only shade the individual details on a general brown background, but in no case do they over-emphasize themselves.

Devices on the wall in the hall  Stapler against the wall  Ancient desk in the office  Drawings of the submarine in the interior  The combination of blue walls and red curtains


The nature of the walls will depend on the overall situation. If the furnishings and decorative elements abound with small details, mechanisms and gears, then the wall is pasted with wallpaper of calm tones with an unobtrusive pattern. If the situation is the most unpretentious, then you can choose dark wallpaper with a thin, but three-dimensional picture. Also on the walls are often left "crumbling" plaster, which allegedly accidentally opens the old layer of brick or rough stone. Such "holes" can be created around the perimeter of the room. They look particularly impressive at the corners and behind the surfaces on which the decorative details of the classical style are placed.

Finishing the walls with wood in the interior in the style of steampunk Barrel in the interior  Devices on columns  Spiral staircase in the interior  Ball on the Moon  A table of suitcases in the living room

Floor and ceiling

The floor is usually covered with natural wood. For the sake of economy, it is permissible to replace the material that artificially imitates it. In the kitchen and in the bathroom use a tile in the color of stone or marble. In especially expensive versions, the floor in the bathroom can look like a stone pavement with all its irregularities and natural defects. Steampunk always strives to skyrocket, so the ceilings should be high. If this problem in the apartment, they are visually drawn by color and light. A large number of arches, columns and "steps" are welcome. Traditionally, the ceilings are made in calm colors, among which the classic white leads.

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Chess floor in the interior in the style of steampunk Steel walls and ceiling in the interior  Table in the form of chests in the living room  Beams on the ceiling  Leather furniture in the living room  Lamp-searchlight at the couch

Furniture and accessories

In the Steampank apartment there must be globes in gilded holders, maps, old telephones, binoculars, barometers, typewriters, drawings, compasses and traveler's devices that were sent to dangerous expeditions at your own peril. Naturally, do not forget about brass pipes, bolts, pistons, levers, cogs and an abundance of gears of different sizes. Some of them can give off a metallic sheen, recently polished parts, and some artificially age and twitch with rust.

Accessories in the form of gears in the steampunk style

We must not forget that the main features of the "character" of the steampunk are displayed in detail. But furniture usually remains strict and calm. Preference is given to natural wood, which has found its application in bulky cabinets, beds and tables. Any signs of technological progress (televisions, microwave ovens, speakers, etc.) should be cleverly disguised in the interior. It is permissible to use futuristic motifs and in certain details of furnishing. The main role here is played by brass pipes, from which the legs, pens or "fringes" of objects are made.

Microphone, binoculars and lamp  Fixtures  Clock and kettle  Table with gears  Gear lamp


В стимпанке используют естественное освещение, которое попадает в помещение через открытые окна, занавешенные тонким тюлем в обрамлении тяжелых штор. Искусственный свет обычно льется из нескольких источников, каждый из которых расположен на отдельном уровне. Lighting создается максимально рассеянным, так как в комнате должна сохраняться некая футуристическая мрачность. Стиль приемлет только творческий подход, поэтому не нужно удивляться дизайнерскому ходу в виде «застрявшего» в потолке огромного дирижабля, который полый внутри и по совместительству выполняет роль люстры. Приветствуются и «голые» лампочки накаливания с минимальным декором. Fixtures, как правило, оформляются не менее креативно: их делают из вещей, функциональное назначение которых совершенно иное. К примеру, лампа может быть спрятана в глобусе или закрыта «чертежной» тканью в классическом светильнике.

Lighting из светильников и ламп в интерьере в стиле стимпанк Shelves with books on the wall  Red color in the interior  Blinds on the window  Corner kitchen  Living room with wallpaper in a marine style

In the interior of the living room

The parpunk style living room can be furnished with soft leather furniture in a dark brown color. Windows are curtained with heavy curtains with a classic twisted pattern. On the walls, family portraits alternate with old maps under glass in bronze frames. On the shelves are freely settled crumbled boxes of life, a telescope on a gilded stand, a compass and a barometer of a strange design. On the floor a soft carpet is all the same brown, and the wall is decorated with beige wallpaper with an unobtrusive drawing of the world map. One of the corners can be "damaged by time": there are no wallpapers on it, but a part of the brickwork is bare. The coffee table is made of a combination of glass and brass tubes. Instead of a lamp on it there is an original composition of tubes, bolts and gears, which is crowned with a simple incandescent lamp. The TV stand is decorated with metal rivets with rough rivets, and the miracle of technology itself looks like one of the windows of Nautilus captain Nemo.

