Modern small house - a corner of silence in the middle of a

Modern small house in Japan

Modern small house from Kouichi Kimura

Architects from the Japanese workshop Kouichi Kimura built a modern small house for a 50-year-old couple.

The facade of a modern small house

The family lives in a densely populated area. The customers were asked to develop a design of the dwelling, which seemed to be spacious inside, and compact outside.

Interior of a modern small house

The layout is very simple: a living room in the center, all the other rooms adjoin to it.

Sleeper in a modern small house

Designers tried to create a visual sensation of a large space. They managed to make each room spacious, while the total area of ​​the house is about 80 m².

High ceilings in a modern small house

A high gable ceiling in the living room with lighting at the top visually enlarges the room.

Wooden decoration in the interior of a modern small house

The space stretched along the living room is made in accordance with the wishes of the client. The columns are arranged in such a way that the effect of dividing the rooms is created, depending on their purpose.

Columns in the interior of a modern small house

These columns, wooden objects and even the furniture of the sofa are part of the spatial composition creating a peculiar rhythm of the room.

Dining area in a modern small house

The dining room adjoins the living room. Designers deliberately focus on the materials from which it is made.

Dining room and living room of a modern small house

The authors of the project are sure that they managed to create an interior that looks expensive. They achieved this by inscribing various decor elements in the interior.

The layout of a modern small house

How free do you feel inside this little house?