30 best home decor ideas from pinterest

Looking for something to do in such cold weather? Perhaps you want to combine business with pleasure and beautifully update your interior. For this, it is not necessary to buy new furniture or any expensive materials. In our weekly section "30 ideas for a house from Pinterest" we publish only the simplest and easiest ideas that are implemented with the use of natural materials, useless at first sight old things etc.

This week among the most popular home decorations:

  • homemade housekeepers;
  • family tree on the wall;
  • candlesticks made of natural materials;
  • decorative compositions from products and much more.

In this collection you will also find several useful schemes for the design of sofa cushions, photo frames and other decor on the walls, which you can save yourself a note.

Well, the main hit of the last week of October 2014 on Pinterest was the decoration of the house with various friendly and romantic inscriptions. They can be done in different ways, but make sure how beautifully in this performance the old uneven boards look.

The idea of ​​decor of old boards

Decor of old things The idea of ​​a wall decor for a bedroom Wall-mounted decor in the bedroom Simple decor with your own hands

Candlesticks and decorative compositions of natural materials:

Candlesticks from apples Candlesticks from cinnamon sprigs Decor of cones Candlesticks from wooden beams Fruit Décor Glass decor Table decor from twigs

New ways to use old photo frames:

Boxer from the frame Klyuchnitsa with his own hands New application of wallpaper Beautiful wall decor

Family tree on the wall:

Large family tree on the wall Family tree with photos

Decor for home from handy tools:

Decorative balls Decor of leaves Origami

New life of old things:

Mirror decoration Lamps with own hands Coffee table from old pallet Suspension for cups

Festive decor on the table:

Festive decor Table decor for the holiday

Useful schemes for placing pillows, frames and other elements:

How to place pillows on the couch How to place photo frames on the wall How to decorate a wall

Want more ideas? Then look at our similar compilation, which was published last week.