High technologies: sauna in high-tech style (50 design

The high-tech bathhouse is not only a design, but also an architectural solution, although this style is mostly used in the interior of living quarters.

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A bit of history and style characteristics

High is from English high, which means "high", and tech is short for technology, that is "technology." This implies, first of all, the use in engineering designs of progressive, new technologies. But the technology of the 70s of the last century today has become commonplace, and sometimes outdated, and in the modern architecture of high-tech there are the following features:

  • rectangular forms of structures without fanciful decor elements, straight lines without rounds and excess bends;
  • many well-known and widely used building materials in the "space" style - glass, metal, plastic;
  • the main shades in the colors of this style - white, gray, blue and silver metallic;
  • diffused lighting, visually increasing space.

One of the main features is a pragmatic approach to the layout of buildings and the design of interiors. All space should meet the principle of functionality, no excess is not expected.

bathroom in high-tech style

A hi-tech sauna: a combination of traditional forms and materials with laconic lines for constructing a functional space.

The original interior of the bath

Style hi-tech is guessed in the lighting of the bath, the original stove-heater and the wall of natural stone.

Initially, this style was formed by offices created solely for work. The movement of workers in the room had to be as effective as possible, without the cost of unnecessary efforts and time. Later, this style was introduced into the architecture and design of living quarters.

In its short history, high-tech was more or less popular. Laconism and simplicity of forms, the rationality of the location of rooms and furniture, the functionality of all elements of the interior still attract many.

Bathroom Hi Tech

In Russia, traditionally built baths, which were drowned "in a black". The furnace was inside the room where they washed. Stoked for the most part by birch firewood, which gave off tar at burning. It has a slight bactericidal effect. There is evidence that the medieval plague, which struck the population of Europe, stopped just at the border of those localities where they drowned the baths in black. Today such baths can be found only in the Russian remote village.

Much more widespread was the Russian bath "in white". Traditionally, it is organized in a haystack, but today owners of huge private and small dachas are building bathhouses in completely unexpected styles. Innovation in the construction and interior of the premises for the adoption of water procedures is a washing in the style of high technology.

Bathroom in high-tech style

An example of a 100 percent style of hi-tech interior baths. Space bends lines trim the room with wood, solid glass from floor to ceiling, futuristic UFO stove. Vpechetlyaet.

Pool in high-tech style in the bath

Banya in high-tech style. Laconic forms of the pool and ceiling lines.

Swimming pool in the sauna

Style hi-tech emphasizes a two-level ceiling reminiscent of the starry sky.

Bathroom in high tech style

Colors of the ceiling and walls of high-tech style.

Signs of high-tech style in the device of the bath are only laconic interior, rectangular forms of construction and functionality of the premises. At the device of a bath the metal inherent in style hi tech is not enough used, but space and functionality of premises can not be compared to a traditional Russian bath or a Finnish sauna.

Another distinctive feature of the bath in this style are the large windows in the recreation room. The windows of these windows are covered with a mirror film, which conceals from the outside everything that happens inside the room.

Heater for sauna in high-tech style

Concise lines of high-tech style.

Practicality of the interior is of high-tech style.

Practicality of the interior is of high-tech style.

Design project of the bath

Successful execution of the interior designer sauna in the style of high-tech. The soft color of the expensive teak in the finish and the insert of the natural harmoniously complement each other.

Bathroom in high tech style

Futuristic corner of the bath in the style of hi-tech.

Industrial version of the interior of the bath

Industrial version of the interior of the bath in the style of high-tech. Adjusted lines and practicality.

Today, high-tech baths are usually built of wood. But this is not a Russian log, but a glued beam. Can be erected whole bath complexes, consisting of a steam room, shower room, rest room, terrace, pool or pond. All this can be done independently.

For such a complex, rather large spaces are needed.

For ordinary homesteads or suburban areas designers offer small structures. At the same time, little is left of the desired high-tech style - a flat roof and a rectangular shape. Authentic high-tech will, of course, require a lot of space and additional costs.

Laconic lines of high-tech style. Video

High-tech style in the design of the bath