How to make a modern bathroom renovation - 63 photos

The bathroom is a very important functional room, where we get a charge of cheerfulness in the morning and wash off fatigue in the evening after a hard working day. That is why bathroom repair is an interesting and responsible task, as it must take into account all the small things that affect the mood and emotional background of the owners. To achieve maximum comfort, it is necessary to plan correctly and select the color range for decoration, as well as correctly place the functional equipment inside. To date, there is a huge number of stylistic directions for the design of the bathroom, among which there is the opportunity to choose the most suitable option. In this article we will tell you about popular bathroom design options, and we will also show the most interesting design ideas in our photo collection.

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Bathroom renovation - modern design ideas

At a time when you have firmly decided to do a bathroom repair at home, you should immediately think over the interior and make an estimate, the size of which depends on whether the repair is cosmetic or capital repairs. As for stylistic design, today there are a lot of directions in design, so the task is to decide what kind of interior you want. If there is a possibility, then it is worth turning to professional interior designers who will take into account all the features of the premises and will offer their vision of the finished bathroom. If you decide to repair the bathroom with your own hands, then you should get acquainted with the current trends in design. We offer you to look at interesting ideas for decorating bathrooms in different styles in the photo below.

Ideas for repairing a bathroom depending on its size

When developing a new design of the bathroom, a significant role is played by its overall dimensions, as well as the age of the house. If repairs are planned to be done in the old house, then, perhaps, preparatory work is required that requires additional expenses. It's another matter if the house is new, and the surface of the walls and floor is previously leveled.

Design a small bathroom in the apartment

If you have to repair a small bathroom, then the well-designed design will help make it stylish and comfortable. The correct design in a small bathroom depends on a competent layout and selection of colors, which, preferably, should be in light colors. Since space is limited, it is necessary to carefully consider the location of plumbing fixtures and interior elements.

In the old Khrushchev houses the toilet and bathroom rooms were separated by a partition. If your apartment has such a layout, then we advise you to dismantle it, thereby increasing the useful area of ​​the room. Having completed this step, there will be a common space, which will be properly arranged for you by such methods:

  • The entrance door to the bathroom should open outwards;
  • If the bathroom has a rectangular shape, then try to install a bathroom near the short wall;
  • Refusal of a full bath and installation of a shower cabin;
  • If your bathroom has a washbasin, then you can choose the corner option;
  • If you have a washing machine, it is advisable to move it to the kitchen or hide it in a niche in the wall or buy a washing machine with a top load that takes up less space.

Interesting ideas for repairing a small bathroom are shown in the photo below.

ideas for repairing a small bathroom, photo 8ideas for repairing a small bathroom, photo 9ideas for repairing a small bathroom, photo 10ideas for repairing a small bathroom, photo 11ideas for repairing a small bathroom, photo 12ideas for repairing a small bathroom, photo 13

Design a large bathroom in a private house or apartment

For large bathrooms, the flight of imagination in design is almost unlimited. There is an opportunity to install not only a large bath or a mini-pool, but even a shower with the necessary functional equipment. Bathroom large size can be decorated in one style, or divided into several functional areas, and for each use their own style of decoration. As for the finish, then for any bathroom suitable for any finishing materials, but the most popular is the ceramic tile. The main requirement for finishing materials is the resistance to chemical compounds contained in cleaning agents, as well as to high humidity and elevated temperature. See the modern and stylish bathroom renovation ideas in the photo below.

ideas for repairing a large bathroom, photo 14ideas for repairing a large bathroom, photo 15ideas for repairing a large bathroom, photo 16ideas for repairing a large bathroom, photo 17ideas for a big bathroom repair, photo 18

Popular finishing materials for bathroom renovation

Finishing materials, suitable for decorating the bathroom, there is a great variety. The choice of material depends on taste preferences, as well as the financial possibilities of the owners of the apartment. Materials used for repair in the bathroom with a photo, see below in the section.

Ceramic tile

This type of decoration is by far the most popular. It meets the main requirement - moisture resistance and resistance to detergents. For fans of a uniform style of design, whole collections of tiles are produced in a single design. The advantage of ceramic tiles is its high prevalence, as there are products of foreign and domestic producers on the market.

wall decoration with ceramic tiles, photo 19wall decoration with ceramic tiles, photo 20wall decoration with ceramic tiles, photo 21wall tiles with ceramic tiles, photo 22wall decoration with ceramic tiles, photo 23wall decoration with ceramic tiles, photo 24

Wall paint

With the help of paints, you can create a wide variety of designs and colors to your liking. This will also help a wide variety of all kinds of dyes. For the bathroom, silicone based paints are good, which are not afraid of moisture.

wall decoration in the bathroom, photo 25wall decoration in the bathroom, photo 26wall decoration in the bathroom, photo 27

Mosaic tiles

Mosaic is a very stylish and original kind of decoration. With the help of mosaic you can create great compositions, however, this requires skill and experience.

