Led ceiling lighting under the baseboard - 30 pics

Choosing the right lighting will correct any deficiencies in the interior and emphasize all its advantages. Nowadays it's extremely popular to light the ceiling with an LED strip under the baseboard, which hides the light source from the eyes. In this case, the ceiling acquires not only a beautiful frame, but also an unusual effect from the combination of soft led radiation with the texture and color of the ceiling coating.

In this article, we have collected 30 photos with ideas on how to make the ceiling light a LED strip. Stretch, gypsum plasterboard, wooden and painted ceiling painted ceilings - their final appearance depends on which LED strip you choose. Perhaps with this and begin!

Ceiling lighting - the best ideas for 2017

Which LED strip to choose for ceiling lighting

The LED strip consists of a self-adhesive base and an upper layer, on which light-emitting diodes are placed at regular intervals. As a rule, it is supplied in rolls of 5 m, but can be cut into strips of any length at specially marked points. Its installation does not take much time, and the radiation options are practically infinite, which makes the LED stripes a very universal addition for the interior.

The main thing that is worth knowing before choosing a LED strip for lighting the ceiling:

  • The operating temperature range of the led-tape lies in the range from -25 ° С to + 60 ° С;
  • Their special features, for example, use in wet rooms, are determined by the rating of IP or Ingress Protection (IP33 - standard tape, IP 67 - waterproof);
  • LED strips are usually rated at 12V and need a suitable power supply (it is also called a driver);
  • Brightness and other modes of radiation LEDs can be adjusted with a special dimmer;
  • Multiple bands can be fed from the same driver at the same time, and their total power should not be more than 90% of the driver's nominal power.

For example, if you install 5 LED strips with a length of 1 m under the ceiling, each with a power consumption of 3 watts / meter, then their total power consumption is 15 watts. Hence, the nominal driver power should be at least 10% higher, that is, at least 17 W.

The type that the LED backlight will have on the ceiling, primarily depends on the size and color of the LEDs on the tape, and also on the number of them per 1 meter of strip. A secondary role is played by such factors as:

  • The angle of the tape relative to the ceiling;
  • The distance between the plinth and the ceiling;
  • Color, texture and reflectivity of this coating.

The size of the LEDs on the ribbon directly affects the light output and pattern. The more they are - the brighter the light and the wider the radiation band. Another way to add brightness is to increase the number of LEDs per meter. Then the lighting will look more saturated and uniform. For comparison, here are a few photos of interiors.

Ceiling lighting with LED strip under the baseboard - photo in the bedroom How to choose LED strip for ceiling lighting - tips and photosWhich LED strip to choose for ceiling lighting - фото в гостиной

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The color of the LED strip under the ceiling skirting will set the mood and decorate your room. A warm light yellow shade is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, hallways and other living spaces. Cool white with a blue tint of color will accentuate the design of your kitchen or bathroom. The RGB LED strip can be adjusted using the remote control and can produce a wide range of colors.

How to make a ceiling light with an LED ribbon - the best ideas An unusual way how to make the ceiling light two-level LED ceiling tension lighting in the kitchen

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Hidden ceiling lighting with LED strip under the baseboard

Hidden LED lighting under the baseboard of the ceiling is easily combined with other ceiling lamps - chandeliers, hanging, overhead and spot lights. The answer to the question, with what it is better to combine, depends more on the height of the ceiling. When it's low, you'd better give preference to overhead and recessed lights, when high - chandeliers and hanging lamps. In any case, adding a ceiling skirting board with a backlight visually "lifts" the ceiling and increases the size of the room.

LED ceiling lighting, hidden under the plinth

The effect of using LED backlighting will intensify if you combine it with the glossy or satin texture of the stretch ceiling, which helps to beautifully scatter light.

Ceilings with LED lighting - photo in the living room

Also quite interesting in the interior may look an unusual combination of the shades of the ceiling and led lights, for example, blue and orange, white and red, as in the following photos.

Blue matte ceiling with LED backlight LED ceiling lighting - photos of the best ideas in the interior

Finally, LED backlighting is a great way to emphasize the unusual shape of the ceiling and add coziness if it's too high. Especially well it works with a mansard and domed ceiling.

Beautiful wooden ceilings with illumination by your own hands

Beautiful ceilings with LED backlighting - 10 photos

We offer you 10 more photos on which you will see how the ceiling lighting with an LED strip under the baseboard looks in combination with different drywall, tension and other two-level structures.

How to make the ceiling light with LED strip beautifully Ceiling baseboard with lighting - photo in the interior of the kitchen Backlight stretch ceiling LED strip under the baseboard - photo in the hall Lighting the ceiling in the kitchen with an LED strip under the baseboard Original box under the stretched ceiling with illumination Also read: How to decorate an interior with high ceilingsSuspended ceilings with LED lighting around the perimeter How to make a ceiling light with an LED ribbon in the bedroom Lighting the ceiling of a polygonal shape - a photo in the interior of a private house Lighting multi-level ceiling LED strip in the living room Ceilings with LED lighting - photo in the hallway

Unusual ceiling skirting with illumination - ideas with photo

Interesting design of the ceiling skirting board can play an important role in decorating the interior with lighting. The last portion of the photo in our article will show how the ceiling with LED backlight under the baseboard of wood can look original, as well as under the wide, low and double skirting boards.

Wooden ceiling skirting board with illumination Wooden ceiling with light - photo led light in the interior Ceiling with illumination around the perimeter under the wooden plinth How to make LED ceiling lighting under the skirting board - the best ideasAlso read: 30 modern ideas for decorating the ceiling in the interiorHidden ceiling lighting in the bathroom under a wide plinth Suspended ceilings with illumination with their own hands under the plinth Hidden ceiling lighting with LED strip under the double skirting board photo The ceiling with LED lighting under the low plinth

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