Transfiguration of the facade and courtyard: 18 houses

We present to you 18 vivid examples of how you can make your home even more beautiful and hospitable in appearance! Change the landscape design, change the outer skin of the house, decorate the porch, reconstruct the veranda and much more!

1. Bright cottage with a brick chimney

To make a small cottage more welcoming and happy in appearance, the designer chose a sunny yellow color for the facade and a cheerful turquoise hue for the front door. In addition, the design of the staircase has changed, a decorative annexe under the windows has been added, and the lawn requiring constant care has been replaced by an unpretentious garden with flowers and stones.

Yard and house with a brick pipe (before) House with a brick pipe (after)

2. Decorating the veranda and small patio

The gray and shabby facade of this house played a new life after adding bright red details! Also, the designer replaced the old concrete vases with modern blacks, combined with the color of the shutters, and added a stone fountain in antique style, which is in good harmony with the ancient steps.

House with an open veranda (before) House with an open veranda (after)

3. Enough of hiding!

The appearance of this house was not bad, but the owners deemed it necessary to make it more open and friendly, for which it was necessary to sacrifice the thickets of evergreen plants and replace them with low bushes. Notice how beautifully the greenish-yellow false cypress animates the landscape and blends in with the bright door of the house and the plants on the windows of the upper floor.

Closed behind the trees house (before) Friendly two-storey house (after)

4. When the entrance to the house says: "Here you will receive a warm welcome!"

A good example of how warm colors can radically change the whole environment! And that such an unusual combination of the color of the walls and the front door looked appropriate, they were added to the appropriate plants and pots in the tone.

Login to home (to) Friendly entrance to the house (after)

5. Big house in Victorian style

Built more than 120 years ago, this white house gradually began to look like a mystical mansion with ghosts. To save neighbors from this feeling, it was decided to update his look in accordance with the best traditions of the Victorian style. So, for painting the facade of the building, at least 7 shades of paint were used, and the front lawn turned into a formal garden with symmetrical plantings connected by tiles laid out with tiles.

Big house in Victorian style (before) Painted front of house in Victorian style (after)

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6. Modern one-storey house

Unlike example number 3, when updating the design of this house, it was decided to save the trees growing here by building a massive concrete pillar with wooden rails. The owners of the house only benefited from such changes, as they received as a gift a spacious veranda with wooden floor.

Modern one-storey house (before) House with an open terrace (after)

7. House and patio in Spanish style

Being painted white paint, the facade of this house looked rather strange, gloomy and unsightly, but when you changed color to a darker one, decorate the yard with plants and colorful tiles, how it turned into a funny and colorful home in Spanish style!

Unusual house (before) Transformation of a strange house with a garden

8. Change of dark color to neutral + natural

To make this building more attractive, the designer has guessed to apply a light neutral color palette, which is much better combined with the lower part of the house, laid out with a stone. Also, the owners of this dwelling wanted to have an unpretentious garden that does not require permanent maintenance, so now we see boulders alternating with bushes of local drought-resistant plants, and a charming blooming tree of Canadian purple.

House made of wood and stone (before) Renovating the facade of a large house

9. A cozy patio with a clean slate

Here, homeowners wished to be able to rest in the courtyard, watching their children and communicating with their neighbors. Their dream was fulfilled by expanding the tiny porch and adding to it new steps leading to a wide passage with a long curved bench. A low white fence began to separate the front yard from the sidewalk and make it cozy, like a room in the open air.

Gray house with a well-groomed garden (before) A beautiful patio with a comfortable bench (after)

10. Return to the origins

To restore this historic house to its elegant style, the team of masters decided not only to change the color of the facade, but also to add to it the white moldings (between the floors, above the windows and the garage). Thanks to this move and a soft two-tone palette, the house began to seem much larger and more impressive. In addition, the unsightly site to the left of the entrance turned into a pretty terrace, highlighted with red brick, combined with a purple front door.

Big house before renovation The facade of the house with moldings (after)

11. Well-kept garden Zen

Workers on this site had to sweat fairly to save him from all these roots, weeds and boulders. They were replaced by colorful ornamental plants (Japanese peeris, loropetalum, etc.), a tiled path leading to the facade, placers of small pebbles and a neat wooden fence. As a result, the picture is a Zen garden in its best traditions: simple, inspiring and not demanding in the care.

A simple village house (before) Design of a courtyard and a garden in the Zen style

12. From gloominess to affability

How to make the appearance of the house more affable, but at the same time save the trees that close it? The first step to openness is getting rid of the gloomy fence and arranging a wide path leading to the house. Next, after the fence, you need to get rid of cold and dark colors, changing them to more cheerful colors, and brightly highlight the front door. Take a look at the following photos: which house would you most like to visit?

Gloomy mansion (before) Painting the front and entrance doors in bright colors

13. Adding a summer verandah and warm colors

The transformation of this house contractor began with the removal of construction debris and the creation of a beautiful veranda, covered with wooden slats. Boulders were moved to a corner of the curb, where they began to create a beautiful sculptural accent. The house itself was repainted in a warm beige shade, perfectly in harmony with the green roof and the new door to the garage.

A long one-storey house (before the transformation) House painting in beige and green color

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14. Arrangement of a small patio

The designer, who took up the change of this house, first decided to decorate his porch with white wooden columns. They not only made it more open and free, but also emphasized the original character of the house itself. In addition, the high staircase to the front entrance was replaced by two smaller ones with a wide path between them, surrounded by geychers, pentas, succulents and other plants.

Changing the verandah and the small courtyard (before) Arrangement of a small courtyard (after)

15. The original design of the facade

The rather modest facade of this dwelling was transformed just into a fairy gingerbread house with decorations in the style of Victorian architecture. For the final finishing, an interesting color scheme was selected, including light shades of purple and blue tones, which remarkably correspond with garden plants. A white fence was also installed and a brick path was laid to the front door.

A simple house with a veranda (up to) Original facade design (after)

16. Classic cottage

Even with a new paint and portico, this house of 1907 looked almost unchanged. But with the new, higher and denser vegetation in the garden, he managed to give the necessary charm and make a lazy path to the front door.

Classic cottage before the changes Painting the cottage in a dark color (after)

17. Transformation of rough construction

The arched portico above the new brick porch and the gazebo adjacent to it give this house not only a hospitable, but more comfortable and refined look. The old shutters and the garage door looked like sloppy white patches on a red background. They were replaced by thin white moldings and handrails, which nicely distinguish windows and doors and are in harmony with the path of red brick.

Red house with white doors and shutters (before) Decoration of the facade of the house (after)

18. Luxurious modern style of the facade

The blue-gray color palette in combination with natural wood panels transformed this house simply beyond recognition! The fresh and modern look of the building is also emphasized by the frosted glass used in the railing on the two-story veranda. Terrific!

House on the slope (before the changes) Modern chic modern style (after)

In our opinion, the most impressive are the transformations No. 7, 13 and 18. And what do you say? What ideas did you find most interesting and which ones were the least successful? Share comments to this article!