mosaic tiles for bathroom, photo 28mosaic tiles for bathroom, photo 29mosaic tiles for bathroom, photo 30mosaic tiles for bathroom, photo 31mosaic tiles for bathroom, photo 32


Wallpaper для ванной комнаты — ещё один красивый, но не очень долговечный вариант декора. Такой вариант отделки подойдёт для ванных комнат большого размера, в местах где нет непосредственного воздействия воды. Для ванной комнаты подходят обои на виниловой или акриловой основе, которые не боятся влаги.

wallpaper for bathroom, photo 33wallpaper for bathroom, photo 34wallpaper for bathroom, photo 35wallpaper for bathroom, photo 36wallpaper for bathroom, photo 37


If the walls in your bathroom are not very level, then they can be sewed with a special moisture-resistant plasterboard. Smooth walls can already be painted or covered with wallpaper.

Plastic panels

Plastic panels, это простой и современный способ украсить свою ванную. Преимуществом таких панелей является цветовое разнообразие, а также возможность простой установки на не очень ровные стены даже собственными руками.

PVC panels for bathroom, photo 38PVC panels for bathroom, photo 39PVC panels for bathroom, photo 40

Natural materials

This kind of decoration looks very rich, besides, the natural stone is almost eternal and does not require special care. However, it is necessary to take into account the high cost of the material.

Bathroom finishing with natural materials, photo 41Bathroom finishing with natural materials, photo 42Bathroom finishing with natural materials, photo 43Bathroom finishing with natural materials, photo 44Bathroom finishing with natural materials, photo 45Bathroom finishing with natural materials, photo 46

Decorative plaster

With the help of decorative plaster, you can create a very attractive appearance of the walls. This is helped by a wide range of decorative plasters with the ability to realize an individual design. For the bathroom is ideal for facade plasters, which are not afraid of moisture.

bathroom decoration with decorative plaster, photo 47bathroom finishing with decorative plaster, photo 48bathroom decoration with decorative plaster, photo 49

Color scheme for bathroom renovation

Since the bathroom acts as a room for relaxation, its color design should not be annoying. The choice of colors is purely individual, but it is worth taking into account the fact that each color has its own effect on the human psyche. Also, an important point - the color should be combined with the chosen style of decoration. If your family has children, then in the design of the bathroom you can add bright colors and decorate it in a thematic style. Let's look at the bright ideas of repairing the bathroom in the photo collection below.

цветовая гамма и bathroom renovation, photo 50цветовая гамма и bathroom renovation, photo 51цветовая гамма и bathroom renovation, photo 52цветовая гамма и bathroom renovation, photo 53цветовая гамма и bathroom renovation, photo 54цветовая гамма и bathroom renovation, photo 55цветовая гамма и bathroom renovation, photo 56цветовая гамма и bathroom renovation, photo 57

Bathroom Repair: How to Choose Lighting

The correct selection of lighting for the bathroom is a critical task, since it requires a competent selection of the type of luminaires and their number. The main goal is to create the most comfortable conditions for people in the bathroom. As for the type of lighting, as well as the number of lighting devices, this directly depends on the area of ​​the bathroom itself and the ceiling height.

For large bathrooms, the lighting of different functional areas can be done with different types of lamps, as well as options with the possibility of brightness adjustment.

To create the right bathroom lighting, you need to follow these rules:

  • Bathroom should be lighted more than other rooms;
  • Use only waterproof lamps;

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bathroom lighting, photo 58bathroom lighting, photo 59bathroom lighting, photo 60bathroom lighting, photo 61bathroom lighting, photo 62bathroom lighting, photo 63

Bathroom repair: we choose the equipment

At the planning stage of repair in the bathroom, you need to determine the necessary equipment. In the market there is a huge amount of sanitary ware and furniture for the bathroom. Choosing bathroom equipment for the bathroom, pay attention to quality, this will increase the period of its operation.

Small bathroom

Traditional items for the bathroom are a bath, a toilet, a washbasin and a hanging locker with a mirror. If your bathroom has a modest size, then you can free up space by replacing the bathtub with a shower cubicle, as well as installing a hanging toilet with integrated drainage tank integrated into the wall.

Large bathroom

Large bathroom открывает широкие возможности по ее наполнению необходимым оборудованием, а также позволяет организовать небольшую зону отдыха. Установить большую ванну или сделать вариант с ванной и душевой кабинкой одновременно? Решать вам! Значительно прибавит функциональности помещению наличие в ванной биде и нескольких рукомойников.

Is it worth doing a turn-key bathroom repair?

Now a large number of both large and small construction companies offer a quality turn-key bathroom repair service. However, this option may be appropriate if you do not have time to do repairs yourself, and you are ready to pay money for the service. Starting to repair the bathroom, you decide to do repairs yourself or to contact the construction companies that will make a turn-key bathroom repair.