Design of a small bedroom in a modern interior

To equip a bed is a responsible task. More problems are caused by the design of the interior of a small bedroom: a small space needs additional tweaks that will help create a sense of comfort and simplicity.

Small bedroom with a wooden wall finish

How to save space?

A huge role is played by the choice of furniture. The area of ​​the small bedroom does not allow you to place a large amount of furniture. Not every bedroom is suitable wardrobe. What should I do if such situations occur?

  1. You can use the built-in boxes. According to engineering ideas niches are located at the bottom of the bed. Such structures are quite capacious.
  2. If space allows, you can buy a built-in closet, it will be a significant part of the interior and give the overall atmosphere unique notes.
  3. A great solution will be the use of furniture without legs.
  4. It is necessary to occupy the entire space, there should not be a significant distance between the objects of the interior.
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Light bedroom You can save space without making any special effort, useful and easy-to-use information will help.

Bedroom in Provence style

How to achieve visual expansion of space?

A few tricks will help to make the bedroom design project not only cozy, but also create the effect of the expanded space. Many experts recommend the following ideas:

  1. Use accents that extend the room: you can choose the headboard with a different color from the main color of the bedroom and place it on a wall painted in the same color. It is enough to use one bright wall, it will look quite impressive against the background of the rest of the room.
  2. Use mirror surfaces: this technique has been popular for a long time. Walls, ceiling, in addition, the space will become much lighter.
  3. The transparent doors of the built-in cabinet will perform the same role as the mirror. You will have to be prepared for the fact that all the views of the guests will be turned to this particular detail.
  4. The picture on the wallpaper, bedding and curtains should not be too large: small or medium frequent patterns are suitable.
  5. Use a small amount of furniture: enough bed, table, cabinet and curbstone.
  6. A popular option is the use of photo wallpapers: the landscape will create the feeling of a new additional space.

Bedroom with free space When planning lighting, you need to use the right techniques.

What kind of lighting to use?

Lighting plays a huge role in interior design, especially if it's a small bedroom. Competently selected lamps will allow to expand the space. Recommended:

  1. Choose not too bulky lamps, it is desirable to completely abandon them. It is enough to use spotlights built into the ceiling.
  2. Use multi-level lighting. You can expand the space and give an elegant room, this works even if the bedroom is decorated in dark colors.
  3. You can use a large number of LED lamps.
  4. Expand the window frames, they will become a source of additional natural light. This allows you to visually increase the space.
  5. Provide all working areas that need lighting: a desk, bed, mirror, cabinet and others.
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Lighting a small pistachio bedroom The distribution of light will make staying in the room the most comfortable.

Original backlight bed and bedside lights

Working space

The bedroom space should be used as practical as possible. If the area of ​​the apartment does not allow you to place the work area in another room, you need to think about placing the cabinet in a small bedroom.

  1. Very effective reception, which can be seen in the kitchen: the extension of the window sill. This is what makes it possible to make a practical working surface out of nothing. This is considered an advantage: you do not have to buy a table.
  2. A good solution will be the design of the rack. This will save even more useful space, this design does not need to be fixed to the floor. You can do it yourself, and if you do not need a work surface, you can use the rack as a shelf.
  3. You can save space by using a small desktop instead of a bedside table.
  4. If the room has columns hiding a certain area, then you can use it in your favor: secluded nooks simply enough to equip, this will give the atmosphere a special comfort.

A bedroom with a working place and a cupboard Working space может стать отличным элементом декора: достаточно использовать правильное освещение и несколько ярких деталей (лампы, сувениры).

Rollaway bed from the closet

Combining several zones

What if the room was divided into several zones from the beginning, or did you need a new practical zone? There are many tips that will help make the bedroom space for two adults cozy:

  1. You can perform space in a single theme, without demarcating it with a screen or special curtains. The unity of space is acquired, it will allow to visually expand both zones, and each of them will fulfill its direct role.
  2. You can use hybrid furniture. During the day, the sofa bed serves as a sofa, and at night it is disassembled and becomes a full-fledged sleeper.
  3. It is recommended to use different types of partitions: screens, curtains, translucent, glass or mirror partitions, they will complement the general interior of a rectangular bedroom.
  4. You can split the space using a bookcase, this solution will be most practical.
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Often the bedroom is combined with a nursery, in order to know that with the child everything is in order. It should be borne in mind that later the child will grow up, there will be new needs, a need for personal space.

Zoning a bedroom into two spaces

How to arrange a children's bedroom?

A small bedroom for a child is a common phenomenon, it is necessary for the child to feel comfortable. To do this, it is recommended that the room had the main working and play areas.

  1. It is worth paying special attention to lighting: you need to choose the brightest room, during games and activities the child should not feel discomfort.
  2. It is necessary to choose a comfortable bed.
  3. The room should have a work desk with a lamp, it is advisable to use a bookcase if space permits.
  4. It is recommended to use light or bright (but not too) tones so that the child does not feel depressed.

You can not save on a child, despite the small area of ​​the bedroom, he should feel comfortable and develop fully.

Bedroom for a child with a workplace

Bedroom in the attic

In his house, the bedroom can be located directly under the roof, in which case there is an additional hindrance in the form of an uneven slant of the roof. Recommended:

  1. It is necessary to use all the irregularities and grooves in your favor: it is enough to place a bed or tables in them.
  2. Instead of a cabinet, you can use other options: spacious chests.
  3. You can make a transparent ceiling, this is to solve the problem with the distribution of light, this will give a special romance and coziness.
  4. It is enough to use several small lamps if the attic has the necessary number of large windows.
  5. As a bed, you can use not a traditional bed, but hammocks.

A small bed with a leather headboard and in the bedroom with a large window

The design of a small bedroom depends only on your personal preferences. In order to make space a little more, you need to listen to the advice of specialists. It is worthwhile in advance to calculate the dimensions of furniture and its own capabilities. It is then that the bedroom will bring pleasure for many years.