Style steampunk in the interior of the living room TV on the wall made of wood  Fireplace in the interior  Armchairs and padded stools at the table  Rusty staircase in the interior  City plan on the wall

In the interior of the bedroom

В спальне вы можете создать настоящий бункер, рубку корабля или каюту подводной лодки. Кровать устанавливают громоздкую, из тяжелого и прочного дерева с аккуратной резьбой в лучших традициях викторианской эпохи. Ее застилают грубыми тканями серых, синих, бордовых или сиреневых оттенков. Над головами спящих можно разместить гигантский компас, внушительные часы, старый чертеж или абстрактную композицию из обязательных шестеренок, кранов, болтов и прочей механической атрибутики. Walls можно украсить серыми стальными обоями, которые имитируют листы металла, а помещение разделить на зоны декоративными арками, усиливающими сходство с подводной лодкой. Классическое трюмо или простой комод декорируют трубами и украшают сверху глобусом. Вся спальня должна дышать духом футуризма, которому отчаянно сопротивляется сохранившаяся в ней классика.

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Style steampunk in the interior of the bedroom The projector on the chests  Chemodan to the roof  Bedroom in the form of a cabin  Fixtures в изголовье  Vases on the floor

In the interior of the kitchen

The steampunk style kitchen looks more like a laboratory for innovative experiments than a cooking room. The worktop and main working area is made of wood (cherry, oak) or marble. The floor is covered with a tile imitating the texture and color of the stone. The headset is made in dark or light uncompromising colors. Handles on furniture necessarily metal, stylized Victorian style. Brass and bronze look more impressive against the background of ebony, which in turn contrasts with the laying of white brick on the walls. They also place large panels with a chaotic set of "technical" elements.

Style steampunk in the interior of the kitchen

This detail of the decor is easy to do by yourself. Extract can be made of sheet iron or "pruning" a metal barrel with coarse rivets. Do not forget about the placement of decorative elements along the entire perimeter of the kitchen: on the bar, window sills and wall shelves. Above the table place an original lamp, the height of the placement is regulated by a simple but obsolete mechanism.

Table-island in the interior  Chest of chests  Bright Tile Apron  Metal door on rollers in the interior  Crawling the coil

In the interior of the bathroom

Walls ванной оформляются водостойкими обоями с небрежным графическим рисунком. Естественные для этого помещения водопроводные трубы ни в коем случае не прячут. Их наоборот выставляют на всеобщее обозрение, а иногда и заменяют на более громоздкие и многокомпонентные (с большим количеством изгибов и колен). Пол тоже оформляется в темных тонах: его покрывают плиткой с грубым узором (черный мрамор, шершавый и пористый камень).

Style steampunk in the bathroom interior

Если возле самой ванной случайно «оголится» кусок стены, то футуристам и мечтателям это только на руку. Чем грубее и натуральнее выглядит кирпич, тем лучше он впишется в паропанк. Смеситель и краны выбирают «под старину» из латуни, которая смотрится, как «повидавшая виды». Раковина и ванна уходят от классических стандартов с белой эмалью к варианту с бронзовым блеском. Некоторые особо креативные поклонники стимпанка умудряются стилизовать емкость для купания под миниатюрную подводную лодку со срезанным верхом и металлической лесенкой для подъема «на борт». Комоды и тумбы для хранения вещей выбирают из классических моделей, которые украшают все теми же трубками и шестеренками. Lighting оставляют тусклым: в этом помещении достаточно отражающих поверхностей, которые его многократно рассеют.

Mirror over the sink  Bronze pipes on the background of a black wall  Shelf and ceiling of boards  Tile for brick on walls  Полотенчушитель на стене


Steampunk is a unique direction that managed to find its niche in design, while its main competitors lived their short "butterfly" age and sank into oblivion. In the environment of professional designers there is a joke that the Steampunk House risks becoming a museum. In fact, this is the case: the rooms are usually designed so creatively, with a unique approach and maximum disclosure of the designer's imagination, that they can easily be imagined as a stylish repository of exhibits. This of course does not mean at all that the steampark gives the rooms "sterility" when it is terrible to touch the surrounding objects. On the contrary, in such a situation, a true dreamer and fan of fantasy feels like a fish in the water of alternative history, as the hero of one of the futuristic works, which became for him a reality.